Difference Between Chi and Ultra Chi

Chi and ultra chi are flat irons that are used to straighten the hair. Both the irons are produced by the Chi flat iron company that was established in 2002. The company works online and sells iron online. Their irons are best known for their professional quality.

These irons attract customers from all over the world.

Chi vs Ultra Chi

The main difference between Chi and Ultra Chi is that the ultra chi is inclusive of the flash heating feature, whereas the chi iron lacks this feature. Ultra chi is best known for heating up quicker than the chi iron. The organization delivers the irons without any shipping cost and often provides up to 60 % discount.

Chi vs Ultra Chi

The chi iron is best known for its ability to straighten and tame even the frizziest hair. They produce and conduct the heat instantly, and when straightened using this iron, the hair remains straightened for a long time. It is effective and retains your styled hair for a long time.

The ultra chi iron is made up of plastic. It heats up much quicker than the ordinary chi iron. It gives the desired results in a shorter interval of time, and its operation is extremely effective. It is not possible to control the heat. It does the job in a short interval of time.

Parameters of ComparisonChiUltra chi
Heat settingsIt has only one heating option with a fixed temperature.       It has five ranges of heat settings with different temperature settings.
The temperature of operationIt usually operates at 392 degrees.It operates at  330 degrees to 410 degrees Fahrenheit.
 MaterialIt is made up of titanium-infused ceramic plates. It is made up of a plastic body.
Heating featureIt is effective and heats up quickly but not as fast as the ultra chi iron.    It is swift and heats up in 30 seconds due to its flash heating feature.
CostComparatively, it is less expensive. It is costlier than the basic chi iron.

What is Chi?

These irons are best known for heating up almost instantly and perfectly styling any type of hair. The iron helps in retaining your natural hair moisture, locking it in, and thus your styled hair stays the same for a long time. Once you use the iron, it makes your hair look shiny and hydrated.

It leaves you with smooth, voluminous, and lustrous hair.

These irons come with a guarantee and aren’t that expensive. It is easy on the pockets and works perfectly on your mane. They are fragile to an extent since the body is made of ceramic. They keep up their good work for a time period of 2 to 3 years.

Though it is made up of ceramic, it is lighter in weight and portable.

It is travel-friendly. This is not a copper coil flat iron; hence it is extremely safe on the hair and does not damage your hair. It is designed in such a way as to use up less amount of energy. It has an ergonomic design with a 360-degree swivel cord.

This cord design prevents the cord from getting tangled. Their ceramic body helps them to maintain the temperature, be resistant to humidity by locking in the hair colour.

What is Ultra Chi?

It has five heat settings from about 330 degrees to 410 degrees. Fahrenheit; however, it is automatically set to 370 degrees. The iron is made up of a one-inch gold ceramic plate that glides over the hair, leaving it smooth and shiny. Your hair gets straightened in two passes.

To prevent to get your hair from getting stuck, the top and bottom plastic surroundings of the plate are raised slightly.

The range of heat settings is extremely comfortable for the user. Based on the texture of your hair, you can adjust the temperature. This also lets you style your hair in different ways, whereas the default iron can only style your hair in one conventional way.

Though it is prevalent in all colours, the red one is the most expensive one. It easily styles disorganized, scattered, and messy hair and makes it look like you have put in some effort and.

It is a must-have product to tame your mane. It does the job quite easily. It heats up just in 30 seconds, and it is ready to wonders on your hair. It comes along with a protective case in which you can put in the hot iron even when it is steaming hot.

Main Differences Between Chi and Ultra Chi

  1. Chi iron has only one fixed temperature, whereas the ultra chi iron has five different temperature ranges in which it operates.
  2. Chi ironworks by default at a range of 392 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas ultra chi ironworks in the range of 330 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Chi iron is made up of titanium-infused ceramics, whereas ultra chi iron is made up of plastic.
  4. Chi iron lacks the flash heating feature that is available in ultra chi iron.
  5. Chi iron is less expensive than ultra chi iron.


Both the chi iron is made up of the latest technology that is innovative and effective. With their efficient and quick heating features, they are the best-selling flat irons in the market. The company has been producing and selling flat irons ever since the flat irons have been in the market.

One can blindly trust and rely on chi flat irons without any doubts and second thoughts.

Its body includes titanium due to the fact that titanium conducts better than that ceramic and heats up quicker than ceramic iron. These irons have the unique feature of heating up instantly and also retaining the heat for a much longer time.

It is perfect for any hair type and does the job perfectly, which is why it is preferred by stylists and professionals. The lifetime of the iron is also very high. If used properly, it can retain as long as eight whole years but still does the job well.

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