MCO vs CRO: Difference and Comparison is a decentralized payment platform that aims to empower humans and increase crypto transitions. It is a platform that overcomes blockchain usability and accessibility challenges.

They developed an easy-to-use application to buy, exchange, and manage cryptocurrencies and a VISA card to use the cryptocurrencies everywhere. The Platform has two tokens, MCO and CRO, used in the applications and services.

Key Takeaways

  1. MCO was the original token issued by, which CRO later replaced as the primary utility token for the ecosystem.
  2. MCO was primarily used for the Visa Card and related benefits, while CRO is used for various functions, including trading, staking, and payment solutions.
  3. CRO has a larger supply and a lower price than MCO and is more widely used across the platform. MCO vs CRO 

The difference between MCO and CRO is that the MCO token is used for staking in the mobile application to earn rewards, make transactions using the MCO Visa cards, and get fiat loans without selling tokens under lower interest rates. On the other hand, CRO token is used in the Chain network to settle payments between users and merchants, both online and offline. MCO vs CRO allows users to earn interest rates on cryptocurrencies. With the help of MCO tokens, users can get higher annual interest rates of up to 18% p.a and gain airdrops every month. Customers can get rewards for staking MCO tokens like 5% p.a for 500 and 8% p.a on above 5000.  


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The other token of is CRO used to benefit the merchants by reducing transactional fees. It helps users and merchants pay and receive crypto for goods and services without fiat currencies.

The users in the chain can use the CRO tokens to block transaction fees, and get more CRO tokens as rewards for making transactions on the network.

Comparison Table

Parameters of CRO
Launched on20172018
DefinitionMCO tokens are used to stake to earn rewards and get loans with lower interest rates on the application.CRO tokens are used as an intermediary token to make transactions between the users and merchants easier without fiat currency
UsageUse MCO tokens to upgrade visa cards, get discounts on crypto investment and credit earnings.Use CRO tokens to remove transactional fees and get rewards for processing and transacting on the chain.
Lock-up of tokensSix monthsTwelve months
AirdropsStake MCO tokens to get Ad-hoc airdrops and CRO airdrops.CRO tokens are rewarded as airdrops to the customers who stake a large amount of MCO tokens. 

What is MCO? has two tokens that are used for different functionalities. The MCO token allows the end-users to earn higher rewards by staking the token with lower interest rates. Ethereum ERC-20 standard is used to create it.

It has been available on the site since 2017 and got $26.7 million as an Initial Coin Offering, out of which the company took 10%, 25% was distributed to the founders, 30% was constrained as reserve tokens and 30% was sold in the crowd sale.

Using MCO tokens, customers can purchase a Metal or platinum MCO visa card. On every use of an MCO visa card, they get 5% cashback. Using tokens, they can upgrade the card.

The first 999 customers who stake MCO tokens get a Limited Edition MCO Obsidian Black Card. The cardholders get many benefits, like some % back on staking tokens, airport lounge facilities, limited withdrawals, and other rewards. has made an investment in cryptocurrencies easier and more effective. With the MCO tokens, a user can get a 50% discount on investment fees on

Using the application, a user can get credit without selling their cryptocurrencies through loans. The gained credits can be utilized using the MCO Visa Card. If the user stakes its MCO tokens, they will get a 20% discount on credit fees.

On, users can earn interest in cryptocurrencies. Using MCO tokens, users can get the best interest rates on cryptocurrencies. They can get up to 18% p.a as the annual interest rate by staking MCO tokens.

The customers with MCO tokens get an ad-hoc airdrop amount on the selected tokens depending on the number of tokens staked in the application. They can also get instant loans by staking MCO tokens. 

What is CRO? aims to ease the exchange of cryptocurrencies among crypto users and merchants securely and cost-effectively. The Chain (CRO) is a token issued by the CRO Protocol Labs.

It is a decentralized platform where customers accept cryptocurrencies for goods and services without any additional merchant fees. The mobile application has a “ Pay button to allow merchants to accept crypto payments and give discounts to customers.

The application works globally, and the merchant and users will be settled offline. Customers can use cryptocurrencies to pay for goods offline and online without using fiat currency.

They also get some % cashback on using the chain. Crypto customer acquirers get fees for doing transactions. Merchants get access to high-power customers; they can reduce transactional costs and provide discounts to customers to attract them.

CRO token is the native chain token used to make cross-asset settlements among customers and merchants without any intermediary. The CRO airdrop is given to MCO holders, which are locked for twelve months and then released.

Main Differences Between MCO and CRO

  1. MCO token was started in 2017 to support cryptocurrency transactions globally using MCO Visa cards. CRO token was started in 2018 to assist cryptocurrency transactions between merchants and customers for purchasing and selling goods.
  2. MCO token was announced by Monaco Company, which is rebranded as, and CRO Protocol Lab issued CRO token. 
  3.  MCO tokens must be locked up for six months, and CRO tokens for twelve months in the wallets to access it.
  4. MCO token users can get airdrops, but CRO tokens are paid as airdrops to the MCO token holders every month.
  5. MCO tokens are used to earn rewards, the highest interest rates on cryptocurrencies, and get instant loans. CRO tokens are used to lower transactional fees and obtain more tokens as rewards for processing transactions.

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