Dell Inspiron 15 vs Dell Inspiron 15R: Difference and Comparison

Most of our employment and educational demands are now met solely by electronic gadgets. Laptops are popular because they have a larger screen and are portable.

Dell is a well-known laptop manufacturer. Dell’s Inspiron series of laptops is an entry-level, low-cost category. The “15” in the model’s name denotes a 15-inch screen (15.6 inches to be exact). 

Key Takeaways

  1. Dell Inspiron 15 is an entry-level laptop series offering affordable performance for everyday use.
  2. Dell Inspiron 15R is a higher-end series with better specifications and features, targeting more demanding users.
  3. Dell Inspiron 15R offers more powerful hardware and additional features, making it more suitable for advanced users than the Inspiron 15.

Dell Inspiron 15 vs Dell Inspiron 15R  

Dell Inspiron 15 is a thin, light 15.6-inch laptop made for reliable on-the-go performance. It is easy to carry around for business trips. It is an older version that has the Dual Core T4500 processor operating at 2.3 GHz. Inspiron 15R is a newer version and has a Core i3 380M operating at 2.53 GHz.

Dell Inspiron 15 vs Dell Inspiron 15R

Dell Inspiron 15 has a Dual-Core T4500 processor. It has a 15.60-inch display. Inspiron 15 has a slightly higher body weight than Inspiron 15R and does not have an HDMI port.


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It includes RAM of 8GB while also featuring a 1TB hard drive. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Microphone in ports are available as connectivity choices. 

The Dell Inspiron 15R laptop runs Windows 10 and has a 15.60-inch 1366×768-pixel screen. It has a Core i5 processor CPU and 6GB of RAM. The SSD capacity of the Dell Inspiron 15R is 512GB.

Intel HD Graphics 4400 is in charge of the graphics. The camera on the Inspiron 15r is 1.3 megapixels. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Dell Inspiron 15 Dell Inspiron 15R 
Processor Dual Core T4500 processor Core i3 processor 
Camera 0.3-megapixel camera 1.3-megapixel camera 
HDMI Port  HDMI port is not included. HDMI port is included
Weight It weighs more.It weighs less comparatively.
Cost More expensive Less expensive 

What is Dell Inspiron 15? 

Dell’s Inspiron series is a line of laptops produced by the American company Dell. The first Inspiron laptop model was introduced prior to 1999.

In contrast to the Dell Latitude brand, which is primarily geared at industry sectors, Inspiron is a consumer-oriented range that is frequently sold to individual users as laptops for daily use. 

The Dell Inspiron 15 laptop runs Windows 10 and has a 15.60-inch 1920×1080 pixel display. It is equipped with 8GB RAM and a Core i5 CPU. The Dell Inspiron 15 comes with a 1TB hard drive.

The visuals are supported by AMD Radeon 530 Graphics. Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, USB, Bluetooth, and Microphone in ports are among the connectivity choices. 

They are 15 years old “laptops with the Dell Inspiron 3000 trademark and Intel CPUs.

It boasts an Intel Celeron CPU N3060, a 500GB hard drive, 4 GB of memory, inbuilt Intel HD visuals, and a DVD+/-RW drive, as well as additional elements such as Wireless-AC/Bluetooth, a 4-cell power, a media card reader, and USB 3.0 ports, and a 15.6-inch screen “LED-backlit Full HD display. 

The laptop is completely customizable, with up to an Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM. It also has a 3.5mm combo headset connector, an HDMI 1.4 port, an Sd card slot, a noble wedge lock mechanism, and an ethernet port as default. 

dell inspiron 15

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What is Dell Inspiron 15R? 

The Dell Inspiron 15R is a Windows 10 laptop featuring a 15-inch screen with a 1366×768 specification. It has a Core i5 processor and 6GB of RAM.

The SSD storage of the Dell Inspiron 15R is 512GB. Intel HD Graphics 4400 is in charge of the graphics. Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth are two connectivity options. 

The Inspiron 15R’s excellent Intel Core CPU performance is commendable. With a small (approximately 1″) and ultra-light laptop that allows you to work wherever you choose, you can carry it with you wherever. 

An individual can Stream commercial clips on the Inspiron 15R, which has a tray-load external drive and Waves MaxxAudio® 4.0, and link to an HDMI-capable TV or display for further presenting choices.

It can also assist you in developing your artistic side or enjoying your favorite media. 

With the Inspiron 15R, you have a lot of options, including a 10-key numbers pad, a large hard drive, a media card reader, and much more.

Because of the long battery life, it is possible to prevent disruptions. It also preserves your power and gets even more accomplished with extended battery life, allowing you to work when or where you choose.  

To keep you safe and updated, the Inspiron 15R comes packed with anti-virus and videoconferencing software.

Accidental Damage Service restores and replaces damage caused by spillage, falls, and shocks that are not covered by the Limited Hardware Warranty. 

dell inspiron 15r

Main Differences Between Dell Inspiron 15 and Dell Inspiron 15R  

  1. Inspiron 15 has the Dual Core T4500 processor; meanwhile, Inspiron 15R comes with a Core i3 processor. 
  2. Inspiron 15 has a 0.3-megapixel camera while Inspiron 15R has a 1.3-megapixel camera 
  3. Inspiron 15does not have an HDMI port, whereas Inspiron 15R has an HDMI port. 
  4. Inspiron 15 has a slightly higher body weight; meanwhile, Inspiron 15R possesses a slightly lighter body weight. 
  5. Inspiron 15 is more expensive, whereas Inspiron 15R is less expensive. 


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