Difference Between Cisco Jabber and Zoom

The platforms that enable online communication for video and audio meetings and seminars are known as video conferencing software. They have features like screen sharing, chatbot, and recording.


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This software eliminates the need to have meetings in person. Video conferencing helps in improving relationships among clients and ensures consistent and open communication. Two such platforms are- Cisco jabber and Zoom. 

Cisco Jabber vs Zoom

The difference between cisco jabber and zoom is that they have different scores for quality. If we look at the overall features, cisco jabber has 8.7 points. On the other hand, zoom has 8.9 points. Cisco Jabber has a 90% rating for customer satisfaction. But, zoom has a 99% rating, as the customers love it. 

Cisco Jabber vs Zoom

Cisco jabber is a platform for open instant messaging. It is also now available as an app that one can install on his mobile phone. It runs as an open-source platform with an interface like email.

That is how cisco jabber manages to read and pick email addresses from providers and indicate their origin. 

Zoom is there to host webinars, teach courses online and conduct training. Anyone can easily use this platform as it integrates online meetings, video conferencing, and group messaging.

Zoom is highly beneficial to medium and small-scale businesses and all educational institutions. It broadcasts and hosts meetings that can cater up to 100 participants. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCisco JabberZoom
DefinitionIt is a flexible and open-source platform for open instant messaging.It is a platform that integrates video conferencing, meetings, and group messaging.
Overall score8.78.9
IntegrationsGoogle calendar and WebEx.Google Drive, Microsoft one drive, skype, and Microsoft outlook.
PricingFree or monthly payment.Quote-based.
UseConferencing, call parking, and call queuing. Webinars, a collaboration of groups and local recordings.

What is Cisco Jabber?

Cisco jabber is a flexible and movable platform that uses an internet connection so that you can connect to your team and other people.

You can download the app and make direct calls from your desktop or mobile phone. It is a time-saving program. Also, it will keep your budget safe as it will reduce your hardware costs by 80%. 

You can also minimize your phone bills by 50% if you use this platform. It eliminates the need for racks, phone switches, and hardware.

Plugin your IP phone, and you are all set. You do not have to worry about data wiring and separate voice because LAN will save all the connections on a single wire. 

With cisco jabber, you do not have any geographical boundaries. It is one of the peculiar advantages. It means that you can install the extension on any mobile phone and communicate in several locations around the country.

The best part is you do not have to pay any additional fees for this. 

You can directly send a voicemail to your address in the MP3 format and use the platform for auto-attendance and forwarding. It is similar to Linux and Apache and operates as an XML-based program. It has 8.7 points for overall quality. 

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a platform built to host webinars and conduct virtual meetings. Video webinar functionality is a notable feature. The number of participants that can attend a meeting is 100, and 10,000 attendees can only view it at once.

You can invite people to join the webinar using a URL link, which the software will generate.

You can copy that link and post it on social media platforms or Whatsapp groups. Also, you can invite people through email, which is thereby integrations with email clients.

Its video conferencing feature contributes to the active hosting of webinars. It allows both panelists to view each other’s screen as well as the presentation screen. 

It has an HD voice and HD video detection function and also a dynamic screen sharing option. This option will enhance your webinars and meetings.

The users can share their entire screen with the audience and show an active window on the browser or a whiteboard with diagrams. The video webinar function improves accessibility.

Group collaboration is Zoom’s other feature. Users can make groups and send text, audio, or an image with this function.

They can give access to the group to anyone they want to add. You can share files and documents easily, as you have to drag and drop. 

Main Differences Between Cisco Jabber and Zoom

  • Cisco Jabber has 8.7 points on overall features and quality. On the other hand, zoom has 8.9 points on overall quality. 
  • Cisco Jabber has a 90% user satisfaction rate. But Zoom has a 99% rate on customer satisfaction. 
  • Cisco Jabber has integrations with google calendar and WebEx. On the other hand, zoom integrates with google drive, slack, Microsoft one drive, skype, and Microsoft outlook. 
  • You can use cisco jabber for conferencing, call parking, and call queuing. While, you can use zoom for webinars, a collaboration of groups, and local recordings. 
  • The support available in cisco jabber is email and mobile phone. On the other hand, in the zoom, you have email, phone, and live support. 
  • The pricing model of cisco jabber is quote-based. But in the zoom, either it is free, or you can make a monthly payment. 


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