Difference Between Cis and Trans Fatty Acids

Food items will contain many types of acids. Some of them will be good, and some will damage our health. While eating the food, we should find which are good and which are not so that it will help us in the future. Cis and Trans fatty acids are available in many food items, and they are not good for health. 

Cis vs Trans Fatty Acids

The main difference between Cis and Trans Fatty Acids is that in the cis fatty acid, the acid will contain double bonds that are formed by hydrogen atoms. The trans-fatty acids will contain double bonds that are formed by carbon atoms. Cis fatty acids are not good for the heart. Trans is not good for cholesterol.

Cis vs Trans Fatty Acids

Cis fatty acid is an acid that is found in oils. It is not a good oil to include in our daily diet. They are very high in the risk of increasing our heart diseases. It is used for some treatments for human beings, which are done using artificial methods. They are called because of those double-bond hydrogen atoms in them. One should avoid eating foods that are high in cis fatty acids.

Trans Fatty acids are found in carbon atoms with a double bond. They are very bad when it comes to our body health and maintaining our cholesterol levels. There are different types of cholesterols available in our bodies. It will create huge damage on them. We should take proper care of our health by avoiding these food items and not eating or including them regularly in our diet. 

Comparison Table Between Cis and Trans Fatty Acids

Parameters of ComparisonCis Fatty AcidsTrans Fatty Acids
AtomsHydrogen atomsCarbon atoms
Double bondYesYes
ExampleOlive oilMilk Products
ProcessNaturalArtificial methods
Chain typeBentStraight

What are Cis Fatty Acids?

Cis fatty acid is a double bond that will be incorporated into hydrogen atoms. This topic usually comes in chemistry. It contains some natural oils and fatty acids in that bond. An example of cis fatty acid is Oleic Acid. Cis fatty acids can be found in our daily products swell, which we use in cooking. Olive oil is the best example of cis fatty acid. Even cis fatty acids are found in some fruits and animals as well.

The reason it is called cis fatty acids is because of the unsaturated fat it contains in the hydrogen bond. They are used in some artificial methods as well. They are found in many natural foods we use in our daily activities. But when it comes to health, they are considered as a good one. Because their main source is found in oils. Oil is not a good product to use in large quantities.

People who use cis fatty acids daily in their diet are in a higher chance of getting heart diseases. Once tested, they are found that there is no health benefit in cis fatty acids. There are almost 6 variants of cis fatty acids found. They create fat in the human body once humans consume it daily. They are considered unique because of those two hydrogen atoms. They are even found in some meat as well. Humans should avoid including it in their daily diet.

What are Trans Fatty Acids?

In simple words, trans-fatty acids contain unsaturated fat. It is found in many food items. It can be found in milk products and nonvegetarian products. It can even be made artificially using some methods. It can be found in many day-to-day foods we eat. That is why we are at a higher risk of intaking trans fatty acids. They are considered because of the cholesterol levels in our body.

Our body contains good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. If we eat foods that are rich in trans fatty acids, then it will increase the bad cholesterol levels in our bodies. Once the bad cholesterol levels in our body increase, the good cholesterol level in our body will automatically get reduced, which is not at all good for our body’s health.

Many doctors advise humans to intake foods with trans fatty acids in a slow portion instead of taking it in a daily manner or regularly intaking it. It is a topic that comes under chemistry. It is called trans-fatty acids because of the double bond atoms that occur between carbon atoms. There are even some foods and vegetables that are available in the market which do not contain any trans-fatty acid. We should find them and include them in our diet so that our health will be good.

Main Differences Between Cis and Trans Fatty Acids

  1. Cis fatty acids are formed using double bonds that are incorporated with hydrogen atoms. On the other hand, trans fatty acids are formed with double bonds that are incorporated with carbon atoms.
  2. Cis fatty acids are made in the natural process. On the other hand, trans fatty acids are made in the form of artificial processes.
  3. Cis fatty acids are found in the dairy products we use, and it is mostly found in the oil. But trans products are found in milk.
  4. Cis fatty acids will affect our heart and will create heart-related problems. Trans fatty acids will create cholesterol-related problems.
  5. The chain type that is used in cis fatty acids is bent in nature. But the chain type used in trans fatty acids is straight in nature.


Both Cis and Trans Fatty acids are found in many food items. Doctors are advising humans to not eat them regularly so that our health will be good. If we eat them regularly, we can find the changes that happen in our bodies. Once we eat it, we will get addicted to it. We should control and find some of the alternatives of that food so that our taste buds won’t get affected. 

We can do a routine health check-up so that we can find out if our diet is proper with all the nutrients and minerals. If you find any imperfections in your report, then don’t hesitate and wait. You should check and visit a doctor to clarify all your doubts so that your health will get better. If you ignore this, then it will become a big problem for your body.


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