Difference Between Cisco Tetration and Illumio

Security and privacy are very important elements of the digital world we live in. Whether it is cloud security, computer security, password protection of online accounts,s or digital locking, all are equally important to us.


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Cisco Tetration and Illumio are cloud data storage protecting and securing companies that provide encryption.  

Cisco Tetration vs Illumio 

The difference between Cisco Tetration and Illumio is that Cisco Tetration is a platform that is primarily used for analytics and visualizing, optimizing, and troubleshooting as network performance monitoring whereas Illumio has a use case of filtering enforcement to set permissions in a network in the form of security segmentation.

Cisco Tetration vs Illumio

Cisco Tetration is a company platform that is based upon the protection and security of cloud storage data by working upon analytics and network performance monitoring processes.

It allows us to detect data security problems and privacy concerns before any data breach or data blunder occurs to harm security. 

Illumio is a company software platform that works upon data protection on the basis of security segmenting techniques to make segments of data.

It is used as an ASP (Adaptive Security Platform) to secure any computer or cloud-stored data of any form like public, private, or centered data. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCisco Tetration Illumio 
DefinitionCisco Tetration is a platform that encrypts data using data network monitoring and analysis.Illumio is a software that protects data by using security segmenting which divides the data and secures it at individual levels.
DistinctnessCisco Tetration software has less distinctive features and visibility and lacks several aspects.Illumio is software with several visibility and exclusive features like application dependency maps.
Network monitoringCisco Tetration is capable of analyzing data with network performance monitoring methods.Illumio does not use network performance monitoring but works by data segmenting. 
BasicsCisco Tetration is not efficient enough for data encryption on workload-to-workload terms.Illumio software, by using segments, analyzes and does workload-to-workload encryption. 
Server demandsCisco Tetration demands about 36 servers at large-scale data encryption projects.Illumio is more efficient and requires only 6 servers even at large-scale data encryption projects.

What is Cisco Tetration?

Cisco Tetration is called Cisco Tetration Analytics. It is a company that provides security and encryption at data storage clouds by working on data network performance and data monitoring methods.

It is often difficult to operate and maintain the data centers with traffic and other visibilities, Cisco Tetration is a platform that deals with the same.

It uses modern big data technologies to give a track record of real-time happening to our data cloud storage.

It works with Application Segmentation, Policy Export, Compliance, Asset Tagging, Visualization, Application Insights, and Automated Policy Recommendation and Simulation.

The process is seamless and easy to understand for those who have a broad knowledge of data analytics and management. It makes use of Application mapping which is a process to analyze and make a relationship among several application structures.

However, it uses several servers and consumes very high power to manage data when it comes to projects with high-level data management and securing.

Modern datacenter operational requirements are fulfilled with Cisco Tetration but it lacks several features of a true data managing and securing platform like it cannot be made to work with more than one lakh workloads. It is also very expensive to own.

What is Illumio?

Illumio is software that is known as Illumio ASP.

ASP stands for Adaptive Security Platform and works by data segmentation process to separate and segment data by dividing them into little chunks and then progress them at a basic individual level.

This is a more secure and effective way to analyze and manage data in any cloud system.

Another advantageous point of Illumio is that it can also be virtual machines and computing systems besides just cloud storage. The cloud storage analysis it offers is also valid over public, private, or centered storage options.

Illumio is a more standardized software. It provides on-demand privacy and toggles at every workload seamlessly to give more advantageous and reliable workload-to-workload connections and encryptions.

Illumio software works on the basis of segmenting data.

This security process enables individual-level analysis of data and hence, becomes effective in several data breach and data hacking conspiracies.

Illumio, in its full-fledged performance, also works reliably and seamlessly even at high-data and speed demanding projects. It can even work with just a 6 server supply system at high performance.

It has very little catch as compared to others. Illumio has very affordable pricing options. 

Main Differences Between Cisco Tetration and Illumio

  1. Cisco Tetration software does not have the facility to check upon specific workloads which may be building, visualizing, or enforcing whereas Illumio is very specific at analyzing and choosing any workload for its performance. 
  2. Cisco Tetration platform has a little bit low-security policy model as it is unable to provide native firewalls in several actions whereas Illumio is strong at security policy model and has native firewall arrangements. 
  3. The Cisco Tetration is priced at a whopping amount that is too difficult to bear whereas Illumio has an affordable pricing spectrum. 
  4. Cisco Tetration cannot work with more than a lakh workloads whereas Illumio can easily cope with lakh workloads. 
  5. Cisco Tetration platform has one to two percent bandwidth for policy controllers whereas Illumio works on less than 0.01% bandwidth overhead. 


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