Difference Between Dell Inspiron and Vostro (With Table)

Dell is a tech giant company, dealing with computers and related products for four decades. It is providing laptops for all kinds of users. Dell Inspiron and Dell Vostro are two series of laptops provided by Dell. At first glance, both seem to be similar, but both of them are entirely different.

Dell Inspiron vs Vostro

The difference between Dell Inspiron and Dell Vostro is the market area they are targeting. Dell Inspiron targets home users like students. In contrast, Dell Vostro is suitable for business use as they have a completely different need.

Dell Inspiron, launched in 1997, is about to complete its 25 years. It has many other models under this, available according to the user’s demand. It was developed mainly for home users, students, etc. It has a lot of pre-installed software that is useful for students and home users. This pre-installed software made it a little costlier as compared to its other competitors.

Dell Vostro, a modern laptop, was launched in 2013. Its targeted users were small businesses and offices. It was affordable as it lacked much pre-installed software and shorter technical support. These lacks were advantages for Dell as it was already a demand of the business users to not use technical support.

Comparison Table Between Dell Inspiron and Vostro

Parameters of ComparisonDell InspironDell Vostro
Release DateIt was released in 1997.It was released in 2013.
Price RangeIt is costlier because of bloatware and extended technical support.It is cheaper, as it lacks technical support and pre-installed software.
Target BuyersIt is preferred by home users.It targets mainly small business markets.
AestheticsIt is available in many colour options.It lacks the colour variant.
StorageIt is primarily available in 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB variants.It has more space, mainly available in the 1 TB variant.

What is Dell Inspiron?

Dell is a computer industry leader, launched Dell Inspiron in the late ’90s targeting a regular audience like home users and students. It was made affordable and reliable for targeted buyers compared to other options in the market at that time. Since then, it has launched several series in the Dell Inspiron, like 3000, 5000, and 7000.

It is loaded with a lot of pre-installed software aiming at consumers like home users. It also has extended technical support, which is very useful for its buyers as they are the most non-technical audience. It also has many colour variants to attract its targeted consumers. These colour variants give it a more aesthetic look.

It has many models that enable consumers to have the freedom of choice. Overall it is tough, but it has a plastic body. It offers different types of storage options like SSD and HDD, making it faster and cheaper, respectively. It also has many variants for storage like 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB. Buyers can pick according to their preference.

Some of its supposed advantages proved to be a shortcoming for the users. These include different colour variants, pre-installed software and technical support, as these features were not helpful for them but resulted in a price increase.

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What is Vostro?

Dell Vostro was launched in 2013. It was made for consumers related to small business markets. A rough and tough model mainly targeted for daily use in an office. Dell Inspiron released its two series, only 3000 and 5000, in which it has many models for the customers to pick up.

It is more affordable as it uses many price-cutting methods. It has a fewer colour variant which doesn’t affect the office user’s aesthetics. It provides shorter technical support, which can be extended but is not required by small business markets as they already have their technical team to take care of their needs.

Its configuration varies according to the various models available. But overall, it has a robust body and ample space to save important files. It is chiefly available in 512 GB and 1 TB storage options. It is also liked by users for its low heating as compared to other laptops.

It is preferred for its functionality, robust body but has some cons like lack of good speakers and HD display. These drawbacks are justified by its office use purpose, making it a strong competitor for other brands. Hence, it is also liked by general users. Overall it is a durable laptop in a reasonable price range.

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Main Differences Between Dell Inspiron and Vostro

  1. The main difference between Dell Inspiron and Dell Vostro is the targeted audience for both the laptops. The former is mainly for daily home use, while the latter is for small business markets.
  2. The aesthetics of both laptops distinguish them from each other. Dell Inspiron gives different colour variants, but Dell Vostro lacks that and has a rough and solid body.
  3. Dell Inspiron gives extended technical support to their subscribers; on the other hand, Dell Vostro comes with a shorter technical support period.
  4. Dell Inspiron is loaded with pre-installed software for a better user experience, but Dell Vostro does not have this software.
  5. Dell Inspiron is comparatively costlier, whereas Dell Vostro is affordable.


In this running world, laptops are becoming a basic need now. Everyone needs one in their home, office, workplace, etc. Every laptop or desktop computer has its pros and cons. So, everyone should thoroughly research their needs and then decide which is better for them.

Dell Inspiron is good looking, lightweight, daily home-use laptop. It has many options for colours, storage size, ram size, processor type, etc. If a user needs better technical support and loaded software, it is unquestionably made for them.

Dell Vostro is a durable and affordable laptop for business use. It has a rough and tough body and many variants for its users. If a user likes a simple but tough body and does not want extended technical support and bloatware in their laptops, Dell Vostro is a perfect choice for them.

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