Difference Between Corona and Modelo

Corona and Modelo, long relatively unknown in the United States, have both become popular imported beers among American consumers, ranking sixth and seventh in the country’s best-sellers list.


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Moreover, despite its spurious relationship with the new coronavirus, Brand Finance considers Corona to be the world’s most valuable beer brand, with total revenue of more than $5.8 billion in 2020.

Modelo isn’t far behind, ranking eighth on the list with total revenue of more than $3.3 billion. 

Corona vs Modelo 

The difference between Corona and Modelo is that Corona has an alcohol content of 3.4% to 4.8% by volume and tends to have a light aroma and is crisper, whereas Modelo has an alcohol content of 3.5% to 5.4% by volume and tends to have a stronger aroma and has a richer and fuller flavor. 

Corona vs Modelo

Corona beer is the best-selling beer in Mexico and one of the most popular brands all around the world and has sales in over 150 countries.

Corona has carved out its own place in the United States, going from having not being known whatsoever 30 years ago to becoming the leading imported beer in the USA now. 

Modelo may be the ideal informal and easy-drinking beer for things like barbecues, game days, and tacos with friends, but it’s also a revered elder among beers.

Modelo Especial was initially brewed in October 1925 in Tacuba, a neighborhood in northwest Mexico City. The brand will have been in existence for 97 years by Halloween 2022. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Corona Modelo 
Alcohol Content 3.4% to 4.8% by volume. 3.5% to 5.4% by volume. 
Different Types It has 4 types, namely, Corona familiar, light, extra, and premier. Modelo Especial, Light, Chelada, and Negra Modelo. 
Aroma Lighter aroma Stronger aroma 
Flavor Crisper Richer and fuller. 
Popularity It is the best-selling beer in all of Mexico and the leading imported beer in the USA. It is the second best-selling beer in Mexico and the second more popular imported beer in the USA. 

What is Corona? 

Corona is one of the most well-known beers on the market. It’s omnipresent in its home nation of Mexico, and it’s the best-selling imported beer in the United States. Its popularity has grown even further; it is now the fifth most popular beer in the world. 

Corona Extra is the most well-known variety of Corona. This is a pale beer with a 4.5 percent alcohol level. It is available in over 150 countries, making it one of Mexico’s most significant contributions to global business. 

Cerveceria Modelo was the first to produce it in 1925. It is now a subsidiary of the corporate behemoth Modelo Grupo. It is most commonly found in bottles, but cans are also available in select places.

There’s also a draught option if you prefer your beer from the taps. 

If you’re trying to lose weight, Corona Light might be for you. In a 12-ounce bottle, there are only 99 calories and 3.4 percent alcohol by volume. 

Corona is a beer brand owned by the Belgian firm AB InBev that is made by the Mexican brewery Cervecera Modelo. It is the most widely distributed imported beer brand in the United States.  

To increase sharpness and flavor, it is typically served with a wedge of lime or lemon in the bottleneck. The mash bill recipe includes maize, barley malt, and hops, all of which are commonly used in the manufacture of beer. 

It consists of ingredients like corn, hops, yeast, barley malt, antioxidants like ascorbic acid, propylene glycol, etc. This is according to Sinebrychoff, which is a Finnish firm owned by Carlsberg. 

What is Modelo?

Modelo comes in three varieties: Modelo Especial, Modelo Light, and Modelo Negra. Modelo Especial is the most similar to Corona of the three. It’s a pilsner, and it, too, was brewed for the first time nearly a century ago. 

It sold an amazing 22 million cases in 2019, making it the second leading imported beer in the USA. The Light variant includes 95 calories per 12-ounce can, which is somewhat less than Corona. It does, however, have a higher alcohol level, at 4% ABV.  

Modelo Negra lacks a clear counterpart in the Corona family. It, too, was initially made in 1925, clearly a busy year for the Modelo brewers! It’s a darker beer that’s been brewed for a longer period of time to give it a fuller flavor.

A toasted malt fragrance and a medium body await you. 

Modelo is sold in two types around the world: Modelo Especial and Modelo Negra. Mexico’s best-selling black beer is the Negra Modelo, sometimes regarded as “the cream of the brew.”

It boasts a rich, Savoury flavor with a superb combination of caramel, black malt, and hops for a deliciously smooth taste. 

Anheuser-Busch InBev owns Modelo everywhere except the United States, where it is controlled by the New York-based, world-dominating company Constellation Brands. Constellation also makes and sells a wide range of liquor and wine brands. 

Main Differences Between Corona and Modelo 

  1. Corona has an alcohol content of 3.4% to 4.8% by volume, whereas Modelo has an alcohol content of 3.5% to 5.4% by volume. 
  2. Corona has the following types: Corona Familiar, Corona light, Corona extra, and Corona Premier. Modelo has the following types: Modelo Especial, Modelo Light, Modelo Chelada, and Negra Modelo. 
  3. The Corona has a lighter aroma, whereas Modelo has a stronger aroma. 
  4. Corona tends to have a crisper flavor pallet. On the other hand, Modelo has a richer and fuller flavor. 
  5. Corona is a best-selling beer in all of Mexico and the leading imported beer in the USA. Modelo is the second best-selling beer in Mexico and the second more popular imported beer in the USA. 


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