Crystal vs Gold Pokemon: Difference and Comparison

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They can be watching series, playing games, or going out. While watching TV and playing games is something most people enjoy as it can be done anytime, especially mobile or video games. Various games include life after, Pubg, crystal pokemon, etc.

They are also updated regularly to improve the experience, such as Crystal and Gold Pokémon are very similar yet different.

Key Takeaways

  1. Crystal Pokemon is a game released in 2000 for the Game Boy Color.
  2. Gold Pokemon is a game released in 1999 for the Game Boy Color.
  3. Crystal Pokemon is an enhanced version of Gold Pokemon with additional features and characters.

Crystal Pokemon vs Gold Pokemon 

Crystal Pokemon is an updated version of the Gold Pokemon. Various new features introduced in this version are not present in the Gold Pokemon being the old version. These features include a girl player, messaging, and playing experience as well.

Crystal Pokemon vs Gold Pokemon

Crystal Pokemon is a role-play type of video game developed by Game Freak. It is an updated version of Gold Pokemon and Silver Pokemon. This game serves various new feature which was absent in the older version, such as obtaining the Rising Batch early and many more.

Gold Pokemon is also a role-playing video game first introduced in Japan and developed by Game Freak. This game has certain disadvantages as compared to the older version; it is the first installment of the second generation of this series.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCrystal PokemonGold Pokemon
DefinitionIt is the last game from the second generation of the Pokemon series.It is the first series of the second generation of Pokemon series.
VersionIt is an updated version.It is an old version.
PlayerGirls player is added.Only boy player.
MessagingThere is a feature of messaging.There is no such feature.
Sneasel AppearanceIn Ice Path.Mt Silver.

What is Crystal Pokemon?

It is a role-playing game released worldwide on 26 January 2018. It is generally known as the updated version of gold and silver Pokemon and is the last game from the second generation of the series. This series was initially released in Japan and, later in 2001, released internationally.

Its gameplay is similar to the old versions. A few features that distinguish it from the older version are:

  1. Options in choosing the sex of the character: this makes it easy for the girls’ players to have a girl character.
  2. Battle Tower was also added: this was absent in the older version.
  3. There was a feature of message through which various secret items could be unlocked.
  4. This has signs which make it easy to know the routes and city. Otherwise, it was not specified in other versions.
  5. Suicune was given more importance.
  6. Rising Badge can be achieved easily at an early stage, which used to be achieved at later stages earlier.
  7. Powering items can be held in this.
  8. There is also a feature of pokegear.

Although it has all the above updates, it can still be improved further.

crystal pokemon

What is Gold Pokemon?

In this game, players get their first Pokemon and must choose between regions. Then they have to win the eight gym badge. Then players have to challenge the Elite and champion.

After winning the challenge, they become the Pokemon Master of the region. And then, various stages of the challenge have to be faced.

This version of the game was released on different dates. In 2009, Heart Gold and Soul Silver were made by Nintendo (it was remade of Gold and Silver Pokemon). This game introduced more than 100 varieties of Pokemon, making it a total of 251 Pokemon.

This was one of the most successful versions of this series. It is similar to the Red, Yellow, and Blue Pokemon Versions.

This was famous because of its art style and graphics, except for the features of time, ability to breed, the introduction of Steel and Dark-type of Pokemon, Dual Type Pokemon, and many more.

Therefore before Crystal Pokemon was introduced, Gold Pokemon was. It was the best and most played game. But later on, it was found that it could be improved more to improve the experience.

gold pokemon

Main Differences Between Crystal and Gold Pokemon

  1. Crystal Pokemon is an updated version of the Gold Pokemon, providing the best experience in games.
  2. In Gold Pokemon, a player had only one option of choosing a boy player. There was no girl player in this version, but a new girl player has been added after updating in Crystal Pokemon. Now players can choose between a girl and a boy player.
  3. In Crystal Pokemon, the feature of messaging is also added, which was not present in the Gold Pokemon. Under this feature, an encoded message has to be decoded to unlock various mysterious items.
  4. There is also a significant feature in the Crystal Pokemon, which helps in the identification of the city, and this feature was absent in the Golf Pokemon.
  5. To catch Gligar and Skarmory, an individual must have exclusive gold Pokemon, whereas, in Crystal, they can be caught anytime in any game.
  6. Suicune was considered as only a side legendary in Gold Pokemon, but in Crystal Pokemon, he has a very important role to play.
  7. A player in gold Pokemon cannot hold any items that can give him power, but this was changed in the Crystal Pokemon.

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