Difference Between Compliment and Appreciation

Compliment and appreciation are the two different forms of nouns that are used commonly to praise or to acknowledge or value the good work of any individual, clan, community or crowd. These nouns help to uplift the spirit of a person.

Compliment vs Appreciation

The main difference between a compliment and an appreciation is that a compliment is an expression of gratitude, congratulation, encouragement or respect while an appreciation is a just valuation or estimate of merit, worth or a recognition of excellence.

Compliment vs Apreciation

A compliment is an expression of praise, congratulations or respect. It is used to thank a person that has done something good for you or has done something that you feel like he or she should be given a compliment or a consideration.

An appreciation is recognition or concern of something that is fascinating. Carrying something in high attention, like a work of statue, is an illustration of having an appreciation of it.


Comparison Table Between Compliment and Appreciation (in Tabular Form)

Parameter of ComparisonComplimentAppreciation
MeaningCompliment relates to an encouraging comment or statement made about someone or something. It implies to terms of praises or enthusiasms made about someone or something.Appreciation is an act of acknowledging someone’s value as an individual or demonstrate that you are thankful for something that an individual has done.
Used forThe compliment is a noun used to acknowledge a person or used to appreciate something.Appreciation is used when you have to congratulate or appreciate someone or something that has done something good to you.
SynonymsSynonyms of compliment are:-
· Tribute
· Praise
· Acclamation
· Honor
Synonyms of appreciation are:-
· Valuing
· Respect
· Prizing
· Gratitude
AntonymsAntonyms of compliment are:-
· Blame
· Disfavor
· Criticism
· Opposition
Antonyms of appreciation are:-
· Neglect
· Loss
· Disregard
· Disparagement
Example in a sentenceShe liked wearing her black watch because of all the compliments she got about it.It reveals me that I could convey my appreciation of fascinating and poetic ideas in unmistakable and vibrant language.


What is Compliment?

A compliment is a thoughtful attitude of regard and gratitude. It is moreover adopted to exhibit consent and honour.

Examples in a sentence

  1. She gave me the double-edged compliment of confessing my job was “impressive for a beginner”.
  2. They all appear to believe that I raise rude questions, which I’ll accept as a compliment.

 Compliment as a noun or verb:-

A compliment can either obtain the element of a noun or a verb.

When a compliment is expressed as a noun:-

  1. A comment that reflects honour or consent of somebody.
    • To give someone a compliment.
    • It’s a big compliment to be consulted to do the assignment.

When a compliment is expressed as a verb:-

  1. Compliment someone (on something) to tell someone that you like or adore something they have accomplished, their impression, etc.
    • He complimented him on his impressive Spanish.
compliment 1

What is Appreciation?

When you possess an appreciation for something, you can observe and clearly recognise its favourable aspects. One route to indicate your appreciation for an extremely impressive dance performance is to give a standing ovation and a big round of applause when it’s over.

Examples in a sentence

  1. I am obvious that judges, like all others, are very pleased to achieve appreciations and applaud from others.
  2. We should love to assemble our attitude of thanks to the common appreciations which have been conveyed.

Appreciation as a noun:-

An appreciation can obtain the element of the noun. Appreciation is not a verb.

When an appreciation is expressed as a noun:-

  1. Appreciation of something or appreciation for something is the feeling of being thankful for something.
    1. Please accept this reward in appreciation of all you’ve performed for us.

Moreover, when we express our certain wants that were fulfilled, it can further completely relate the gift of appreciation. For example:

  1. “I absolutely loved your singing, I felt an incredible feeling of elegance and satisfaction from it.”
  2. “I honestly appreciate the manner you emerge with those outcomes, it gives rise to my motivation and art.”
appreciation 1

Main Differences Between Compliment and Appreciation

A compliment is a respectful representation of gratitude or admiration while an appreciation is defined as a feeling of thankfulness.

The difference between compliment and appreciation can be clearly stated with an example:-

  1. Compliment – You are an extremely tremendous communicator. Appreciation – I honestly endure a lot of sincerity and kindness from the manner you communicate.
  2. Complimenting is commenting on other person or a thing for its attractiveness while appreciating is to acknowledge how good someone or something is and to value him, her or it.
  3. Words that are used to compliment someone or something are – Beautiful, Beneficial, Bliss, Delightful, Handsome etc. On the other hand, words that are used to appreciate someone are – You are a gift., You’re so incredible., You brighten my life. You’re the best., You’ve got the best looks etc.
  4. Some examples of compliments are:- You are such an excellent singer. You are so intelligent. While some examples of appreciation are:- I really admired your singing. I really liked the way you emerge with those solutions.



Both the nouns, compliment and appreciation constitute the one common meaning that both the nouns are related to thanking, appreciating, and cheering up to someone or something. When we have to compliment someone or something we simply praise or acclaim them or it about aspects that we desire or admire.

When we have to appreciate something or someone we simply perform an action to appreciate them. For example, I have to appreciate my father for his wonderful presentation that he has given on stage.


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Dave Millar
Dave Millar

When I tell my girlfriend that you look amazing today then is it compliment or appreciation?

Piyush Yadav
Piyush Yadav
Reply to  Dave Millar

Hi Dave,
IMO that is a compliment because appreciation is usually given for a work that is done. In this case, she is getting positive feedback for her looks which is inherent to her and natural.

Mcae Doe
Mcae Doe

So if I have to use both in a single sentence then I would day, I gave a compliment to my girlfriend and she appreciated it.