Difference Between Defination and Definition

Probably the most complicated part of the English language is its spelling. From the very childhood, this ghost of misspellings words does not leave us. No matter at what age you belong, you can always made a spelling mistake. When words have very close pronunciations, wrong spellings take place. Such two very confusing words are defination and definition.

Defination vs Definition

The main difference between defination and definition is that defination does not possess any meaning, but the word definition retains a meaning. Defination is a common misspelling of the word definition. Defination is not an actual word, while the definition is one.

Defination and Definition

Defination is a very common misspelling. The correct word is ‘definition’. Being a wrong word without any existence, it does not retain any meaning. It is not at all capable of performing semantically, and it is not able to belong to any parts of speech of the grammar rule.

The word definition is the correct spelling, and it is responsible for defining every other thing under the sun. The word definition means the process of explaining something with all its traits so that it can be differentiated from other things. It is a noun word.

Comparison Table Between Defination and Definition

Parameters of ComparisonDefinationDefinition
Meaning Defination does not have a meaning because it is the not correct spelling.The definition means the process of defining something. Describing a phenomenon as it is.
Parts of speechDefination can not be put at the limit of any part of speech as it is not an actual word.The word definition is a noun.
UsageThe word defination gets used instead of the word ‘definition’ in case of wrong spelling.The definition is used to explain any kind of thing under the sun.
PurposeThe word defination has no purpose as it is not even a word.The word definition specifies the meaning.
ConnotationThe word defination has no connotations due to the fact that it is not an original word.The word definition has the connotation of explaining and epitomising the essence of anything, word, term, or idea.
Linguistic DutyA word that does not exist can not have any linguistic duty.Its duty is to create distinctness of an object or idea from other objects and ideas.

What is Defination?

We all are subjected to make mistakes. And when it comes to spelling mistakes, we all are guilty as charged. Making spelling mistakes is very common, and defination is such a mistake. It is a very common misspelling of the word definition.

As it is a wrong word, it does not have any sort of meaning, but when we make this spelling mistake, we imply the meaning of the word ‘definition’ as we are unaware of the fact.

Due to this similar reason, it does not have any linguistics and semantic duty to accomplish. It is unable to offer any sort of meaning because of its non-existence.

What is Definition?

The definition is the process of defining or explaining something. Any concept can get captured in its definition. The essence of any theory, word or idea can be expressed through its definition.

It is in noun form, and it has fixed semantic duties. Its main objective is to fix the meaning of other things. Everything has a definition, and definition helps us to comprehend the meaning of different things. By a thing’s definition, we can separate it from other things and know this identity without any confusion.

Even though this word eliminates confusion, but it often gets subjected to confusion due to its spelling.

Main Differences Between Defination and Definition

  1. Defination is a wrong spelling, but the word definition has the correct spelling.
  2. Defination has no meaning as it is not the right word. But the word definition has meaning due to its existence as a word.
  3. Defination does not have a meaning because it is the not correct spelling whereas the word ‘definition’ means the process of defining something. Describing a phenomenon as it is.
  4. Defination is nothing but a wrong spelling of definition.
  5. Defination has no semantic meaning as it does not exist. It is a mistake of spelling that people often make. But the definition has a semantic mission to perform.
  6. The definition creates distinctness between different objects or ideas. A definition can depict the meaning of anything. It can explain any notion of things. But defination can not do anything as it is wrong.
  7. If you write the spelling defination in an exam, then your marks will definitely be deducted for performing the mistake. On the other hand, the definition will not fetch any marks reduction in an examination as it is a correct word.
  8. Being a misspelt word defination belongs to no parts of speech, but being a rightly spelt word, the word definition is in noun form.
  9. The word defination can not give the impression of any element as such a word does not exist, and as a result, it does not possess any kind of meaning. But definition epitomizes all the meanings and notions of a thing and makes it understandable for others.


As stated above, one of the spelling is incorrect. And we often are subjected to make this mistake. We can overcome spelling mistakes with thorough practice and continuous exercise. Gaining knowledge in the area of phonology will also be helpful to overcome the mistake of misspelling.

If we get to know the right pronunciation and the correct use of all the alphabets, then we can avoid this slip. The error of spelling can also get avoided through extensive reading. By seeing the words, we often get spelling imprinted on our subconscious mind which might be proven to be helpful more often. Try to enunciate the words loudly in order to understand their right exact correct spelling.


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