Difference Between Cis and Trans (With Table)

Gender is basically used to identify sexual orientation. It is called a concept of fluids. Most societies don’t use this kind of term often in front of others. It is still a taboo topic. Earlier times, people only considered two genders, but as time changed, they changed that scenario. Cis and Trans are two different types of genes in use. 

Cis vs Trans

The difference between Cis and Trans is that in cis, the gender of that person will remain the same throughout their birth. But in trans, their gender and the organs of their body do not match. Cis people believe that they are what they look. Trans people will feel a change in their bodies after their growth. 

In simple words, cisgender is defined as depicting the gender of a newborn baby during its birth. Cis people identify themselves as what they look like irrespective of other things, and they believe for the rest of their life. It is not used commonly in society as it is considered a controversial topic.

Trans is a gender that will change after birth. Their organs and sexual orientation will differ. People who are feeling some changes in their bodies should not hide this fact from others. They should be bold and face the situation. But they should fight for their own will.

Comparison Table Between Cis and Trans

Parameters of ComparisonCisTrans
DefinitionPeople having their own gender for their lifetime.People’s gender changes after some time when they grow.
Derived fromLatinLatin
Mental HealthTheir mental health is not impacted that much.They face more mental health issues considering society and other people.
Health careThey can be easily get treated by doctors and nurses.They don’t get many privileges like cis people.
Insurance policiesThey can claim health insurance easily.It is difficult for them to get health insurance.

What is Cis?

A cis is a gene. It is a short form used to describe cisgender. It is used to address a female girl born right at the time of birth. Usually, people force cisgender girl to wear a lot of dresses during her childhood whether she likes them or not. They mostly concentrate on pink color. They don’t wait for her opinions. She is made to believe herself as a woman and not a man when she goes up and becomes an adult. 

They can have the liking in women, men, and transgender people. It is their nature, and people can’t change them. They have more liking for trans women than trans men without diving a damn into what people say about them. It is also the opposite of transgender. In simple words, if you are born as a female and don’t consider yourself as another gender, then you will live like that for the rest of your life. This is called Cisgender.

But society does not use the normal word to name them. These words are just not necessary as they will create unnecessary discrepancies in society in the near future. It is sometimes used as an adjective as well. It is still considered controversial in some parts of society. 

What is Trans?

A trans is also a gene. It is a short form used to describe transgender. When women give birth to children, their sexual orientation, whether a boy or not, will change after some years. During their birth, it can’t be predicted. It will be identified only during their growth. Trans women will live exactly like a woman and even dress up like a woman still having a male body.

Likewise, trans men live exactly like mean and even dress up like a man still having a female body. It is their sexual orientation, and they have the right to live in the way they want without taking anybody’s concern. They feel more comfortable when they speak with other transgender people. They only understand their feelings, emotions, and everything than normal people. It does not have a gender identity.

Gender identification is very difficult. It can change at any point of time in a life of an individual. They don’t have to feel guilty about their orientation. Even they are now given respectable positions in society. Many of them are achieving than what a normal person could do. It will give confidence to their peer groups. They are considered valid in this society, and even they have an identity to come and face this world with much more confidence.

Main Differences Between Cis and Trans

  1. In cisgender, you consider yourself as the same gender all the time. But in transgender, you change your gender after some period of time.
  2. A female child who is born as female will remain the same for their lifetime. But in transgender, they will examine some changes in their body organs irrespective of their looks.
  3. A trans woman will have a male body and vice versa. But in cis, their bodies and looks remain the same.
  4. Cis is most commonly used to describe people and doctors at the time of a child’s birth. But trans is still considered inappropriate.
  5. Trans people are also normal, and they should be considered normal ones. But cis people are considered normal because they remain the way they should be.


Both genes exist in this society. We as an individual should make awareness among people and educate them to give equal respect and rights to trans people. Still, it is considered a taboo topic in many countries. They, too, should have the privilege to live the way they want their life. They should not be abandoned. We should respect their feelings and emotions and give space for them to breathe.

This is not some kind of disease, and we should stop maintaining distance between these people. Let them live the right to live in this society with the happiness and joy they deserve. Nowadays, due to the advancement in technology, many trans people are doing surgeries to make them transform into their own sexual orientation. It is one of the painful things, and we should respect them for their bold decision and courage.


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