Difference Between Cisco Email Security and Microsoft ATP

Emails are very important as it holds important information. In today’s world, thousands of emails are sent everywhere. Email security has become very important.


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Email security is something where various techniques and methods are used to secure the contents of the emails from spam, phishing, malware etc.

It protects unauthorized access, loss etc. Email security is important because attackers first take hold of emails only to gain and obtain the valuable information of the company.

Cisco and Microsoft are two companies that provide securities and protection.

Cisco Email Security vs Microsoft ATP

The difference between Cisco Email Security and Microsoft ATP is that Email security provided by Cisco that provides a cloud getaway where millions of emails are received by the users. Microsoft ATP i.e. Advanced Threat Protection is that it has a very simplified operation that is very easy to use. Unlike Cisco, there is no need to switch on multiple products in Microsoft. Microsoft ATP automatically cleans 90% of spam and phishing attacks which is a little bit difficult in Cisco Email security. In Cisco, emails are filtered, and the burden falls on its employees.

Cisco Email Security vs Microsoft ATP

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Cisco is an American multinational company that has its headquarters in California. Cisco manufactures and develops a lot of software, types of equipment, high-technology products and networking hardware.

Cisco found out that attackers turn on email to leak important information. So they included advanced threat technology that can detect, block and retract the threats in the incoming emails.

It also protects the organization’s data from losing its name and provides end-to-end encryption.

Microsoft ATP or Windows Defender before it gets updated in 2020. Microsoft ATP is a component of Microsoft Windows with the anti-malware component.

In the year 2019, Microsoft announced Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac to protect their customers. This was launched for the business users of Mac.

Then after its successful attempt to protect the businesses from attackers, it was launched for android and iOS devices in the year 2020.

It includes the following things Microsoft SmartScreen, a firewall and malware scanning.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCisco Email securityMicrosoft ATP
FeatureURL filtering, Advanced Malware Protection, and Reputation Filtering.Safe attachments,  policies, safe links, and the ability to protect from the zero-day threat.
EncryptionEnd to End EncryptionEncrypted
ConfigurationConfigurableDoesn’t need to be configured
Defence systemMulti-layeredSingle Layer

What is Cisco Email Security?

Cisco email security is a cloud-based system that provides comprehensive protection from all kinds of spoofing, phishing, spam, malware, threats etc.

Cisco, after seeing that the attackers first target the email for important information, has made their advanced threat detection

which is capable of protecting and securing the data and also it prevents loss of data and provides end to end encryption.

Besides this sphere is a lot of features like Cisco Email security provides a multilayered defence against the malware.

It is capable of detecting and blocking threats on a global level with the help of Talos company and various machine models.

Cisco also drops all those emails that seek risk to their customers automatically and blocks the newly infected sites with a real-time URL analysis.

It also authenticates the email identities of the senders and tries to learn about their behaviour to prevent attacks. Cisco provides integration with SecureX and has enhanced automation and visibility.

Cisco secures important data in outgoing emails. It is a scalable and flexible cloud-based organization.

It highly secures the messages of an organization. It can be deployed in the virtual, cloud or on-premises and can also migrate in the cloud for flexibility and become hybrid.

It prevents brand abuse and illegitimate e-mail. It preserves domain reputation.

What is Microsoft ATP?

Microsoft ATP was launched recently in 2019. Earlier Microsoft called it Window Defender, and it was used to protect the users against spyware in Windows 8 version.

Windows Defender gets support from Microsoft SpyNet that allows the years to report or complain to Microsoft if any spyware is to be found in their devices.

On March 21st 2019, Windows announced the first version of Microsoft ATP for Mac Business users. It was used to protect the corporate network from various kinds of attacks.

There are various features like in ATP users can see and configure the real-time data protection option. It scans the data periodically and automatically.

It also blocks the file the first time if the file is found to be malicious.

Then Microsoft ATP has been integrated with Edge and internet explorer, so if you download the files from the internet, it will automatically check the files before downloading.

If any malicious file is found, it will give a warning to the users. It is also available in Google chrome as well and can be used with the help of an extension.

It also has an Application Guard who was added as an important feature in 2018 that allows users to sandbox their current browsing history.

It prevents your system from any malicious virus entering via the website. There are different types of Security agents like auto Start, System Configuration, Window add-ons, application Execution etc.

Main Differences Between Cisco Email Security and Microsoft ATP

  1. Cisco Email security was launched in 2009. Microsoft ATP was launched in 2019.
  2. Features of Cisco Email security includes URL filtering, Advanced Malware Protection, and Reputation Filtering. Features of Microsoft ATP includes Safe attachments, policies, safe links, and the ability to protect from the zero-day threat.
  3. Cisco Email Security provides end to end encryption. Microsoft ATP is encrypted, but it collects some data of the users.
  4. In Cisco Email Security, the solution is configurable. While in Microsoft ATP, there is no need to configure it as it is very easy to use.
  5. The defence system of Cisco Email Security is multi-layered. The Defense system of Microsoft ATP is single-layered.
  6. Cisco Email security is cheaper than Microsoft ATP as it provides more and charges less. Microsoft ATP provides subscriptions on a monthly and yearly basis.
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