Difference Between Computer Science and Computer Programming

The era of digital technology has been at its best in recent years because of different reasons. With digital dominance setting in, the field of computers and informatics has been gaining huge popularity.


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Computer Science vs Computer Programming

The difference between computer science and computer programming is that computer subject is a total of the theoretical component of learning. On the other hand, computer programming refers to the application of theory to solve problems. The solutions are provided in the form of codes that are run on a computer.

Computer Science vs Computer Programming

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Computer science is a broad term used to refers to everything about computers. It can be used for describing complicated algorithms or simple output mechanisms.

Computer programming refers to writing programs that are used to execute a specific function. Everything that happens on a digital game runs with the help of a computer program.

Comparison Table

Parameter of comparisonComputer ScienceComputer Programming
Learning MaterialIt involves the study of different attributes associated with computers. These may be algorithms, databases, so on and so forth.It mainly involves the study of different programming languages. All languages have different sets of commands for executing different functions.
SkillsComputer science requires an individual to have a variety of skills. It may range from coding to quality assurance.It focuses on languages that can be learned according to convenience. Interested learners have multiple options to choose from.
Work approachIt is majorly based on data and operations on data. These operations may be mathematical or logical.It aims to provide solutions through the medium of written computer programs. These may be in languages like Java.
CareersA career in computer science could be in different fields. It could be coding, programming, tech solution, and many more.A career in computer programming is mainly concerned with building solutions. It has applications in innumerable fields.
ProcessComputer science is mainly theory-based and includes different processes. These may be input, output, display, audio, and whatnot.Computer programming can be regarded as the application of theoretical learning. It is practical-based

What is Computer Science?

Computer science is a broad term used to describe computer processes and their study. A computer has multiple processes involving the storage and processing of data.

Coding is a very essential part of computer science. Computer codes run in the background and provide the desired results on your computer screen. Some codes are universal, for example, the addition of numbers.

These range from artificial intelligence to computer networks, from data security to data storage, from computer interactions to visual effect, and so on.

It is a combination of the study of computer hardware and software. However, more attention is paid to the software component while learning.

computer science

What is Computer Programming?

Computer programming, as the name suggests, refers to the art of creating complex programs. These programs run and produce desirable outputs in computer systems.

It can be summarized as the process of providing instructions to the computer for performing a given task. The task could be as simple as calculating the sum of two numbers.

The more languages an individual knows, the more diverse his knowledge and skills get. It is often said that if an individual knows one language, the other programming languages become easier to understand.

There are more than 500 programming languages and no individual can learn them all. One should focus more on the languages that are widely used by a lot of companies.

computer programming

Main Differences Between Computer Science and Computer Programming

  1. An individual studying computer science can have a variety of careers ranging from software engineering to network designing. Computer programming is mainly associated with being a programmer.
  2. Digital information can easily be stored with the help of studying computer science and computer programming.
Difference Between Computer Science and Computer Programming
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