Difference Between Cisco Jabber and Skype

In today’s world where communication through the internet has become the need of the hour, the need for communication software has increased immensely.


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The quality of software becomes quite important when it comes to video conferencing, sending messages and sharing files. Cisco Jabber and Skype are the two software which are popularly used for business purposes.

Cisco Jabber vs Skype

The difference between Cisco Jabber and Skype is that Cisco Jabber has more features than Skype. It offers users reliable and safe communication. Cisco Jabber is a hardware-based video conferencing whereas Skype is software-based video conferencing. Cisco Jabber and Skype are used for business purposes but have differences in terms of features.

Cisco Jabber vs Skype

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Cisco Jabber also has an exceptional software kit which allows users to enhance web based applications to make decisions faster, improve results and increase productivity of the workforce.

It provides users with additional features such as multilingual support and a bot framework to help businesses by sending and receiving messages.

Skype is software owned and created by Microsoft specially designed for office integration. Skype allows users to attend video conferencing through phone numbers.

Skype is used professionally by 400 million users all over the world. It makes instant messaging, online calls, meetings, and presentations easy and faster.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCisco JabberSkype
DefinitionIt is a hardware based video conferencing designed to facilitate needs of the business in communication and collaboration.It is a software based video conferencing to facilitate needs of 400 million professional internet users.
ApplicationIt needs to upgrade its quality of features and business to stay longer in the market.It is an easy messaging tool which is best for small businesses and start ups.
Software Development KitIt has a software development kit which allows users to enhance web based applications.It doesn’t have any software development kit.
Premium planIt has a high priced premium planIt gives an affordable premium plan
ComplexityA little complex to useVery easy to use
Customer experienceCisco Jabber has low customer experience.Skype has high customer experience.
IntegrationIt integrates easily with multiple systems.It integrates only with few systems.
Available supportYou can connect via Email for support.You can connect via phone,live support etc.

What is Cisco Jabber?

Cisco Jabber is a hardware-based video conferencing designed to facilitate the needs of the business in communication and collaboration. Cisco Jabber offers more secure and reliable communication to users.

Along with Video Conferencing, users also share screens, send and receive messages on any mobile device like iPad or iPhone anywhere.

Other additional features such as integrated Cisco Phone line, Cisco Unified Communications Manager integration for manageable call control and session management, multilingual support are included in Cisco Jabber.

Bot Framework is also present to help businesses to share messages, incoming calls, and active chats. Cisco Jabber’s pricing depends upon the demand and can also be bought from Cisco partners.

Jabber is available as a mobile app on android devices. It integrates with third-party platforms such as Microsoft Office to allow users to check other user’s availability and can help stay connected.

It is an easy-to-implement software that is easily accepted by the user. It has excellent integration with Cisco software enabling it easy to connect with other users.

The software development kit makes it exceptional as it allows users to make decisions faster, increases workforce productivity, and gives better search results.

What is Skype?

Skype is owned and created by Microsoft. It is a software released in 2003 for peer to peer communication to reduce the cost of voice calls.

It is designed especially for professional use due to its very simple interface. It is used professionally by 400 million users around the world.

It is used for instant messaging, online calls, meetings, and presentations. It is the most famous platform and sixth most downloaded app used everywhere.

Skype supports Audio Conferencing. If you are not available at a place where you can join the online meeting of your organization, Skype allows you to dial the phone number and join the meeting using a mobile phone.

Skype has improved the feel and look to make it attractive to the users. The special features like Audio Conferencing, Call Monitor, Rate My Call, Quick Access Controls, Skype Directory make it different from the rest. 

With a single click, a user can call or message due to the presence of special buttons for Quick Action. It makes sharing the information easy regardless of the location.

Skype allows easy integration with other Microsoft 365 applications supporting a wide array of languages.

The only issue with Skype is that Call Monitor has limited functionality and it allows only limited applications to integrate with itself. Although the premium plan is affordable, it doesn’t give any free trial. 

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