Difference Between Christian Bible and Jewish Bible

There are so many religions subdivided among so many countries and states throughout the world that is global.

These different religions have their religious holy books that show their followers the right path to follow and lead their lives.

Among these sacred books are two books called the Christian Bible and the Jewish Bible.

Christian Bible vs Jewish Bible

The main difference between Christian Bible and Jewish Bible is that the Christian Bible consist of the Old Testament and the New Testament, which follow Christianity in their preaching for their followers.

On the other hand, the Jewish Bible consists of the holy book called Tanakh, which supports and preaches Judaism for their followers to preach.

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The Christian Bible is the most commonly known as the Bible that comprises various texts and writings related to Christianity and from where it originated.

In the initial period, the Christian Bible was first written by hand, which explained gods supremacy and divinity. The Christian Bible consists of the old as well as the New Testament.

The Jewish Bible, also known as the Hebrew Bible, is called Tanakh. This Bible is said to have a compilation and merged version of the Catholic Bible and the Old Testament.

This holy book has a collection of text which are written canonically. This book consists of 24 books in writing.

Comparison Table Between Christian Bible and Jewish Bible

Parameters of comparisonChristian BibleJewish Bible
Number of booksThey are a compilation of 24 books.They are a compilation of 17 books.
Primary LanguageThe primary language of this Bible was Greek and Latin.The primary language of this Bible was Hebrew.
Primary religionPeople who preach from this Bible follow Christianity.People who preach from this Bible follow Judaism.
Law they followThey follow the Halakh Law.They follow the Canon Law.
Content formsComprises of Old and New Testament.Comprises of the Tanakh.

What is Christian Bible?

Christian Bible is considered as the holy book of the Christians. They are said to have the religious text for their followers are believed to be the thoughts of God himself.

Every Christian follows all the writing in them, keeps complete faith in them, and preaches for attaining solace. The Christian Bible was formed through a compilation of a set of books after it underwent canonization.

Christian Bible is said to have writings in Anthology, which denotes the inspiration divinely.

These texts written in the Bible are compilations of many historical accounts, poetry, parables, etc. It is a compilation of many books, and these many books were called canons.

These canons actually developed after a certain point over the years and change the mindset of many people.

The Christian Bible explains some Orthodox and old mind-stated ideas of the Roman Catholic before. It is a combination of the Old Testament the New Testament.

According to many fathers of the Church, the Christian Bible has been a tremendous influence on the thoughts of people and brought about immense change in the people to bring about change in one’s personality in men and women.

It had also been observed that the Christian Bible had significantly impacted literature and history back in those days.

What is Jewish Bible?

The Jewish Bible consists of three parts that are the Torah, the Nevi m and the Ketuvim. The Jewish Bible was called Tanakh. This book was comprised, and consists of writing of this book were of 24 books in total.

The Tanakh got developed later between the second and third century.

The Jewish Bible that is the Tanakh is read by the Hebrews and Jewish people. These people follow Judaism as their religion.

The Tanakh is named after three books talking the first letter of each part of
the five.

The Torah tells its followers and teaches the guidelines with rules and duties with obligations stated in Genesis, the Numbers, the Exodus, the Deuteronomy and the Leviticus.

There are actually the five principle books of the Tanakh, both orally and in written form in the Jewish Bible.

The Nevi’im and the Ketuvim have many categories under them that were transcripted in the Jewish Bible. These transcriptions are known to be as God’s Supporters who follow them.

The Tanakh is a compilation of the first and the second century. The revelations that were made to Moses for Constituting of the oral as well written parts were deciphered.

Main Differences Between Christian Bible and Jewish Bible

  1. The Christian Bible consists of 24 books, and on the other hand, the Jewish Bible consists of 17 main books.
  2. The Christian Bible is referred to as from the Old Testament and the New Testament. On the other hand, the Jewish Bible was called the Tanakh.
  3. People who preach Christian Bible follow Christianity whereas, the people who follow the Jewish Bible are Hebrews who follow Judaism.
  4. People who follow the Christian Bible follow the Halakha Law, whereas people who follow the Jewish Bible follow the Canon Law.
  5. The original language of the Christian Bible was in Greek and Latin, whereas the original language of the Jewish Bible was Hebrew.
Difference Between Christian Bible and Jewish Bible


Both the Christian Bible and the Jewish Bible have a close relationship with each other, but their religious beliefs make them differ.

The difference lies in the number of books they comprise, the primary language of the Bibles and the content in both the Bibles.

Both these Bibles have their characteristics and writings, and since everyone has the right to choose their religion and God, it is open to all.

In the end, people follow both these Bibles on the common goal of attaining solace and divinity through worshipping God’s beliefs and thoughts through written texts in their respective holy books according to their language and understanding.


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