Difference Between Dell Monitor and Lenovo Monitor

While buying computers and laptops, users always look for the different facilities provided by a company along with the budget friendly tag. The Dell monitors and Lenovo monitors are one of the best in the business when it comes to buying budget-friendly monitors. They also provide good artwork in their monitors and the user-interface is also quite reputed.


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Dell Monitor vs Lenovo Monitor

The difference between Dell and Lenovo monitors is that Dell monitors are faster than many others. They focus more what is inside the computer, that is, the in-built quality, RAM, etc, rather than focusing on the looks more. The Lenovo monitors are comparatively cheaper than the Dell monitors, but they lack in the in-built quality sometimes.

Dell Monitor vs Lenovo Monitor

The Dell monitors are undoubtedly one of the best ones as the company provides a wide range of services apart from the user-interface. The monitors are mostly budget-friendly. But, if one wants to go for the monitors with higher specifications, then the price might increase but the price is worth it. If one wants to go for the gaming laptops, the company provides that too with fair-enough specifications.

On the other hand, the Lenovo monitors are well- known for their quality of graphics. The company, being one of the oldest manufacturers in the business, provides a reputable customer support. They also provide an elongated warranty service for their pro.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDell MonitorLenovo Monitor
Price Range These monitors are comparatively costlier because of their in-built quality and UI. These monitors are cheaper as compared to the former.
SpecificationsThey provide a wider range of specifications with good quality like a great UI, RAM, sound quality, etc. They provide great innovations with commendable artwork and the best graphics cards.
Durability Because of its in-built quality and UI, these monitors last longer as compared to the latter. Depending on the user, these monitors last for about 6-10 years on average.They last for an average of 4-6 years depending on the user.
PPI The highest PPI given by a Dell monitor is 338PPI. The highest PPI given by a Lenovo monitor is 282PPI.
Resolution The highest resolution offered in a Dell Monitor is 3840 x 2400The highest resolution offered in a Lenovo Monitor is 3840 x 2160

What is a Dell Monitor?

The history of the company goes back to 1984 when its founder Michael Dell founded the company. It all started when he was a student at the University of Texas. He planned to design the best possible computer with stock components.

The company sold its first computer in 1984, for $795, and since then, the company has given some of the best monitors with the technology evolving from time to time. The Dell monitors are always one of the first choices when an individual wants to buy one. These computers are easily affordable as they are budget-friendly.

Whether it is used for office work, gaming, or mixed-use, these monitors are good to use. The durability and good performance of these monitors show why the company ranked 34th in the Fortune 500 Companies in 2014. Also, the monitors are designed such that their spare parts are easily available in the market.

The monitors last for a long time and even if someone has issues, the company provides good customer support. Dell is reportedly known for its user interface, RAM, graphics, durability, and of course, for its well-known quad-core processors. The company is also popular for its smaller screens of size 11 inches and 17 inches.

What is Lenovo Monitor?

Lenovo was founded in 2004, but the company was previously known as Legend Holdings. Legend Holding was founded in 1984 and was the largest PC Company in China. Since then, the company has provided the world of technology with monitors that are highly innovative in context to graphics.

The Lenovo monitors have always been well-known for prime customary support. Not only does the company launch new products in lesser time, but the quality of their products is good enough to be used for 4-5 years. Though the company doesn’t launch many colors of their products their artwork is quite reputed.

The Lenovo monitors have a prominent processor. The bigger ones have very decent Intel 8th Geni7 processors and the lower options are the i3 and i5 processors. They offer one of the graphics cards, that is, the NVIDIA GeForce and the AMD Ryzen graphics cards.

Being one of the oldest PC Companies in the world, the Lenovo Monitors are built with extreme innovation and quality. There are services centers in almost all towns and cities in case, the customers need some spare parts. The wide range of services provided by Lenovo makes the company the world’s largest PC vendor in terms of unit sales.

Main Differences Between Dell Monitor and Lenovo Monitor

  1. Dell Monitors were launched in 1984 while Lenovo Monitors were launched in 1985.
  2. The Dell Monitors have variations in their screens from as small as 11 inches and 17 inches while the Lenovo Monitors do not launch screens with smaller sizes.
  3. The graphics card of Lenovo monitors is better as compared to the Dell Monitors as they use NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Ryzen graphics cards.
  4. The Dell Monitors are comparatively lighter than the Lenovo Monitors and provide a better hardness rating too.
  5. The Dell Monitors generally consume more power than the Lenovo laptops.


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