Difference Between Dell Mouse and Lenovo Mouse

Both the terms dell mouse and lenovo mouse are used for moving the pointer on the screen of a computer or a laptop. When we move the pointer towards an icon or any folder visible on the screen and open it by double clicking it, the document opens and the program is executed. Let us discuss the difference between dell mouse and lenovo mouse in detail.

Dell Mouse vs Lenovo Mouse

The main difference between dell mouse and lenovo mouse is that the former has a 1000 dots per linear inch whereas the latter is available with 1600 dots per linear inch. Dell mouse is very work friendly and has a comfortable design whereas a lenovo mouse is simple mouse with great sensor quality.

Dell Mouse and Lenovo Mouse

Dell mouse makes your work easy with the reliable wireless connection it has. It can also be connected to six compatible devices with a single receiver which allows you to wirelessly connect it with the keyboards and mice at home, in the office or on the move.

Lenovo mouse on the other hand, is small in height and very comfortable to use as it fits the natural curve of your hand. It has an optical sensor with a resolution of 100 to 2400 dpi. It is a suitable mouse for gaming as well as any work or home environment.

Comparison Table Between Dell Mouse and Lenovo Mouse

Parameters of Comparison  Dell Mouse Lenovo Mouse 
 DesignIt is designed for comfortable use for a long time which provides daily performance  Small in height and very comfortable to use as it fits the natural curve of your hand
 Examples Dell mouse MS116, Dell WM118 wireless, Dell WM126 wireless etc. Lenovo 300 wired optical, Lenovo 600 Bluetooth silent, Lenovo 530 wireless etc.
Button Life With two buttons and a scroll wheel to fit the size and shape of the mouse to your hand shapes Left or right click – Up to 8M clicks you can scroll wheel click – Up to 100,000 clicks 
Resolution  It comes with 1000 dpi resolution It has a resolution of 1600 dpi optical sensors which ensures smooth gliding
 Weight A dell mouse weighs around 413 grams These can weigh from 50 to 416 grams

What is a Dell Mouse ?

The Dell Mouse has optical LED tracking and wired connectivity and provides daily performance. Improves your productivity in the workplace or at home, the mouse helps you stay at work with accurate 1,000 dpi optical tracking. It is designed for comfortable use for a long time, it will become your desktop companion.

Dell Mouse makes it easy to navigate through on-screen projects, with two buttons and a scroll wheel to fit the size and shape of the mouse to your hand shapes. It is compatible with almost any system that has a USB port, making it an ideal choice for home or office use. The dell mouse is a very versatile partner as it can fit in any work or home environment very easily. This is a very good performer which improves the productivity of the work place completely.

Available in different color like blue, black, red, grey etc. this mouse is comfortable for long time use. It also helps to reduce cable clutter as it is a wireless mouse and provides the functionality you need in a mouse with none of the wires.

What is a Lenovo Mouse ?

The Lenovo mouse is much larger than the basic mouse. It has an easy plug-and-play connection to a PC with a USB card. The ergonomic full-size design provides a comfortable grip for comfort throughout the day. The high-resolution, 1600 dpi optical sensor ensures you can glide smoothly from window to window. Has an ambiguous design and the availability of three mouse buttons; Left-click, right-click, scroll.

It’s a simple mouse, so there are no connectivity issues, no extra buttons to accidentally press, small but large enough to be comfortable. This mouse is good for general office work like spreadsheets, word processing etc. Buttons are not detached from the body, so the click movement is a bit stiff. This mouse is small in height and very comfortable to use as it fits the natural curve of your hand. The flattery design supports keeping your wrists in a more natural position. It is a very light weight mouse which has a great sensor and has a very wide CPI range.

Main Differences Between Dell Mouse and Lenovo Mouse

  1. The dell mouse comes with a resolution of 1000 dpi whereas lenovo mouse has a resolution of about 1600 dpi.
  2. The former is designed for comfort for longer use and the latter has a simple design which fits completely with curves of your hand.
  3. A dell mouse weighs around 400 grams whereas the weight of a lenovo mouse varies from 50 to 416 grams.
  4. The example of dell mouses are dell MS116, dell WM118 etc. Some examples of lenovo mouses are lenovo 530 and lenovo 600.
  5. Dell mouse is compatible with any system and lenovo mouse is suitable for general office work like spreadsheet etc.


A mouse is defined as a hardware input device that helps in controlling the cursor and pointing it or moving it in a specific direction according to your requirement. Moreover, it can also be used for dragging and dropping objects. Both dell and Lenovo mice serve these purposes for their users, they are built in a way that they provide great comfort to the curves of the hand of the user and suit the work or home environment while working. These mice are flexible in their work and are available in both wired and wireless forms.


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