Difference Between Cottagecore and Boho (With Table)

Fashion has always been a contentious topic for many people throughout the world. Fashion carries many emotions and meanings and sometimes revolutions too. People all across the world like following and applauding a wide range of fashion trends. We frequently criticize one other’s fashion choices because of the differences in the way we live and the way we are born and brought up.

Fashion is a reflection of one’s character as well as the diversity in society. It expresses a person’s thoughts and ideas. It varies depending on the area and lifestyle. This article focuses on the differences between Cottagecore and Boho fashion styles with comparison tables and their features.

Cottagecore vs Boho

The difference between cottagecore and boho is that cottagecore treasures the rural and village lifestyle using modern tools and techniques whereas the boho is a concept of preserving the bohemian sense of fashion and lifestyle. Cottagecore depicts a blend of clothing and traditional crafts preferred by rural folk, while Boho retains the bohemian way of life.

Cottagecore is a philosophy that promotes a quieter, more sustainable lifestyle and is more in one as well as nature. Artistically, it’s a beautiful and nostalgic homage to the old English rural aesthetic. Essentially, it is a celebration of a romanticized country’s existence. It was discovered in the 2010s. Cottagecore is associated with many traditional handicrafts like cooking, painting, pottery, and so on, in addition to exhibiting rural clothing traditions.

Boho, on the other hand, is a simple practice for preserving the bohemian culture and traditions. The boho aesthetic has a timeless quality to it that feels ever-fashionable, and it’s adaptable enough to appear new at any moment. It also distinguishes out as the type of unconventional fashion style that, although symbolizing a nomadic lifestyle and a rejection of standards, is well-accepted by the majority.

Comparison Table Between Cottagecore and Boho

Parameters of ComparisonCottagecoreBoho
PioneerIt was introduced by youngsters as a part of innovation.Bohemian Culture
OriginIn the year 2010 the Cottagecore concept of fashion started taking shape.The boho tradition started taking shape in the late 1960s.
DefinitionCottagecore is a philosophy that promotes a quieter, more sustainable lifestyle and is more in one as well as nature. Boho, is a simple practise for preserving the bohemian culture and traditions.
Color Palette Lighter and refreshing palette of colors is preferred.Darker and grey shaded colors are preferred for the boho fashion style.
StyleAesthetic and FormalOn-the-go and carefree concept.

What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is a fashion trend embraced and adopted by teens and young adults who aspire to live in a more idyllic rural setting. Cottagecore was originally identified on Tumblr in 2018 after it was created over the 2010s. The aesthetic is linked to comparable aesthetic trends and focuses on traditional rural attire, home design, and crafts such as foraging, baking, and ceramics.

Cottagecore’s self-sufficiency ideology can be found in many types like the “blueberry dress,” a tea dress by Lirika Matoshi that incorporates elements prevalent to Cottagecore, such as a long skirt and sleeves, tuile scurries, and strawberry stitching evoking both nature and jam-making in the process.

Cottagecore is known for its arts and crafts, which are popular among rural residents. Some of these include baking, interior decorating, ceramics, and exploring. Cottagecore also encompasses numerous aesthetic trends such as Farmcore, Grandmacore, Faerie core, and Goblincore. The Cottagecore Community is extremely varied, and its aesthetics have spread to all areas of the globe.

Cottagecore adherents like to buy used or antique furnishings, live leisurely, and dedicate more time to their soul. Many who follow this style of life forgo using electronic devices and read or watch the news less frequently.

What is Boho?

Boho fashion is a design influenced by hippies clothes from the 1960s and 1970s, with a predilection for organic textiles, flowing shapes, and ethnic patterns (particularly in the form of patterns and knitwear) from a variety of countries.

Boho style conjures up images of unique and wandering personalities who travel a lot and get their garments from artists in marketplaces and traditional ‘bazaars’ across the world. As a result, even while boho fashion may be extremely well selected, it is not austere — it allows for strong contrast pairings and a lot of accessories.

Bohemian Homelessness is referred to as “Boho.” This style of clothing is connected to nomad culture in some ways, although there is a thin line that divides both.

The origins of the past may be traced back to an era when large numbers of Europeans came to the continent’s main cities. They were referred to as the “Bohemians”. There had been a group of individuals known as Gypsies amongst them who inspired the boho sense of fashion.

Boho fashion has now become an example of substantial sponsorship deals. The fundamental core of Boho style is loose clothing, tarnished silver jewelry, messy hair, and imaginative styling.

Main Differences Between Cottagecore and Boho

  1. Cottagecore represents rural and village pure lifestyle whereas Boho represents bohemian wanderer’s lifestyle.
  2. Cottagecore is a formal and reserved sense of fashion whereas Boho symbolizes freedom and a let-go aura in its traditions.
  3. Cottagecore was introduced by young adults and teenagers whereas Boho is a gift of the bohemian lifestyle.
  4. Cottagecore came into existence in the 2010s whereas Boho came into existence in the 1960s.
  5. Cottagecore is defined by homes, fields, and colorful attire, whereas Boho is defined by light clothing, boots, messy hair, and a dark color palette.


Fashion and tradition began to entwine, giving birth to such great styles as cottagecore and boho. Fashion and lifestyle go hand in hand with society and the globe, and as a result, amazing new methods to show oneself are developed. Some people enjoy dressing in a specific style, while others do not. Numerous fashion trends have established themselves in society. Cottagecore and Boho are two styles that have lately gained popularity.

Both fashion trends are quite well-known, and they reflect two distinct shades of the term “fashion”. Cottagecore, which is more clean and traditional, and boho, which is more carefree and symbolic, have profoundly influenced the lifestyles of many people across the world.


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