Difference Between CMD and BAT

Working with different files can be very hectic and confusing for a user, and to simplify these tasks, CMD and BAT files are created.


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They are created for the automation of repetitive and frequent tasks by the user by simply using a simple programming language. This can save a lot of time and make the work more synchronized and balanced. There can be other advantages of them as well.

Both of them are used for a similar purpose and therefore can be confused by people as same, which is not correct. Despite their similarities, both of them can be easily differentiated on several terms that are mentioned below.

They can also help in choosing the best according to the need.


The difference between CMD and Bat is that CMD has more advanced functions and advanced scripting developed for Windows NT as it was developed later, whereas, in comparison, BAT has fewer advanced functions and older scripting due to its earlier development. Extension of them can be read in cmd exe in case of CMD extension and cmd exe. And command.com, both in the case of BAT extensions. Error level is reset when the error level is called in CMD while the previous command is executed in the same situation in the case of BAT. CMD being more advanced is supported in most of the window versions, while BAT is not supported in some of the latest versions of windows. User intervention is not required in BAT, while it is important and required in CMD.


CMD or command was released in December 1987 and is also known as Windows Command Processor.

With is direct interaction with some operating systems can be done. In simple terms, it accepts the command by the user and translates them into machine language.

It has advanced features and is supported in most of the versions of windows, including some of the new versions. Also, it can be used on android as well.

BAT is older than CMD that implies it was first released before 1987. It has some of the same functions as CMD, but some advanced functions might not be present in it.

This makes it unfit for the newer version of windows, where almost all features are updated and advanced. Operations of files are done in sequence. It cannot be used on android.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCMDBAT
ReadOnly in cmd exe.In command.com and cmd exe.
FunctionsMore advancedLess advanced functions
Supported inAlmost all versions of windowsOnly in older versions of windows
Operation of filesNot in sequencesThey are operated in sequence
UsageCan be used in androidCannot be used in android.

What is CMD?

Following are some steps that need to be followed for accessing the CMD:

  1. You need to open the run window that can be easily done by pressing the Windows key + R on the keyboard.
  2. After this, the windows will run, and then CMD has to be written, and press enter.
  3. Thus the CMD window will get open.

Following are some of the windows command along with their uses:

  • Ping: for testing network connectivity of two systems by sending an ICMP or Internet Control Message Protocol.
  • PathPing: for determining the network issues. The network issues can be of any router or subnets.
  • Disk copy: for copying one floppy disk’s contents into some other floppy disk.
  • Cipher: cipher can be used for altering the encryption or for displaying the existing encryption strategy.
  • Shadow: for accessing the remote desktop session remotely

Many other commands can be used for several purposes. It is better than others due to its latest and advanced features and more secure platform.

What is BAT?

In BAT, when an error is visible, the error level variable changes. It runs in the NTDVM environment, which was updates later on. The extension of it can be read in command.com and cmd exe.

When the error level is called, the previous command is executed. It is adapting with CMD for the functions due to a lack of advanced functions.

It executes files from other versions of windows, but some of the versions do not support this. BAT is used for storing the files in .bat format. The program is called a batch file as it is just a batch script.

For editing the .bat files, any text editor can be used, for example, ms word or notepad. With BAT, users can just direct the file as no intervention is required by them due to the sequence operation of files.

Files have their way of execution. It is also used for maintenance and big programs in the windows system.

Main Differences Between CMD and BAT

  1. In terms of scripting, CMD has an advantage as it has improved scripting, whereas scripting of BAT is older. Scripting of CMD was developed for Windows NT. While for BAT it was developed for the DOS command prompt.
  2. Files of both of them will not work in all environments. In the case of CMD, it will work in a 16-bit environment, while BAT, they can work in all environments.
  3. They have a different version of Microsoft language, CMD has latest while BAT has an older version, and hence in terms of the version of Microsoft language also CMD has an advantage over BAT.
  4. CMD is perfectly compatible for backward, whereas BAT is opposite of it and not backward compatible.
  5. BAT can only be run in command.com if made to do so. Otherwise, it won’t, whereas CMD runs mostly in comman.com.
  6. BAT has an advantage over CMD in that it can develop to run in all systems, whereas execution in non-NT systems with CMD is not allowed.
  7. Extensions to run the programs/files are not needed in both of them; it is only required in the case of CMD, while in BAT, no extension is required.
  8. When compared in speed and stability, CMD is better as it is way faster and more stable than BAT, which is comparatively slower and less stable.
  9. CMD can be used in Android as it has an application in android and is not designed only for windows, whereas BAT cannot be used in android due to its design only being suitable for running in windows.
  10. CMD is safer while BAT is less safe due to the reason of sequence of commands, which does not run in CMD, while in BAT, after a file is opened, it runs a sequence of commands making it less safe from security attacks.
Difference Between CMD and BAT


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