Difference Between Club Sandwich and Grill Sandwich

People have loved sandwiches ever since the discovery. Over the years, its popularity has grown in different countries, and many other forms of sandwiches have emerged.


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The most popular forms among them are Club sandwich and grill sandwich. To clear your confusion between these most popular two forms, you should understand the difference between them.

Club Sandwich vs Grill Sandwich

The difference between club sandwiches and Grill sandwiches is that club sandwiches are triple-layer huge sandwiches that people usually serve with or without a grill. In contrast, the grilled sandwich is two-layered sandwiches with various fillings with a compulsory crispy grill.

Club Sandwich vs Grill Sandwich

Club sandwiches are triple-layer sandwiches with different fillings, primarily non-vegetarian. The layers of the sandwich are secured with the help of a toothpick.

And the bread of the sandwich is either grilled or used without grilling, depending on the eater’s choice.

Grill sandwiches are two-layered sandwiches prepared with numerous vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian variations according to the taste of the chef. People often add Cheese slices to the sandwich and then grill it to the perfect crispiness.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonClub SandwichGrill Sandwich
Alternate NameClubhouse sandwich, triple-decker sandwichToasted sandwich and sometimes also referred to as panino.
Preparation timeRequires more timeRequires significantly less time to prepare
Labour inputRequires more labour, especially when single bread slices have to be toasted.Complete sandwich is grilled and usually requires less labour in preparation.
CostTraditional club sandwiches are costlier while you can get other club sandwiches at a lesser price.Grilled sandwiches are usually found at much cheaper costs.
VariationsUsually not made with more variationsAvailable in numerous variations in different parts of the world.

What is Club Sandwich?

The club sandwich is a massive sandwich with cooked turkey/ chicken breast and bacon, some crisp lettuce tomatoes and mayonnaise.

This form of club sandwich is the traditional form of the sandwich, which comes from its origin at the union club of New York back in 1889. And probably its name also comes from its origin and popularity in country clubs and resorts.

No one is aware of who invented the first club sandwich, but it existed in the 19th century. It was one of the favorite sandwiches of King Edward 7 and his wife.

They prepared the club sandwiches with pieces of gram bread with a layer of turkey or chicken, ham between them. But Modern day club sandwiches are made with different variations from this version of club sandwich.

Chefs use Various fillings to prepare club sandwiches, most of which contain meat. Different club sandwiches include BLT, Classical Club sandwich, California Club Sandwich, Tuna Club sandwich, California club sandwich, etc.

BLT is more or less similar to a traditional club sandwich. As its name suggests, it includes bacon, lettuce and tomatoes.

Mayonnaise in the club sandwich does the work of combining all the flavors in the sandwich. Instead of mayonnaise, some people also use hung curd or any cheese spread. Often people use a toothpick to secure such a giant sandwich.

What is Grill Sandwich?

Grilled sandwiches are the ones that are prepared with different types of bread and various fillings and are toasted to give a nice crisp.

Common Types of grilled sandwiches include cheese grilled sandwiches,  vegetable grilled sandwiches, chocolate sandwiches, etc. 

Though most countries in the world know what grilled sandwiches are, they are pretty famous in their place of origin. In fact, in some American countries, these grilled sandwiches are given another name, such as Panini or panino.

Different types of bread such as ciabatta,  Rosetta,  Michetti, baguette, focaccia, etc are used to make this panino.

Firstly, to prepare these grilled sandwiches, a generous amount of butter is spread over any bread you prefer. After that sauce, green chutney, or garlic peanut chutney is smeared over it.

Then it’s topped with the veggies or non veg pieces of the choice.

Additional sandwich spices,herbs and mayonnaise are added to balance the taste. In the end, all this is covered with another bread slice and grilled to a crisp using a frying pan, toaster, griddle, etc.

Main Differences Between Club Sandwich and Grill Sandwich

  1. Club sandwiches are usually recognized based on their triple-layer and a toothpick that secures them. While most people recognize the grilled sandwich with its perfectly brown crispy bread with a delicious cheesy filling. 
  2. A classic club sandwich generally appears huge and often isn’t grilled. On the other hand, grilled sandwiches are grilled and seem small in size.
  3. It’s pretty tedious work to prepare a club sandwich as it requires grilling each bread separately and then arranging ingredients with it to make a sandwich. On the other hand, it’s easy and less tiring to prepare a grilled sandwich. One needs to assemble all ingredients, apply butter to the upper sides, and grill a sandwich all at once.
  4. Club sandwiches are often costlier than grill sandwiches, probably due to all the tedious work to prepare them. Another possible reason might be that it mostly has non veg ingredients. On the other hand, since it takes less pain to make a grilled sandwich, they are readily available at low prices.
  5. Club sandwiches are usually available in restaurants with few variations. While around the globe, you can find significant variations in grilled sandwiches according to people’s tastes.
Difference Between Club Sandwich and Grill Sandwich


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