Difference Between Certified and Registered Mail (With Table)

People are using different kinds of sources to communicate with each other through ages. Communication through the means of the internet has been taking over the world by its revolutionary speed and precision. Emails are another way of communicating and sending information. No matter how far the sender and recipient are, they can still share information through mail easily. 

Certified Mail vs Registered Mail

The difference between certified and registered mail is that in certified mail, the sender is provided with proof of delivery and billing process along with the signature of the recipient after the delivery. Whereas, in registered mail, the location of the delivery is provided with full records, which can be tracked online by the sender. 

Certified mail is considered to be used extensively for business and official purposes, which provides a boost for the urgency of the service. An important or urgent official message can be sent through certified mail where the sender will be provided with the records and details of the delivery with the signature of the recipient in it. 

Registered mail is considered to be the service that is extensively provided by the postal office where the security of the mail is fully proofed and is used to send extremely precious and valuable information. The details of the various locations where the mail is being transferred can be tracked online by the sender by the given barcode registration.

Comparison Table Between Certified and Registered Mail

Parameters of Comparison  Certified Mail  Registered Mail
PurposeIt is used for sending government or official messages through the mail.It is used to deliver important information through the mail with the service of the postal office.
Online tracking It does not provide an online tracking facility, and details are sent directly to the sender. The sender can track his delivery online through the barcode registration.
Affordability It is much cheaper.It is costlier than certified mail.
SecurityProvides manageable security.It provides higher security due to the transmission of valuable information.
InsuredIt is not insured and needs extra payment for insuring.It is already insured.

What is Certified Mail?

Certified mail is considered to be the medium of transfer of valuable mails in the government or business sector. After the successful delivery of the mail, the sender is made aware of the same through the detailed records of the billing procedure and also the signature of the recipient on the receipt. 

Certified mails are also not entirely insured while providing the service and need the sender to pay an extra amount for insurance of the delivery if required. One can easily send urgent or important emails through this service, where a unique number is provided to the sender for tracking purposes to keep the necessary records. 

Certified mail is generally sent for mails which are priority cases, and as it is quite cheaper than others, so is chosen for transmission of mails. If somehow, there is a request made for the return of the delivery by the sender, then the sender has to pay an extra amount for the return requested. 

The sender will only be notified through the details of the delivery and the billing details after the recipient has received it and cannot be tracked online. Certified mails are also made to be sent together with regular mails. It is used for the transmission of mails through affordable means. 

What is Registered Mail?

Registered mail is considered to be the mails that contain an extremely valuable piece of information. The registered mail services are provided by the postal office. The postal office, while providing the service, maintains the details of each essential document or delivery. They tend to provide the sender with the required information of the location of the delivery.

Registered mail is processed in a way where the documents, letters, or other deliveries are attached with unique barcodes so that the sender can track the location of the delivery online easily. It makes the tracking easier online and helps the sender be aware of the status of the delivery.

Registered mails are meant for transferring essential documents. Thus, it is on the pricier side and expensive than other services. The insurance of the registered mails makes it even more secure to use and provides higher security in the matter of transferring valuable records. 

The status of the registered mails can be checked anytime by the sender through an online process whenever it is transferred to a new location. The registered mails are also not sent along with the regular mails and take quite longer than that of certified mails to reach the recipient. 

Main Differences Between Certified and Registered Mail

  1. In certified mails, the sender is made aware of the delivery only after it reaches the recipient. While, in registered mail, the sender can easily track the order anytime. 
  2. In certified mails, there is no system of online tracking of the location, whereas, in registered mails, the sender can track the delivery online through the barcode registration.
  3. Certified mails need the sender to pay extra money if they want to get the delivery insured. On the other hand, registered mail already comes insured. 
  4. Certified mails are cheaper means of transferring messages or documents. But, registered mails are a pricier means of transferring valuable documents or other deliveries.
  5. Certified mails are made to send along with the regular mails and reach faster to the recipient. While the registered mails are not sent together with the regular mails and take much longer to reach the recipient. 


Information is being exchanged on a daily basis through various modes of transmission, either online or offline. Mails have made it a lot easier to communicate and transfer valuable information to another party at the shortest notice, easily at even affordable ranges. 

Certified and registered mail is successfully contributing to the transfer of messages or documents daily, which makes the hassle of transportation a lot easier for people around the globe. Both have its own ways of providing services and are preferred for the quality it provides and the security which comes along the services after the successful delivery of the information.


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