Difference Between Condominium and Townhouse

Condominium and Townhouse are two differentiated terms that are used in the context of property matters.


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A condominium is an apartment/building or group of buildings where the individual units belong to the owner. In contrast, a Townhouse is defined as the conjoined units of similar-looking houses that belong to the respective owners.

The critical aspect of the difference between the two terms is their ownership.

In a condominium, only a part of the building or some unit is owned by the owner, whereas in Townhouse, the entire house belongs to the owner.

Key Takeaways

  1. Condominiums are individual units within a larger residential building, often sharing common spaces; townhouses are multi-level, attached homes with separate entrances.
  2. Condominium owners hold the title to their unit and a share of common areas; townhouse owners hold the title to their unit and the land it sits on.
  3. Both condominiums and townhouses offer a sense of community and shared amenities, but condominiums generally have more communal spaces, while townhouses provide a more traditional, single-family home experience.

Condominium vs Townhouse

The difference between condominiums and townhouse is that condominiums are large buildings where individuals own units. In contrast, Townhouses are conjoined houses where individuals own the entire home.

Condominium vs Townhouse

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One should also note that condominiums require higher maintenance fees because of their mammoth structure as a society, including places of community recreation such as lawns, pools, playgrounds, etc. In contrast, no such community services are present the townhouses. Therefore, the maintenance fees are lower than that of condominiums.


Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCondominiumTownhouse
DefinitionIt is a building or group of buildings where individuals own only units.It is a place with conjoined houses that the owners individually own.
OwnershipThe condominium is a grand structure where people own only parts, whereas other places, such as parks, etc., belong to the homeowners association.Here conjoined units belong to individual tenants. They are rows of similar-looking houses, but a unit’s entire structure belongs to one owner.
MaintenanceThe maintenance cost of Condominiums is usually high because of the vast infrastructure and additional services that it provides to residents.Individual people own the houses; therefore, there are no additional charges, so maintenance and, therefore, the cost is low.
SizeCondominiums are large structures of buildings that contain several single units.Townhouses consist of similar adjoin houses, and the size can vary from big or small.
Community ServicesCommunity recreational services such as parks, sports complexes, and swimming pools are usually part of Condominiums.Townhouses do not have any recreational community services that form part of the residential area.


What is Condominium?

It is a residential complex building or group of buildings with several units to be owned by the tenants.

The Condominium is a vast structure where many families can live together as a society because it has units above and below each other.

Privacy concern is essential while living in condominiums because of continued surveillance and monitoring by the association members.

These are usually large because of their infrastructure. The condominiums offer community services such as clubs, golf courses, parks, sports complex, etc. which helps in the rejuvenation and recreation of people.

There are some advantages to living in condominiums. These are listed as follows:

  1. The safety of an individual is the major concern of such structures.
  2. The recreational hubs help in the development and growth of people.
  3. These places where several families reside together help develop feelings of belongingness and harmony among individuals.

What is Townhouse?

The townhouse is a structure with conjoined houses or units where each property belongs to individual tenants. These units are similar to each other but are owned by different people.

They can be pretty large and, at times, feature multiple stories.

These structures help retain individuals’ privacy by providing personal space for each family.

Townhouses share one or two walls with the neighbouring units but do not have teams above or below them.

Community services for recreation are not usually present in the townhouses, but there are certain other advantages of living in townhouses. These are mentioned as follows:

  1. The privacy of individuals living in townhouses remains intact because there is no operated surveillance on people residing there.
  2. The maintenance cost of townhouses is low because they are not so grand in structure.

Main Differences Between Condominiums and Townhouses

  1. The condominium is a building or cluster of buildings that contain several units for the families to reside in. In contrast, Townhouse is defined as the conjoined units of similar-looking houses owned by individual tenants.
  2. Condominiums are usually larger, whereas townhouses are smaller structures.
  3. Community recreational spaces, such as clubs, sports complexes, etc., are in the condominiums, whereas these activities are not in the townhouses.
  4. Maintenance cost is higher in condominiums than in townhouses because of their more extensive infrastructure.
  5. Condominiums are considered safer because of their consistent surveillance and guard facilities, whereas townhouses are not that safe to live in.
Difference Between Condominium and Townhouse
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