Difference Between Council and Counsel (With Table)

Council vs Counsel

The word ‘Council’ and ‘Counsel’ are often confused or interchanged by people. However, it is important to understand that the two words might be similar in pronunciation, but they are very different in meaning.

Miscommunication can occur if people interchange these while interacting, and the scenario can lead to big confusion too.

The key difference between council and counsel is that “council” is a noun and “counsel” is not a noun. It basically means a group of people who are consulting upon something or some issue. To put in simpler words, it is a committee that makes decisions or gives advice.

On the other hand, the word “counsel” is completely different. It is used as both a verb or a noun, depending on the context of the sentence.

It indicates the action of advising someone over something. When used in a sentence, it means the action of advising or guiding someone, helping them pave the right path for themselves.

To give someone their opinion on social or personal problems also, this word is commonly used.


Comparison Table Between Council and Counsel (in Tabular Form)

Parameter of ComparisonCouncilCounsel
DefinitionCouncil is a group of people come together for any particular task, like giving advice or consulting.Counsel means to show someone a path where to head; it is the advice given.
SimilarAn advisory body, Consulting panel.Opinion, instruction, advice.
Part of speechNounVerb and noun
No. of persons includedMore than oneOne or can be more than one.
ExamplesI need a council to select my college.I counsel him about psychology.
Ram asked to meet a council to discuss his ideas about our new project.The government has started to give counsel to our business.


What is Council?

Council is a panel of persons who give advice. It can also be referred to as a committee that discusses, recommends, and gives counsel to a particular person or company.

Nowadays, there are various different councils, such as the student council, state council, bank council, etc.

To put it in simpler words, the purpose of any council is to address the problems and give a direction to the right path.

For example, if there is a student council, it will give advice on the best college suitable for the student.

On the other hand, if it is a business council, then it will provide advice to any problem which the company is facing and taking the company’s stakes high.

There are a lot of legal councils too, and their function is to consult the public and solve their problems by deliberating them. 

Some of the councils present are:

Municipal council- It works as a local government.

Labor council- It works for the laborers providing them a solution on how to make their work more effective economically, productively, etc.

National security council- It gives instructions on how to deal with the enemies and friends of our nation.

Town council- The work of this type of council is to make sure that the town is clean, getting proper water facilities, electricity, etc.

Examples :

  1. Shreya needs a council to opt for her carrier.
  2. The state council isn’t working properly for the past few months.

The council meeting for my house is tonight.

United Nations Council

What is Counsel?

‘Counsel’ word is the word for advice or to give an opinion. It is also referred to as legal advice.

VHGAs per the bible, it signifies ‘the action plan of something.’ To have a counsel implies to get a way to go forward with something that you are confused about with the help from someone.

This title is often used in the replacement of the lawyer. This is because a lawyer also gives advice in any legal action.

The counsel word is associated with the helping of others to conclude any solution or to helping someone with your opinion or advisory. 

We can understand its meaning better with some examples :

  1. The counsel which he gave to me regarding my house worked.
  2. I don’t agree with the counsel of my cousin about psychology.
  3. He asked me for some counsel In finding the right land. 
A counselling session
A counseling session.

Main Differences Between Council and Counsel

  1. Council is a group of people consulting upon something in the manner of giving advice for something while the counsel is the advice given. 
  2. The council can only be used as a noun, whereas the counsel can be used as a verb as well as a noun.
  3. Both of their origins are from a Latin word and in the early 1600s. Both of the words are used as interchangeable. However, it was eventually concluded that council word would be for a group of people to advise. 
  4. It is known that the council is just for the advice relatable, but counsel can be related to the opinions given, instructions, etc. as well.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Council and Counsel

  1. What does it mean to seek counsel?

    The term seeking counsel means taking advice from a person who is expert in dealing with situations in which the individual himself is caught and trying to cope up.
    By seeking counsel, the sufferer gets the way or direction to move in and gets the help to solve the issue as soon as possible.

  2. What is the synonym of counsel?

    A person who is an expert in dealing with situations in which the individual himself is caught and trying to cope up is the counselor.
    There are many synonyms for counsel.

    They are as follows: advocate, attorney, attorney at law. The major and most common synonym used is a counselor.

  3. How do you use counsel in a sentence?

    The term counsel can be used both as a verb and a noun in a sentence. If counsel is used as a verb in a sentence, then it means to give advice. But when it is used as a noun, it means the person who is doing the advising.

    Thus, the literal meaning of counsel, which is the guarded thought or advice or advising is covered in the sentence.

  4. What are the major functions of a council?

    The main functions of a council include enacting the laws, approving the expenditure for public usage. Also, the council does the important work of monitoring the overall working of the government.

    The detailed powers and the functions of the council are specified in Article 73 of the basic law.

  5. Where do local councils get their money from?

    The councils receive their major income through the process of levying municipal rates. Apart from this, they also receive a huge amount of funding not only from the state government but also from the central government.

    For every council, the major council has already pre-decided a budget amount which will be spent on that particular council.

  6. Do councils keep council tax?

    Each of the council keeps the council tax with them. The council keeps all the revenue that they collect with them and none of the collected revenue is redistributed between the other councils.

    After 2012, the councils have not been able to raise the tax above a specified level.

  7. How is the council funded?

    The councils are funded by the process of levying multiple municipal rates. Apart from this, they also receive grants and huge funding from both, the federal government and the state government.

    For every council, the major council has already pre-decided a budget amount which will be spent on that particular council.



It is a fact that the council and counsel will always cross each other’s roads.

However, we can still have a modern solution to this prolonged problem, which is that the end of the council is ‘sel,’ which is like the word ‘sell” which is also a verb.

That is how one can memorize the difference and can be more correct with our grammar.

Both the words counsel and council are homophones. This means they have the same pronunciation but have different spelling and different specifications too.

After seeing every match and mismatch about these two words, one can probably keep a particular sentence in mind to never confuse the two words again.

Here’s an example: Leela needs a council for her family for some counsel about the legal papers. 

Here are a few more sentences to make you understand the difference between the words council and counsel :

  1. I went to a council without taking any counsel from my family.
  2. I asked the principal to give me some counsel about the future scope of science. 


Word Cloud for Difference Between Council and Counsel

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Council and Counsel
Word Cloud for Council and Counsel



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