Difference Between Creationism and Intelligent Design

The terms Creationism and Intelligent Design were the concepts created by humans. We are always intrigued by who and how this Earth was created and so on. People believe either that it was created by Creationism or Intelligent Design. Both these terms have a certain number of followers who believe them.

Creationism vs Intelligent Design

The main difference between Creationism and Intelligent Design is that people who believe in creationism argue that God created the entire world whereas people who believe in Intelligent Design argue that God did not create the entire world but rather have a scientific explanation for it. These concepts have evolved centuries ago.

Creationism vs Intellgient Design

Creationism is a concept and a term to establish the idea that the entire universe, the mother earth that we live in, the existence of marvel creatures and humans was all brought about by God or Gods. These views are the basis of all religions. Wherein only the God who created these things will vary according to their beliefs.

Intelligent Design is a concept and a term that is exactly the opposite of Creationism. People here believe that the creation of the entire universe, earth, nature and even humans was not brought about by any divine or supernatural power. They also have certain theories and arguments that support what they believe.

Comparison Table Between Creationism and Intelligent Design

Parameters of Comparison CreationismIntelligent Design 
What does it mean?Creationism is the belief that God or any divine power is the reason for all the creation on earth and the universeIntelligent Design is the belief that the earth and the universe was not created by any divine power
Books on itAll religious textsThe Blind Watchmaker, Creationism’s Trojan Horse and The Devil in Dover
Believers are called asThey are called TheistsThey are called Deists
MeaningBelief in the special creationThe belief that the creation has scientific reasons
OrganisationsThe people who believe in Creationism form organisations such as people with religious beliefsDiscovery Institute, Centre for science and Culture

What is Creationism?

Creationism is the belief that the evolution of the universe, creation of the earth, existence of man and other creatures were created by God or divine power or supernatural power. They do not believe in the answers that science gives for the existence of all of these wonders. They reject them.

The believers of Creationism believe in the term called “special creation”. It refers to that everything was created by God. There are also other forms of Creationism. Young Earth Creationism believes that the Earth and other living creatures were created by the “God Of Abraham’. They believe that this happened six thousand to ten thousand years back.

” Flood Geology” is another term where the people believe that the geographical features which the earth possess is the literal belief from the “Genesis six to eight” chapters which talk about a global flood.”Old earth creationism” is another term that has its beliefs originated from the book of Genesis. They believe that God created Earth.  

There are also other subdivisions in this category. There are three main subdivisions which include:  Gap creationism, Day age creationism and progressive creationism. There are different theories, ideas, books and beliefs that oppose Creationism as well. 

What is Intelligent Design?

Intelligent Design is the belief and theory that the existence of earth, the universe and living beings came into existence because of facts and proofs based on science. They believe in a process called natural selection. This was proposed by Charles Darwin which is claimed to be the important mechanism in evolution.

Intelligent Design argues with Creationism for two main reasons. They are two complexities called Irreducible and Specified. The Irreducible complexity states that certain biological creatures would not have been formed with pre-existing systems. The Specified complexity was proposed by William Dembisky.

There are many other such complexities such as Fine-tuned universe, Intelligent designer, Theistic science and Neo creationism. The concept of intelligent design evolved from the argument of design. In the 1980s they started a movement called the intelligent design movement. Engine C. Scott and Glenn Branch are important critics of Intelligent Design. Discovery Institute campaign and teach the controversy are the two main campaigns in this movement.

Intelligent Design was started in 1990 by keeping Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution as the base. The believers of Intelligent Design did not believe what the chapter of Genesis in the Bible says. Whereas the believers of creationism took it literally. The followers of Intelligent Design believe that it was all created by an Intelligent Designer.

Main Differences Between Creationism and Intelligent Design

  1. Creationism is the main belief that God, Divine power or any supernatural power was responsible for the creation of everything. Intelligent Design opposes that belief and believes in Science facts.
  2. Creationism is a belief rooted in religions where Christianity is one of the main religions. Intelligent Design is not rooted in religion but rather in facts about science-based evidence.
  3. Creationism is more popular among people as religion is widely practised in many parts of the world. Intelligent Design is not as popular as creationism, as their community is not high as a religious community.
  4. Creationism books are based on religion hence they are mostly religious texts. Intelligent Design has some books such as The Blind Watchmaker, Creationism’s Trojan Horse and The Devil in Dover.
  5. Creationism is based on a theory called Special creation whereas Intelligent Design is not based on that theory. It is based on a theory called natural selection.


Creationism and Intelligent Design are two concepts based on the evolution of the earth and all living creatures. These concepts have their ideas, theories and followers to them. Creationism believes in supernatural power and intelligent design believes in scientific research, evidence and facts.

The Intelligent Design theory of evolution by Charles Darwin was one of the important concepts on how Intelligent Design came about. For Creationism the followers believed what was said in the Bible about the creation of the Earth.

Both these argue with each other on their differences. Whether it is the people who believe in Creationism or Intelligent Design all of us must stay in harmony.


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