Cygnus Knights vs Explorers: Difference and Comparison

Cygnus Knights and Explorers are two well-known character orders in the popular 2D Korean online game. The name of the game is MapleStory. It was introduced by a company named Wizet.

It has a variety of versions available in different countries. The game has many levels, each harder than the prior one. There are different classes under different groups, and each has its consistent characteristics.

To get to know more about these interesting characters, let us get familiar with their distinct features individually.

Key Takeaways

  1. Cygnus Knights are a group of characters in MapleStory with special abilities and can advance to higher levels. At the same time, Explorers are the game’s main characters that can choose from different classes.
  2. Cygnus Knights have a unique storyline and special equipment, while Explorers have more diverse class options.
  3. Cygnus Knights are generally easier to level up, while Explorers have more customizable skill builds.

Cygnus Knights vs Explorers

The difference between Cygnus Knights vs Explorers is that Cygnus Knights have a level of 120 whereas explorers have to 200. The first 10 levels are for beginners to get familiar with. It is provided with tutorials to guide and instruct. Once they cross level 10, it is time for the players to decide on their group. This is an important decision to make, and it’s necessary to know which group they fit in best.


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Cygnus Knights vs

Cygnus Knights are the second-ever class to have been introduced in MapleStory. The knights start off their journey on the Ereve.

There, they are basically trained with the norms of the games, and players get familiar with the rules and regulations. It comprises 120 levels in total which keeps getting tougher than the prior one.

Explorers are the most significant class in MapleWorld since they were the first ones to be introduced. They need to reach level fifty to cooperate with the Cygnus Knights.

They have 200 levels in total, and each of them is quite challenging. The Magicians are the most demanding group in this class. The players start off their journey as Beginners.

They are again provided with tutorials and till level ten it is kind of a practising phase for the players before reaching the advanced level.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCygnus KnightsExplorers
LevelCygnus Knights have level till number 120.Explorer has level till number 200.
PriorityThey were the second class to have been introduced into MapleWorld.They were the first-ever class to have been introduced into MapleWorld
Starting PointThe players start off their journey on the Ereve.The players start off their journey as Beginners.
ModeThey are easy to play and are basically considered the easy more.They are comparatively tough as well as challenging.
QualityThey have better skills and are faster than the explorers.They are weaker than the Cygnus Knights till level 134.

What are Cygnus Knights?

Cygnus Knights are a special group of characters who serves Empress Cygnus. Their main motto is to defend MapleWorld against the dangerous Black Mage.

The evil Black Mage tries to take over the whole land of Maple. They were the second introduced class in MapleStory.

There is a total of five types of Cygnus Knights. They are Nightwalkers, Blaze Wizards, Dawn Warriors, Thunder Breakers, and Wind Archers. They indeed are an elite group of heroes.

Also, each knight starts their journey on Ereve. There they learn the basic criteria of the game. Unlike Explorers, they are not allowed to change jobs according to the rules of the game.

A knight is referred to as “Noblesse” in the first ten levels. It is where they learn the game and get familiar with the rules. It is the phase where friends are made and also monsters are killed.

The significance of this first ten-level is that this is the time when one needs to make the most important decision. The decision is to choose a class where we are supposed to play in the future.

Cygnus Knights make the game comparatively powerful, and hence the competition gets exciting. Although the reign is vast, there is limited freedom of choice. It has a final level of up to 120. However, they are provided with the opportunity to be advanced.

What are Explorers?

Explorers are the main and most important group in MapleWorld. This consists of the primary jobs that are available in MapleStory. They are very different from Cygnus knights, but the motto is the same.

Their main group is to fight against the dangerous Black Rage. Also, they were the first-ever class released on MapleStory.

There are five different types of jobs available for Explorers. They are Magicians, Worriers, Bowmen, Thieves, and Pirates. The character has great significance since they lead the team. It sets the foundation of the game.

Here, everyone starts their journey as Beginner. It is a self-explanatory phase where one is provided with tutorials. Participants learn the basic training and get familiar with the rules and regulations.

Level fifty is required to finally be able to cooperate with the Cygnus Knights. With this success, explorers can adopt their own abilities. Magicians are considered a special group under the Explorers.

While the advancement level required for others is ten, it is just eight in the case of Magicians.

Main Differences Between Cygnus Knights and Explorers

  1. Cygnus nights are the easy mode and are considered fun play. It has 120 levels and can not cross beyond that, however, they are much faster. Explorers are a bit challenging, and it has levels till 200. It is comparatively slower than the Cygnus Knights.
  2. Cygnus Knights are the second class to be introduced in MapleStory. Explorers were the first-ever class to be released in MapleStory, and this makes them the most significant.
  3. Cygnus Knights are more advanced and are known to have better skills than the explorers. Also, Explorers have a greater number of levels, they are weaker than Cygnus Knights till level 134.
  4. Initially, MapleStory had only 4four different classes which were very limited. Now it has over forty varieties of classes to play with and jobs to choose from.
  5. Cygnus Knights have five different classes – Nightwalkers, Blaze Wizards, Dawn Warriors, Thunder Breakers, and Wind Archers. On the other hand, explorers have – Magicians, Worriers, Bowmen, Thieves, and Pirates.
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