Difference Between Cucumbers and Pickles (With Table)

There are many vegetables that are used for pickling. Cucumbers are among those vegetables. Pickling is done to make the vegetable tastier and to preserve them for more days. Cucumbers can be easily grown under fields with favorable conditions, and it is easier to pickle them.

 Both of them have their own advantage and disadvantage, but compared cucumbers have a relatively higher advantage and fewer disadvantages than pickles, for example, it is healthier, easier to eat, require to or less process to store, etc. Most people can get confused between cucumber and pickles as cucumber is used for them. Understanding the difference between the following information can be useful.

Cucumbers vs Pickles

The difference between cucumbers and pickles is that both of them have different tastes. Cucumber is eaten raw and tastes watery with a hint of sweetness, whereas pickles are mixed with vinegar along with some spices and other ingredients and hence taste sour, sweet, and sometimes spicy. In terms of size, comparatively, cucumbers are longer in size, while pickles are cut short before mixing them with spices and other ingredients. There are not many types of cucumbers, while pickles can be of several types based on their tastes, etc. fermentation is not done in the cucumbers they are eaten as it is while fermentation is done in the case of pickles. Other than these, they also differ in terms of fats and calories content, durability, water presence, etc.

Cucumbers are long plants from the gourd family, there are full of water and are green. They have the soft seed inside the covering that is peeled before consumption. They are cultivated in different parts of the world and are used in different manners for dishes. It is considered a vegetable, but botanically it is a fruit as it has seeds and grows from fruits.

Pickle is a term used for preserving cucumbers pieces by using vinegar or other preserving ingredients. It is done to make sure the cucumber is secure for comparatively more days. No other vegetables or fruits are added to it, although some might like to add salt and some spices in it to make it tastier. They are short in bite-size and hence can be easily chewed and eaten.

Comparison Table Between Cucumbers and Pickles

Parameters of ComparisonCucumbersPickles
TasteWatery and sweet.Sweet, sour, spicy.
TypesNot in many typesUnder types of pickling cucumber.

What are Cucumbers?

Following are some of the benefits of cucumber consumption:

  • Hydration: it contains most of the water; it can be the best source for treating dehydration in a person. It can be added to drinks if someone does not like to consume water as raw. Solving the hydration problem can also lead to treating several health conditions such as constipation, acne, etc.
  • Bone Health: it contains vitamins that can be healthful for maintaining bone health. It can lead to strong bones as they also contain calcium, vitamin K, and vitamin D. All of them together are the best source of nutrients for bones.
  • Cancer: it belongs to Cucurbitaceae and hence has bitter nutrients that can be very helpful in reducing the chance of cancers and also stop the cells of cancer from reproducing. Along with it also have fibers that can be useful in preventing certain types of cancers.
  • Cardiovascular Health: Studies have proved that cucumbers have fibers that are useful for preventing any cholesterol-related problem and improve cardiovascular health.
  • Diabetes: it has a substance that can be useful in diabetes but lowering down the sugar level or stopping it from rising higher.

Other than the above, they can be useful for treating skin irritation problems and inflammation.

What is Pickles?

It is commonly known as pickles in Canada and United States, while in other countries, it goes by other names. It is put in a liquid such as vinegar and rest for the process of fermentation for few days. It is believed it was first originated in the Great Wall of China for some workers, while some believe it was originated in India.

Ancient Greeks were also aware of this process. Earlier, the process was much easier, but nowadays, it may include some extra ingredients, which can make the process quite difficult. It is used for the preservation of cucumbers for a longer period and therefore can be used for more days than the cucumbers.

It can be used in other dishes such as hot dogs, hamburgers, etc., in a slice form. There are types of pickles that can be differentiated on the basis of their ingredients. This also makes them different in tastes. They are rich in fat content.

Pickles can be of different vegetables than cucumbers, they can be of fruits as well, for example, mango.

Main Differences Between Cucumbers and Pickles

  1. Cucumbers are eaten raw or with salt and pepper to have a delicious taste, it best when eaten fresh and kept in the fridge to maintain the freshness while pickles are not eaten fresh, they are preserved in vinegar with some spices to give a different taste, they don’t need to be preserved in the fridge.
  2. Cucumbers are eaten as salads along with other raw vegetables, for example, tomato and carrot, while pickles are eaten along with some vegetables or as a vegetable.
  3. They both differ in terms of durability. Cucumbers are less durable even if kept in the fridge. They can only be edible after 2-3 days, while pickles are more durable as they undergo a fermentation process and can be used for weeks and sometimes more than that.
  4. Cucumber is a great source of water, it is recommended for a person suffering from dehydration, and other than this, it also has other health benefits as well, whereas in pickles, most of the water is dried up, and except for its taste, it does not offer much health benefits.
  5. Cucumbers can be served in many ways; they can be used for making smoothies or juices and dishes with curd and another ingredient, while pickles can only be used in dishes for their spicy and sour taste.
  6. Cucumbers have comparatively fewer fats but more calories when compared with pickles that are relatively higher in fats and lower in calories.


Therefore, there should not be any confusion between both of them. Both of them are eaten in different forms all around the world. While some considered eating cucumbers as salads, while others consider it with mixed in curd (raita). Cucumbers are healthier as they can be beneficial for the eyes and to avoid any hydration problem, whereas pickles can change the taste of the whole meal and therefore can also be used as an ingredient in dishes. 

Due to the presence of preservatives in pickles, they can also smell different from cucumbers. Having cucumber is also comparatively easier as it can be eaten raw, while for pickles, they can be fermented following a proper process.


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