Difference Between Dell E Series and P Series (With Table)

They offer a wide range of laptops, desktops, and other computer components for personal and business use. The Dell E series is a series of books for small consumers, designed especially for serious users with moderate price points. The modular design makes it easier for the server as well.

Dell E Series vs P Series

The difference between the Dell E series and the P series is E series is smaller as compared to the P series. E series looks more traditional, but the P series looks aesthetic. The cost of the E series is cheaper than the P series. E series is more used for simple daily works, but P series is used for high computation.

Dell E Series provides a reliable foundation for your organization’s everyday tasks, from running productivity software to managing accounts. It also features manageability options that enable you to protect your data and maintain control over your IT environment as your business grows.

P series laptops are more expensive, but they have better specs to handle heavy computing tasks such as video editing, software development, and running virtual machines. Dell P Series is a line of high-end workstation computers designed by Alienware. It was released in 2012, based on Intel’s Sandy Bridge-EP architecture.

Comparison Table Between Dell E Series and P Series

Parameters Of ComparisonDell E seriesDell P series
UsageSimple workHard computing
Display portNoOnboard
Height AdjustmentNoYes

What is Dell E Series?

Dell E series is one of the best laptops in the market at a very affordable price. It has been designed mainly for students and couples who do not prefer to spend more on a laptop. However, it still offers a lot of great features that make it worth its price.

Dell E Series are the best laptops which you can buy. Dell’s E-Series is an affordable line of home theatre projectors that are perfect for any viewer who wants to enjoy a great picture at home. This series includes projectors with short throw lenses, which allow you to place the projector close to the screen and still get a large picture.

It also has models in a wide aspect ratio format (16:9), making it easier than ever to find the right size for your setup. The 24-inch, 1080p screen provides crystal clear image quality at an incredible price point. This monitor also includes all kinds of features that make it easy to set.

The Dell E Series is designed with the needs of small businesses in mind, and it shows in both its design and functionality. You can connect up to six devices to this monitor at once, so everyone in your office will have their screen to work from.

What is Dell P Series?

These machines can be found at pretty much any electronics retailer and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Dell’s P Series was designed for business customers who demand reliability, performance, and manageability. The Dell Precision P Series is so versatile that it can be used in every part of the digital transformation journey, including prototyping new ideas, accelerating innovation, and building better solutions.

Their P Series TV combines smart technology with an excellent picture to make your living room experience more enjoyable. Dell’s P Series is a line of business-oriented monitors designed for productivity and ergonomics. The series was launched in 2017 and has since been awarded the CES 2018 Innovation Award.

The Dell P Series was created to meet the needs of modern office workers who sit at their desks for long periods every day. This includes people like graphic designers, financial analysts, engineers, and architects—professionals who spend hours each day staring at computer screens as they work on projects or create presentations.

The new series is a revolutionary platform that combines higher levels of performance with a lower cost of ownership and greater efficiency in data centres. Fully customizable with up to 6th Gen Intel® Core™ processors for high-performance computing, professional graphics options4 and breakthrough battery life.

Main Differences Between Dell E Series and P Series

  1. E series is smaller as compared to the P series.
  2. E series has a traditional look, but the P series has an aesthetic look.
  3. E series is cheaper than the P series.
  4. P series is for hard computing, and the E series is for simple work.
  5. Dell E series od does not have Display Port onboard, but P series has Display Port number.
  6. Dell E series does not have height adjustment, but the P series has height adjustment.


E series is one of their latest offerings in the world of consumer technology. It’s an all-in-one desktop computer that has detachable touchscreens, so it can be used as both a laptop and tablet. The E series is for people who are looking for something more than just an appliance computer. It’s meant to be incredibly versatile, portable, and easy to use.

Dell E Series is a high-performance, value-priced desktop PC designed for the needs of smaller businesses and organizations. This line of PCs offers an attractive combination of price, performance, and security for those looking to upgrade their business technology now or in the future.

Dell P Series comes with the latest Xeon processors, up to 1 TB memory, and up to 16 storage devices. The modular design makes it easy to configure your server for any workload – from high-performance computing (HPC), big data analytics, databases, or cloud environments. Dell™ P Series monitors are built for the ultimate productivity.

Featuring an innovative design, high-performance display, and outstanding reliability, they offer you a more comfortable and customizable viewing experience for work or play. Dell P Series is a very powerful and very strong line of servers. These servers are designed to meet the high demands of the virtualization, web hosting, cloud computing, and storage industries. 


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