Difference Between Curtain Bangs and Face Framing

Hairstyles like curtain bangs and face-framing have been popular for a long time. There are more than 30 different varieties of bangs.

Bangs are a style wherein the locks or hair threads fall across the front of the forehead and into the brow.

Face framing accents are a terrific technique to add extra brightness around the face while emphasizing both the hair color and facial structure, creating a lovely dimensional impression.

Curtain Bangs vs Face Framing

The main difference between curtain bangs and face-framing is that curtain bangs are a sort of bangs that frames the face edges on both sides and displays off the face like curtains. Whereas, Face framing is when you’re using the frontal hairline boundary to produce a specific style or hair path. Curtain bangs are usually similar for all hair types, however, the highlights may differ. But, face-framing totally depends upon the structure and shape of the face.

Curtain Bangs vs Face Framing

Curtain bangs, for the uninformed, are those unruly, carefree bangs that, as the name says, wonderfully frame the profile, much as a windows’ curtain does.

The trend dates back to the 1960s and 1970s (think Jane Birkin), however, today’s version is versatile enough to work with a variety of styles and textures: sloppy waves, curly shags, elegant spillages, high scrunchies, ponytails, etc.

Face-framing layers are created by having your hair trimmed in varying lengths around the front of your face to emphasize or “frame” your characteristics.

It is a hairstyle method in which hairdressers employ partitioned hairlines and highlights to highlight the characteristics of your face.

Comparison Table Between Curtain Bangs and Face Framing

Parameters of ComparisonCurtain BangsFace Framing
MeaningCurtain bangs, for the uninformed, are those unruly, carefree bangs that, as the name says, wonderfully frame the profile.Face-framing layers are created by having your hair trimmed in varied lengths around the front of your face to emphasize and enhance your features.
Initial ViewsThis style is apt for people with an oval or triangular face but can be tried by everyone else.This style is very versatile and subjective according to any face shape and type.
ObjectiveTo project highlighted hair and equal transverse hairlines. It is currently a trending style because of its elegant yet boundless look.To style the hair that covers your face edges and enhances your features and characteristics.
Which Came First?Curtain bangs are derived from face framing.Face Framing came before curtain bangs.
LayersCurtain bangs are always layered and require steps in the hair length.The face framing technique may or may not require layers.

What are Curtain Bangs?

Curtain bangs comprise bangs that divide open in the middle of your forehead (thus the name) and frame each part of your face with somewhat lengthier portions at the ends to harmonize with the roots of the hair.

They’re highly adaptable, as you can style them diagonally across or fanned to one edge, and they take less care than other styles of bangs because the build-out is more smooth.

Curtain bangs are the only exception, as they are generally flattering on any face type and exquisitely recommended to women with oval or triangular face cuts. Curtain bangs don’t take a lot of upkeep.

They need little effort and appear to be highly attractive. They look well on every face shape, giving hair a thicker appearance, and work well with the jawbone.

Curtain bangs are ideal picture bangs since they complement any facial structure. They frame the face and give it a charming feminine appeal.

Braided, curly, smooth, wavy, reversed, long, swoopy, and other styles of curtain bangs are available.

Since the 1970s, curtain bangs have become popular. When Brigitte Bardot, the famed sex symbol of the day, arranged her hair in a flawless attired center-parted fringed, they became famous.

Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Jameela Jameel, and more celebs have been spotted sporting curtain bangs over the years.

What is Face Framing?

Face framing is a hair styling technique that is both dynamic and subjective. This method is used.

Adding lengthy layers to a conventional haircut for long hair removes weight and bulk while cutting individuality and movement.

Delicate face-framing layers are blended in to create a pleasing focal point that draws attention to the eyes and gives long hair vitality.

A large forehead can be balanced with heavy fringe or bangs, whereas a small forehead can be balanced with a side fringe.

It’s a simple haircut for ladies to set up and manage, and it looks great on women of various facial types and hair textures.

Face framing accents are a fantastic way to add extreme brilliance and savvy waves around the cheeks while also highlighting the hairstyle and facial features, giving a wonderful three-dimensional effect.

Money piece hair is a simple way to spice up any outfit, regardless of hair color, haircut, or facial shape. It’s also low-maintenance, so your customer can choose whether to let the highlights fade or increase the color over time.

Your customer will not have to spend a lot of money to acquire this subtle yet effective appearance modification.

Main differences Between Curtain Bangs and Face Framing

  1. Curtain bangs are parted whereas face-framing may or may not be parted through the hairline.
  2. Curtain bangs are only suited towards people with oval or triangular face shapes although it is recommended to all but face framing is styling that changes according to the features and face shape of the person.
  3. Curtain bangs resemble curtains over a window whereas face-framing resembles a photo frame where the face is the subject and your hair is the frame.
  4. Curtain bangs fall under objective hairstyles whereas face framing is completely subjective and personalized.
  5. Curtain Bangs are more famous as most celebrities use this styling when compared to face-framing. Face framing is the predecessor of the latest curtain bangs trend.
Difference Between Curtain Bangs and Face Framing


Both curtain bangs and face-framing have been dwelling in the hairstyling trends for a long time now.

Although curtain bangs are clearly more trending right now it has their roots from the entire concept of face-framing, precisely;

We can consider the art of hair or rather forehead bangs when mixed with face-framing gave birth to curtain bangs.

Face framing, however, is a better option for people or women who are new to hairstyling and are too shaky to go with bangs and highlights. For seasoned styling women, curtain bangs are always a fresh yes.


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