Difference Between Cloudways and WP Engine

Launching a website is not as easy as it sounds. Doing it manually seems near to impossible and quite time-consuming. To make it easier, there is a huge variety of web building platforms and hosting providers available today.


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Platforms like these work for making online businesses easier. Web Hosting is a service provided by the Web hosting Companies or Platforms which sell or rent space to store files on a server that makes a website easy to access on the internet.

Right after a Web hosting plan is purchased, the site is stored on servers and a unique DNS is assigned to it. The DNS is the address of the website that allows anyone with than DNS to view and access the website.

The dilemma starts when a single hosting company or serving has to be chosen out of the millions available. Some typical options are VPS, shared and dedicated web hosting. While Cloud hosting is much easier and has more features compared to the typical ones.

Cloudways and WP Engine are two Web hosts that follow Cloud hosting. They undoubtedly, stand out because of their unique features. Both of these web hosts offer strong and managed cloud hosting for WordPress sites with several hosting plans as options.

Key Takeaways

  1. Cloudways is a cloud-based hosting platform that supports multiple providers, while WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting platform.
  2. Cloudways offers flexibility and scalability, while WP Engine provides more security and optimization features.
  3. Cloudways allows access to server-level functions, while WP Engine has a more streamlined user interface and support system.

Cloudways vs WP Engine

The difference between Cloudways and WP Engine is that Cloudways is managed WordPress hosting, whereas, WP Engine is fully managed, i.e., it does everything that is needed.

Cloudways vs WP Engine

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Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonCloudwaysWP Engine
ManagementCloudways manages the server. WP Engine manages the server, along with the WordPress site.
ServerIt utilizes cutting-edge NGINX SSD servers. While it utilizes Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform servers.
SpeedOn average, it is connected at somewhere above 400 milliseconds. Whereas, it just takes 300 milliseconds to connect.
Reliability It scores an average uptime of about 99.6 per cent.It scores even better, i.e., the uptime of 99.99 per cent.
Backup and Recovery There are daily backups, along with recovery points. Along with daily backup points, it has an automatic system of disaster recovery.
Free DomainA free domain name is provided with each of the hosting plans. No free domain is provided.
Plans and PricingIt has five plans and is quite budget-friendly as compared to WP Engine. It has three types of plans which are costlier.

What is CloudWays?

Cloudways is a Web hosting Platform-cum-Service Company which helps manage site-related applications hosted on Cloud servers. It offers an affordable yet high-functionality manages WordPress hosting that is cloud-based.

Cloudways is designed and optimized so that there is no compromise in speed, performance and security. It has a unique way of web hosting.

It uses a network of servers to host a site and keeps changing its network preferences from time to time according to load the servers bear.

It uses cutting-edge NGINX SSD servers and has an average uptime of about 99.6 per cent which is quite high. It is a complete package that helps monitor the server and manage it across a hell lot of features.

Some caching systems are used to speed up applications of the site and boost up the loading times. Cloudways uses the advanced NGINX caching mechanism.

Its caching systems run on the latest updated versions. It also gives the user access to over 60+ data centres all over the world, which are run by its cloud hosting partners.

Surprisingly, after such a huge list of features, Cloudways remains to be one budget-friendly platform. It has five Pricing plans which offer various prices; they are Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

It also provides a free domain name with each of the hosting plans.


What is WP Engine?

WP Engine is another Web hosting Platform that is WordPress-specific. It is quite on the costlier side as compared to other WordPress hosts.

It offers fully managed plans that are optimized to do every work for the site. It not only manages the server but also the WordPress site if in case any issues are faced.

WP Engine has two server providers namely, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. It works under cutting-edge technology just like Cloudways.

NGINX, Varnish and Memcached are the high-performance giving tools used in WP Engine. It also has an option for the users to choose their preferred programming languages.

It delivers an average uptime of 99.99 per cent, which is the highest among others. Having a fully managed interface, it provides the user with several optimized features. Speed and Performance is probably the main focus.

WP Engine uses some powerful hardware technology which offers some of the fastest connections. It also has an automatic disaster recovery system that allows immediate recovery on autopilot, which is a plus point over Cloudways.

It operates around 18 data centres in the world at present. With some of the extremely unique features to offer, WP Engine has three slightly costly Pricing plans. Startup Plan, Growth Plan and Scale Plans are the ones.

wp engine

Main Differences Between Cloudways and WP Engine

  1. Cloudways is managed Web hosting, while WP Engine is fully managed.
  2. WP Engine has a slightly better connection speed than Cloudways.
  3. Cloudways has an uptime of 99.6 per cent, while that of the WP Engine is 99.99 per cent.
  4. WP Engine has an additional recovery feature over Cloudways.
  5. Cloudways provides a free domain name, but WP Engine does not.
  6. WP Engine has costlier pricing plans than Cloudways.
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