Certificate vs Diploma: Difference and Comparison

Learning extra skills is very important in today’s competitive world. Having a certificate will help a person more in improving their skills and talent.


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People who want to focus only on a particular topic and want to complete it faster can do a diploma so that they can finish it faster and concentrate on their future. These will help them to explore the options available for them. 

Key Takeaways

  1. A certificate is a document that certifies the completion of a short-term course or training program. At the same time, a diploma is a document that certifies the completion of a longer and more comprehensive program.
  2. A certificate can be completed in a few weeks to a few months, while a diploma can take up to two years.
  3. A certificate is for a specific skill or trade, while a diploma is a more comprehensive qualification.

Certificate vs Diploma

The difference between a Certificate and a Diploma is that with a certificate, the person will do it to gain some skills in that area of expertise. But students will do diplomas when they are not interested in studying further after their 10th grade. Certificates will not always be academic, like diplomas. They can be like registering something and getting a certificate for marriage, health, or some other things. 

Certificate vs Diploma

The certificate is awarded to a person when they complete some course or win any competitions. They can do these certificate programs online or offline depending on their availability and the team conducting this.

Collecting these certificates will help them to improve their skills and personality. It will also give them a boost that they are capable of something and help them explore their talent area. 

The diploma is a course pursued by students who are not interested in studying after their 10th grade. They will complete this diploma course within 2 to 3 years. Even some diploma courses can be completed within a year.

But that depends on the diploma course type they will do. Many diploma courses are available in college, and students need to select the right one for them.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCertificateDiploma
DefinitionCertificates will be given when a person completes a courseThe diploma will be studied by students who do not want to pursue it after 10th grade
AcademicThey are not always academic, they can be marriage, birth, and death certificate, as well.They are always academic
Time durationThey have a short time durationThey have a long time duration
PrerequisitesNot all certificates will have prerequisitesDiplomas have prerequisites, and the person should have completed the 10th grade.
Online coursesMany online courses are available where people can get certificates after completion.Only rare colleges or institutions will provide an online diploma program.

What is Certificate?

A certificate will be given when a person completes a course. They can complete the course from both online and offline resources. Certificates will not always be academic.

They can sometimes be related to registering something and getting a certificate after their registration for marriage, death, and birth.

Nowadays, completing course certificates and collecting them is very important. Having extra skills will help the person to survive in this world.

There are many self-paced courses available to get a certificate. Some of them will be easy, and some will be difficult. Depending on the type of certificate program, they can complete them sooner or later.

In this digital world, having an e-certificate has become more like a trend, and it is a movement towards a green world. Carrying all the paper documents will be risky. Having them in the mail or some other electronic medium will make the work easy.

Even when you complete internships, you will be rewarded with a certificate from the company where you did the internship. It will help you in your future placement.

When you win any competitions online, you will get a certificate even though people who didn’t win can also get a certificate for their participation. Having a certificate for participation is also a good thing.

In that way, people will know that you have actively participated and took the challenge. Attend more webinars and have more certificates to fight this world.


What is Diploma?

A diploma will be given by the university or college when the person completes the course. The duration will be between 2 to 3 years, and it varies depending on the course type they do.

In a diploma, the focus will be only on a particular field. To do a diploma, the person should have completed 10th grade from their school, and then only they can join a college or an institution to complete a diploma.

The diploma holder will find it hard to land a job than a degree holder.

Because in a diploma, the course and syllabus will be easy, and the main focus will be only on a single subject, so they will concentrate only on that and not something related to that topic.

But in degree courses, they will learn everything that is associated with the topic, which makes them understand further about the topic. You cannot study more diploma courses, but you can study further in degree courses. 

The diploma will be good when the person is not planning to study anything in the future and limiting their studies only to a diploma.

People with a poor financial background can also pursue a diploma if they cannot afford education and pay fees for that.

Diploma courses in engineering courses will be good if the person is looking to join something related to technical background. If the person wants to pursue hotel management, then a diploma in that will be a good option.

Main Differences Between Certificates and Diplomas

  1. The certificate is a course done by a person when they want to improve their skills in a specific area. On the other hand, a diploma is done by students when they want to pursue after the 10th standard.
  2. Certificate courses will be completed within a few months and won’t extend long. On the other hand, diploma courses will be for a long duration, between 2 to 3 years.
  3. Certificate courses will not always be academic. They can be medical, death, and marriage certificate as well. On the other hand, the diploma will always be academic.
  4. For doing a certificate, there will not be prerequisites at all; some of them will have and some might not. But for doing a diploma, the person should have completed their 10th grade.
  5. There are many online courses available for completing certificate courses. On the other hand, only a few colleges and institutions will provide online programs. 
Difference Between Certificate and Diploma
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