Difference Between Dell Latitude and Vostro (With Table)

Dell is a multinational company founded by Michael Dell in 1984. It is a leading American technology company that has been listed as the top-selling computer brand. The company sells various products such as PCs, servers, storage devices, software, etc. The brand mainly focuses on the corporate sector with products ranging from Latitude, Vostro, n Series, etc.

Dell Latitude vs Vostro

The difference between Latitude and Vostro is that the processor and storage of the two laptop models vary in their performance. Though both models focus on the corporate sector, the focus of Dell Vostro is on consumer products. In contrast, the Latitude is not readily available for the general consumption of the public. It is ideally for consumption at wholesale in the companies.

Dell Latitude is a corporate sector target laptop. It has several series of laptops meant for the business groups, IT sector, healthcare, education, etc. It competes with several other brands like HP, Lenovo, etc., to meet the needs of the people. The various model series of the laptop target different lines of economy and society such as education, workstations, business and premium laptops.

Vostro targets small business groups. This product was temporarily discontinued from 2013-2015 but continued its production for countries like India and Malaysia. However, Vostro comes not such upgraded features as the Latitude, but it stills takes upon the Latitude targetting the small business market. Vostro has an equally good processor as the Latitude. It comes with the features of WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI port, etc.

Comparison Table Between Dell Latitude and Vostro

Parameters of ComparisonDell Latitude Vostro
Processorintel core i7 intel core i5
Storage 500GB with 16GB ram250GB with 8GB ram
ResolutionQuad HD (2560 ×1440)Full HD (1920 × 1080)
Weight & Sizecompact size and weighs 1.40kg comparatively bigger in size and weighs 1.78kg
Slots 1 uSD 4.0 card slot, 1 uSim slot, 1 Wedge-shaped lock slot, 1 Contacted smart card reader.1 3-in-1 SD Media Card, 1 wedge-shaped Lock Slot
AI FeaturesExpressResponse, ExpressSign-in, ExpressCharge, Speakerphone and Intelligent AudioExpressCharge

What is Dell Latitude?

Dell Latitude is a corporate targeted laptop. It is believed to represent the best product lines in the industry, providing additional security, manageability, and intelligent sustainability. The features of Latitude correspond to the upgraded demands of the people.

A speakerphone with intelligent audio cuts the unnecessary need for a portable speaker and conference phone. It provides high-quality sound, and Waves MaxxAudio provides the best experience. There are an IR camera and proximity sensor.

Although small, it provides powerful performance. It has carbon blade fans and 2 pipes that help adapt to the thermal situation. It has the latest processor- the latest 10th Gen Intel Core i7. The latest processor comes with better connectivity speeds.

The Dell technology itself provides several in-built features of security, manageability, hardware support, etc.  Its feature of ProDeploy allows the IT department to shift from traditional to high-end user services. It is made of aluminium alloy and has a gorilla glass DX with 15x better resistance from scratch. It is eco-friendly as it used waterborne paint, which is more sustainable for the environment.

The lightweight and compact size make it portable and easy to handle anywhere. Latitude also provides a long-life battery with 34 hours of battery life. The AI features of Latitude are top-notch as it constantly adapts and creates a better experience for people.

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What is Vostro?

Dell Vostro is ideal for small business budget-friendly laptops as it tries to match up the organization’s cost constraints. The features here match the needs of the workstation in the cost-friendly scenario. The operating system of Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro Single Language allows the PC experience to be trouble-free.

The security system of Trusted Platform Module 2.0 protects the data and prevents tampering of data, passwords, etc. There is also an optional fingerprint reader for a better security system. There are several card slots and ports to make data accessible easily and fast, keeping us connected.

The lightweight of the Vostro makes travelling easy. All documents can be accessed easily with storage in SSD, HDD, and dual drives. It comprises a feature of ExpressCharge charges up the battery level from 0% to 80% within an hour.

The processor is equally powerful for Vostro with intel core i5. The in-built feature of Dell mobile Connect allows easy connection between the laptop and iOS or Android phone. The keyboard backlight allows working irrespective of the lighting conditions. The Vostro also provides a 10-key numeric keyboard with a calculator key just a touch away.

The Vostro has a 3-cell, 42 WHr, and integrated battery with ExpressCharge. The Vostro provides 2bg GDDr5 graphics memory with NVIDIA GeForce MX330. It comes in the colour of accent black. It has a non-touch LCD screen.

The screen is full HD with a smaller border at the 2- sides. The screen is also bigger than Latitude. The Dell Vostro is supplemented with various essential accessories- wireless mouse, briefcase, power bank, headset, etc.

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Main Differences Between Dell Latitude and Vostro

  1. Processor- The performance provided by Dell Latitude is significantly better than Vostro as the processor of Vostro has intel core i5 whereas Latitude has intel core i7.
  2. Storage- The Dell Latitude provides more SSD storage with 500GB with 16GB ram and Vostro with 250 GB with 8GB ram. More storage capacity provides better and easy access to data.
  3. Resolution- Latitude provides better resolution with Quad HD of 2560 ×1440 pixels with anti-glare and Vostro with Full HD of 1920 × 1080 pixels. Better screen resolution provides experiences and clarity.
  4. Weight & Size- The dimension and weight of Vostro are slightly higher than Latitude. This makes Latitude more buyer-friendly as it is portable and makes travelling easier due to its compact size and weight.
  5. Slots- The latitude has more and better slots and ports than the Vostro. The uSim (wwan only) slot in Latitude makes it handier than Vostro.
  6. AI Features- The AI features in the Latitude are advanced with ExpressCharge, ExpressResponse, ExpressSign-in, and Intelligent audio and speakerphone. In contrast, the AI features of Vostro pertain only to ExpressCharge.


The latitude and Vostro notebooks are built to meet the needs of today. The smooth working environment is meeting their powerful performance. The new models of the laptops are thinner, lighter making them more mobile. Latitude offers flexibility along with a touchscreen which allows easy and fast access to applications and data.  The latitude offers more durability than Vostro as it is made up of exclusive materials. Environment enthusiasts prefer Latitude due to its commitment to sustainability.

The Vostro captures the market of budget-friendly users to whom Latitude may seem complex in the price market. The preference for certain features exclusive to Latitude or Vostro makes them different from one another as both provide high-quality performance. Both models keep upgrading themselves and competing in this quick-moving world for better productivity.


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