Difference Between Consulate and VFS

People travel abroad for different reasons.Some go for higher studies, some for tourism, few for health checkups while some go for jobs.


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Travelling abroad is not as simple as travelling to different cities within the country.People have to follow a lot of procedures which is also analysed at the backend.

Even after going there, to ensure we get proper services and guidance, we have several facilities by the native government.Such institutions are embassies, consulates, high commission, etc.

The consulates and other designated offices are available for most of the countries in the world.

They are located in different countries to scrutinize the process of travel and stay in their native land.

There are many officers available in foreign lands representing the parent nation.One of them is called the Ambassadors, they play a vital role in maintaining the relationship between the 2 nations.

Additionally, they also help the potential emigrants as well as international travellers who reach their parent nation.

Embassy and the diplomatic building are used replacing each other in many contexts, however, they both are different.

There comes the uniqueness of the Consulate and VFS into the picture where both of their common goals are helping the citizens travelling from one country to the other without any hassles.

Consulate vs VFS

The difference between Consulate and VFS is Consulate is the reporting organization to help people in the host country and create a structured pattern of things to be followed but VFS processes and manages the task that is given to them by the government.

Consulate vs VFS 1

Consulate is specifically independent on orders but VFS depends only on the orders of government.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonConsulateVFS
ProprietyGovernment of the respective countryIt’s a private institution-Parent organization is “ETQ Partners”
FunctionAssist the people in the host country in different matters like governmentProcessing and managing the task assigned by the Government
StructureDifferent countries have their consulates as per their requirementA single company having branches around the globe working for different countries’ governments.
PowerThey are an extension of the government and hence can take decisions within their authority.They don’t play any role in the decision-making process of the government
CharacteristicsIt is characterized by cultural adaptabilityIt is characterized for scalable hosting


What is Consulate?

In comparison to the associate embassy, a diplomatic building is way smaller relating to size and responsibilities. They are indeed located remotely in different parts of the country.

Once the receiving country already has an associate embassy, the consulates are set in alternative cities off from the capital.

A diplomatic building has headed a diplomatist whose role is to help their voters within the host country.

The most distinction between an envoy and a diplomatist is that the ambassador represents the presidents which suggest that the host country will have one ambassador and one embassy.

A diplomatic building, on the opposite hand, had tasked with specific roles that counsel that there is quite one consulate in one country, every with their distinctive role freelance of every alternative.

A consulate’s biggest role is to help its voters WHO live within the host country.

they assist renew the passports and alternative official documents that will need their voters.

They report births, marriages, deaths, adoptions, divorces, and alternative vital personal events of its voters back home.

They inform its voters about the security within the event of associate at hand conflict within the host state likewise as organizing ease for them throughout emergencies and distress things.

Once a foreigner is in remission, it’s the work of the diplomatic building to intervene by providing an attorney for them and making certain they get a free and truthful trial in step with the host country’s laws.


What is VFS?

VFS international dilated as “Visa Facilitation Services Global” is that the world’s largest visa outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide.

The corporate manages the executive and non-judgmental tasks associated with visa, passport, identity management, and different subject services for its shopper governments.

This allows them to focus entirely on the crucial task of assessment.

With 3425 application centres and operations in 146 countries across five continents, VFS international serves the interests of sixty-four shopper governments.

The corporate has with success processed over 223 million applications since its origin in 2001, and over ninety seven.24 million biometric enrollment since 2007.

VFS International provides a large variety of services geared toward enhancing client expertise publicly services with an automatic and seamless method.

However, VFS international doesn’t play any half within the decision-making method behind visa applications being granted or denied.

VFS international employs extremely trained and dedicated workers across five continents and is regular investment in its individuals and technology operations.

The corporate offers rewardable and exciting career opportunities across the world.

VFS Global, that is headquartered Zurich, Switzerland, and Dubai, UAE, has Swiss parentage and maybe a portfolio company of EQT, a number one international non-public equity firm headquartered in the national capital, Sweden.


Main Differences Between Consulate and VFS

  1. The main difference between Consulate and VFS is the former focusses on preparing a set of strict guidelines for the citizens those who visit the neighbouring countries and the latter waits for the orders from the concerned officials to set the guidelines.
  2.  Consulate is an extension of the external ministry and VFS is a freelance organization.
  3.  Consulate has the decision-making abilities but VFS has to follow the orders made by the higher authorities
  4.  Every country has its consulate working under the government but VFS is a single entity divided into multiple branches
  5.  Consulate doesn’t outsource the task but VFS does it.
Difference Between Consulate and VFS


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