Difference Between Crypto.com and Voyager

With your enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies late, you could question whether Voyager’s Cryptocurrency mobile app has the lowest charges.


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This essay is thus going to dive deeper into what exchange of cryptocurrencies you should trade for the lowest costs each deal.

Crypto.com vs Voyager

The difference between crypto.com and Voyager is that crypto.com is software to buy, sell, send and track coins for cryptocurrencies and platforms. Voyager is the first free, mobile, commission-free platform for trading in cryptocurrencies for worldwide customers. Consider Voyager as the same as Robinhood, but for prominent cryptocurrencies.

Crypto.com vs Voyager

The platform is pioneering how consumers utilize cryptocurrencies with some of its unique products crypto assets resting on your digital wallet.

Voyager is the first free, mobile, commission-free platform for trading in cryptocurrencies for worldwide customers. In other words, you also receive interest in your investment with Voyager Earn in addition to investment.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCrypto.comVoyager
Founded In20162017
Platforms SaaS, iPhone, Android.SaaS, iPhone, iPad and Android.
Audience Investors’ Cryptocurrency Exchange request.Commission-free Digital Asset Investment crypto broker and Fintech solution.
Customer support24 hours live support.Online customer support is available.
Website crypto.com/en/index.htmlwww.investvoyager.com

What is Crypto.com?

Crypto.com is a payment platform for cryptocurrencies. His major objective is to encourage the wider use of cryptocurrencies.

The CRIPE offers many goods and services to a digital asset exchange organization that enabling an investor to buy, sell, trade, spend, store, earn, loan funds and even pay the cryptocurrency bills on Crypto.com

As many people worldwide use the web platform for the purchase of Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and other crypto-economic products, the Crypto.com app is pretty sure.

Crypto.com app and website are a worldwide digital asset service firm located in Switzerland, which provides consumers with an opportunity for easy and successful investment in cryptocurrencies.

The newsletter is a product that can be purchased, marketed, sold, stored, paid, borrowed, and paid using cryptocurrencies.

What is Voyager?

Voyager is an investment software for iOS and Android, which connects you to over a dozen cryptocurrency exchanges for over 50 digital currencies and offers certain assets up to 9% APY.

Purchase, sell and exchange assets with the easy mobile platform Voyager Crypto accessible to iOS and Android users as a free application.

The trading platform Voyager Crypto is free of charge. This means you only pay the advertised price when you complete your order, no matter if you’re shopping or selling bitcoin.

This means that the trade of Voyager only earns money if you do. Voyager Crypto is mobile investment software designed to offer an extensive choice of investments in a single coin.

With its Smart Order Routing technology, Voyager facilitates confidence trading. Before completing your order, travelers contact 12 of the largest and most renowned bills to secure the most advantageous exchange rate.

Main Differences Between Crypto.com and Voyager 

  1. Crypto.com was founded in 2016, whereas voyager was founded in 2017.
  2. Voyager is only for mobile users, with no desktop platform available, whereas cryto.com is available for desktop as well as mobile users.


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