Cayenne vs Chilli Powder: Difference and Comparison

Cayenne pepper powder is a type of chilli powder that is prepared from the Cayenne fruits that belong to the family Capsicum annuum. It is much hotter than chilli powder.

Chilli Powder is a hot-tasting spice that is prepared from dried red chilli pepper and is much less spicy than Cayenne pepper powder.

Key Takeaways

  1. Cayenne is a type of chili pepper, while Chili Powder is a spice blend that contains chili powder and other spices.
  2. Cayenne is hotter than Chilli Powder.
  3. Cayenne is commonly used in Mexican and Southwestern cuisines, while Chili Powder is commonly used in Tex-Mex cuisine.

Cayenne Vs Chilli Powder

Cayenne is a type of pepper powder that belongs to the Capsicum Annuum family and comes from the Cayenne pepper variety. They are spicier than any other variety. Chilli Powder is a hot-taste spice that consists of different varieties of Chilli pepper that have been dried and finely ground before use.

Cayenne Vs Chilli Powder

Cayenne pepper powder is made from the Cayenne pepper variety that belongs to the family Capsicum Annuum. That is closely related to jalapenos and bell peppers.


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They are widely used as finely grounded powder and used in Indian, Korean, Sichuan and Asian Cuisines. They are more spicy than any other pepper variety.

Chilli Powder is a hot-taste spice used in multi-cuisines across the world. They are made from more than one variety of chilli pepper that is dried and grounded finely before they are used.

It is a bright red-coloured spice that is sometimes mixed with oregano, cumin and garlic powder. It is also known as chilli seasoning or chilli powder blend.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonCayenneChilli Powder
FamilyCayenne pepper powder comes from the family Capsicum Annuum.Chilli powder comes from a variety of berry-fruit plants known as Chilli pepper.
DefinitionCayenne pepper powder is a type of hot spice made from cayenne pepper fruit.Chilli Powder is prepared from finely grounded dried chilli pepper.
HottestCayenne pepper powder is the hottest spice than chilli powder.Chilli powder is less spice when compared to Cayenne Pepper Powder.
ContentCayenne Pepper Powder contains only Cayenne Pepper fruit.Chilli Powder contains more than one variety of chilli pepper fruit and is sometimes mixed with jalapeno and oregano.
UsesCayenne Pepper Powder is used in Indian, Korean, and Sichuan cuisines.Chilli Powder is widely used in all cuisines and is regarded as a multi-cuisine spice.

What is Cayenne?

Cayenne Pepper Powder has its origin in the Cayenne region of France. It is widely grown in India, the US, Mexico, and East Africa, around the tropical and subtropical regions.

It is dusty and slightly aromatic. It tastes hot, pungent and biting, and the hotness scale ranges around 8-9. Its family name is Solanaceae. It is also known as Bird’s Beak, Mad Pepper, and Chilliepin.

Cayenne Pepper Powder should be stored in a dark container to protect it from sunlight. It should be bought in small quantities as it tends to lose its pungent flavour.

It has to be sprinkled and not to be used as we use the paprika. It should be used as a condiment at the table. It is preferred to be used over soups and seafood such as smoked salmon, fried mussels, crayfish, and lobster.

Cayenne Pepper Powder is used in making cheese straws, pickles, marinades, over-smoked foods, kinds of ketchup, and chutneys. It is infused with barbeque sauces, cheese, and shellfish sauces.

They are sprinkled before frying and used in the process of making dusting flour for fried meat and vegetables as well.

Cayenne Pepper Powder is beneficial for the cardiovascular system, as it reduces blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It lowers the rate of cardiovascular disease.

It has medical properties that have been used for centuries. It is used during stomachaches, cramping pains, and gas. It is also beneficial for the circulatory system.


What is Chilli Powder?

Chilli Powder is made from a blend of chiles, paprika, cayenne powder, oregano, and garlic powder. It is made using dried chilli pepper. It is also known as Chilli seasoning or chilli powder blend.

It can be prepared at home in required amounts as and when needed and can be used freshly. It is used in all cuisines across the world and is available in all forms as finely grounded powder and red chilli as well.

Chilli Powder is a spice blend, unlike other spice mixes like Cayenne Pepper powder or paprika. Chilli Powder is more hot and spicy than paprika, which is a little sweeter.

Chilli powder is to be stored in an airtight container that is away from air and humidity for it to last for a longer period. It also has some healing properties as well.

Chilli powder increases the cognitive function of the body. It helps in increasing haemoglobin levels and is rich in iron content. It fights with inflammation and pain.

It also promotes digestive health and aids in weight loss. It relieves nasal congestion and heart rate. It treats sinus infections as well when taken in prescribed amounts.

Chilli Powder is used in stews, chilis, soups, and meats. It is also used in Latin American dishes like tacos. It is mixed with a few seasonings like fajita seasoning and taco seasoning to enhance its flavour.

It is used in a lot many Indian cuisine dishes as well. It is available in all retail stores and online grocery stores as well.

chilli powder

Main Differences Between Cayenne And Chilli Powder

  1. Cayenne pepper powder is made from the Cayenne pepper variety of Capsicum Annuum, whereas Chilli Powder is made from the Chilli pepper fruit variety that adds garlic powder, cumin powder, and oregano while blending them
  2. Cayenne Pepper Powder is much hotter, pungent and spicy, whereas Chilli Powder is spicy and bitting in its flavour that gets added to various other seasonings as well.
  3. Cayenne pepper powder is used in Indian, Korean, and Sichuan cuisines, whereas Chilli Powder is used in multi-cuisines all over the world.
  4. Cayenne pepper powder is made from only one variety of Capsicum Annuum, whereas Chilli Powder is made from more than one variety of the berry-fruit family.
  5. Cayenne pepper powder is beneficial for the cardiovascular and circulatory system, whereas Chilli powder is beneficial for indigestion and nasal congestion.
Difference Between Cayenne and Chilli Powder

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