Difference Between CET and CST

While those pointing toward the sun experience daytime, those that are arranged on the opposite side experience evening while it is first light or evening in different areas.


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The difference between CET and CST is that Central European Time (CET) is 8 hours in front of Central Standard Time (CST). The Time Zone – Central local time is the time zone of the focal US and Canada, Central America, Winnipeg, Chicago, Houston. Most focal European nations, and therefore the Nordics, with places like Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Rome belongs to the Central European Time as their time region.


CET is the timezone that is an hour ahead of the Universal time, tranquil for the offset of UTC+1. It’s utilized in many bits of Europe and several geographic region countries.

CST is that the second easternmost time locale within the US and therefore considered to be the 3rd in Canada at easternmost. It surrounds a maximum of 20 states’ orbits in

and around the United States and also envelopes few areas in Canada.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCETCST
DefinitionIt is the time that is 1 hour before the coordinated GMT.It is the time that is 6 hours behind the coordinated universal time.
AbbreviationThe abbreviation of CET is Central European Time.The abbreviation of CST is Central Standard time.
Time delayThe Central European Time is utilized in Europe and is one hour in front of the UTC or GMT.The Central Standard Time (CST), then again, is utilized in North America, especially in Canada and the United States of America.
ZonesAlbania, Bosnia, Belgium, Serbia, Slovenia uses the CST time zone.Parts of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America use the CET time zone.
UsedCET time zone is most widely all over the world.Compared to CET, CST is used in few countries only.

What is CET ?

CET is a time zone that is one hour ahead of world time and is calmer than the UTC+1 offset. If an hour is added to the universal time the standard time for that zone can be found.

Central European Summer Time (UTC+2:00) is been changed from the inner states of the CET regions for the late spring.

The area where you see the time zone is mainly in Europe. It passes through Northern Europe, Central Europe (which includes the United Kingdom), and North Africa.

It’s utilized throughout the colder time of year. Throughout the late spring CEST – Central European Summer Time (UTC+2) is being used.


What is CST ?

Since the main Sundays, in the month of November, and the second Sunday in the month of March, Central Standard Time is a typical time region being used when the Daylight Saving Time (DST) isn’t in reality.

The central standard time replaces Central Daylight Time during summer when daylight venture reserves occur. In ordinary utilization, CST is often alluded to as CST (CT) or the CST Zone.

It spans till Central American Country near the equator from Northern Canada.CST- (Central Standard time grants a line to Eastern nearby time (EST) inside the east and with Mountain

common time (MST) inside the west in Northern America.


Main Differences Between CET and CST

  1. CET is seven hours behind Pacific Time Zone while CST is two hours in front of the Pacific Time Zone, one hour in front of the Mountain Time Zone, and one hour behind the Eastern Time Zone.
  2. CET is 8 hours in front of CST.


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