Chime Bank vs Ally: Difference and Comparison

We hope to provide you with what you want to know which is best for you – we have accounts with both Ally Bank and Chime personally, as they are two big banks, and we feel they are both trustworthy and safer/better banks than conventional old-school banks.


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With a registration bonus that’s easy to earn, plus Chime doesn’t have an FX cost for foreign purchases, which’s handy if you haven’t got an FX fee credit card.

Key Takeaways

  1. Chime Bank is an online-only bank, while Ally is a traditional bank offering online banking services.
  2. Chime Bank has no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements, while Ally charges monthly maintenance fees and requires a minimum balance for some of its accounts.
  3. Chime Bank offers early direct deposit, while Ally does not offer this feature.

Chime Bank vs Ally

The difference between Chime Bank and Ally is that In linked savings accounts, Chime gives 1% on non-performing balances; Ally Bank’s return on unperformed balances is just 0.1% > 0.25%, which is truly very substantial. Chime also includes various self-saving capabilities such as “buy roundups,” which Ally Bank presently does not provide for free.

Chime Bank vs Ally

In addition to its simpler design, Chime offers a couple of added benefits, such as no account or hidden fees that are not available at other banks and an early payment function.

The firm offers financial services like automobile finance, direct banks, internet banking, company loans, insurance for vehicles, mortgage financing, and an e-commerce platform.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonChime BankAlly
ProductsChime provides solely checks and savings accounts, as opposed to Ally.Ally provides a considerably broader range of bank products and accounts.
Customer service Chime business hours are the only customer service.Anytime, any day of the week, contact the customer care.
Interest bearing account Chime’s savings account is the only account you receive interest.All Ally accounts are worth while including their account checking.
Mobile appChime is a mobile account which has built-in notices, immediate transaction alerts and more.Ally provides a mobile, sound-based, app based on Chime, making its mobile app the most effective.
FeesYou’re nearly free to open a Chime and utilize it.On the deposit accounts of Ally, you will pay additional fees.

What is Chime Bank?

2013 California natives Chris Britt and Ryan King established Chime as a tiny start-up. In 2014, Dr Phil had an opportunity to gain 1,000,000 clients in 2018.

The purpose of Chime is to provide its clients with more financial control, according to the company’s mission statement.

The firm benefits from you, not from you. The creators feel that they are also as transparent as possible to their consumers.

To manage your accounts and funds effortlessly in one location, you will find the financial services app Chime. Moreover, no hidden charges are paid.

What is Ally?

Ally is one of the largest automobile finance firms in the USA, provides 4.5 million clients with financing and leasing, and generates 1.4 million automobile loans yearly.

The firm sold almost 5 million automobiles, including 270,000 automobiles sold in 2019, through its Smart Auction Online Marketplace for Automotive Auctions, founded in 2000.

GMAC developed GMAC Mortgage, bought Colonial Mortgage in 1985, and served the Northwestern Mortgage service arm, including a mortgage portfolio. GM was led by Roger Smith, who aimed to expand the business.

In 2009, Berkadia, the joint venture between Leucadia National and Berkshire Hathaway, filed for bankruptcy and acquired its North American loan origination and service division.

Main Differences Between Chime Bank and Ally 

  1. Chine bank is free, whereas Ally is additional fees.
  2. Chime is a mobile account that has built-in notices, and immediate transaction alerts, whereas Ally provides a mobile, sound-based app based on Chime, making its mobile app the most effective.

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