Difference Between D800 and Rebel T3

There are many types of cameras, with various settings, from direct point-and-shoot cameras to more manual options. The best camera for you will depend on what kind of computer photography you need to do.


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Be that as it may, one of the more well-known and normal instruments utilized by photographic artists today is the DSLR.

D800 vs Rebel T3

The difference between D800 and Rebel T3 is that D800 is superior to Rebel T3. The number of focal points of the D800 is even more noteworthy-51 to be precise than Rebel T3. It provides more pixels for the picture, and at high ISO, the noise is very low compared to Rebel T3. It has a larger sensor than most ordinary DSLR cameras, and the image quality is incredible.

D800 vs Rebel T3

The D800 is an amazing camera. Even today, the quality of the target and dynamic range is very good compared to the recently launched cameras.

This idea tells a lot because the D810 uses a sensor and autofocus frame similar to the more sophisticated D800. The camera is reliable and robust.

Rebel T3 is a high-quality camera that works with such an easy speed, and the movement is completely natural. With instant start-up time, fast self-adjustment, and negligible shadow relaxation, EOS Rebel T3 may be the fastest camera today.

It can shoot up to 3.0 fps (outlines each second), in explosions of up to roughly 3 JPEGs or 2 RAW records.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonD800Rebel T3
WeightD800 weighs 900 grams (equivalent to 1.98 pounds), which is 82% heavier than Rebel T3.Rebel T3 weighs 495 grams (or 1.09 pounds).
SensorIt has a full-frame sensor.Rebel T3 has an APS-C sensor.
ISO RangeThe ISO range of D800 is larger and ranges from 100 to 25600.ISO range of Rebel T3 ranges from 100 to 6400.
SharpnessThe D800 has better sharpness and subtleties.Rebel T3 has low sharpness and subtleties compared to D800.
PixelThe target of the Nikon D800 is 36,3 MP.The target of the Rebel T3 is 12,2 MP (megapixels).

What is D800?

The D800 is the world’s most elevated specialized exhibition DSLR for outside, nature, scene, and numerous different sorts of accuracy photography. The D800 is the greatest information from Nikon starting around 2008 when they presented their last all-new full-outline DSLR, the D700.

The D800’s picture quality is unexcelled, and it weighs not exactly some other Nikon full-outline advanced camera at any point made, making it undeniably the best DSLR to convey when you need to convey a DSLR in the field.

The Nikon D800 offers 25.3 pieces of shading profundity and the pixel thickness is likewise extremely high – 442 pp. The target of the screen is 1176×784 px, and the shadow slack is extremely low – 0.042 s. The Nikon D800 permits recording recordings at 1080p at 30fps and also has an in-assembled center engine.

HDR mode is accessible in the Nikon D800. The screen size is impressive, with only 3.2 inches left.

D800 is equipped with a great deal of center focus-51, which can be determined. It offers a larger number of pixels for pictures and at high ISO, the commotion is extremely low.

It has a bigger sensor than most normal DSLR models and the picture quality is incredibly well. Using autofocus, the shooting speed is 4 fps.

The Nikon D800 is dustproof and waterproof. The battery also has an amazing capacity of 1900 mAh.

What is Rebel T3?

Rebel T3 is a practical but bright digital camera, suitable for photographers preparing to take interchangeable focus SLR photography. Rebel T3 provides great photos and videos and it’s a fun simple to use a camera with great shooting speed.

The T3 utilizes an enormous APS-C size 12.2 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor and Canon DIGIC 4 Image Processor for luxuriously itemized pictures and speedy camera reaction. It’s a magnificent decision for hopeful photographic artists who need superb outcomes and great extension choices without breaking the spending plan.

The Rebel T3 was presented in 2011 close by its kin, the somewhat more costly Rebel T3. The Rebel T3 offers a great deal of the equivalent elements and usefulness as the T3i with a couple of admonitions: the implicit blaze doesn’t work as a remote commandant unit, the back screen is somewhat more modest and non-articulating, ISO extension over 6400 isn’t a choice, the greatest video goal is 720p30, there’s no outside amplifier jack, no in-camera inventive channel choices, it swears off a self-cleaning sensor, and the T3 overlooks IR controller availability for a cored distant attachment.

Ordnance’s Rebel T3/EOS 1100D is a section-level DSLR intended to refresh and supplant its lead EOS 1000D, which needed a video recording office – the new camera incorporates 720p HD video. The Rebel T3/EOS 1100D incorporates a “guide mode” that strolls the customer through the camera’s capacities on-screen.

Main Differences Between D800 and Rebel T3

  1. The D800 is sprinkle and residue verification, while the Rebel T3 doesn’t include any relating climate fixing.
  2. The D800 has an earphone jack, which makes it conceivable to append outer earphones and screen the nature of sound during the recording system while Rebel T3 lacks such a headphone jack. 
  3. The D800 highlights an optical viewfinder with a pentagonal crystal, which also covers 100% of the field of view, and its magnification is c. 0.70 times. The Rebel T3 uses an electronic viewfinder with a target of 3.68 megapixels. 
  4. The magnification is c. 0.76x. D800 has 36,3 MP while Rebel T3 has a 12,2 MP (Megapixels) goal. 
  5. D800 can shoot up to 6 pictures each second whereas Rebel T3 can shoot up to 3 pictures each second.


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