Dell Precision vs Inspiron: Difference and Comparison

Dell Precision and Inspiron are both different types of dell laptops. Both laptops are very famous and have many specifications in them.

Dell Precision and Inspiron both are developed by Dell company. Both are available on laptops and desktop computers.

Both laptops have different types of specifications, and both were released in the year 1997.

Key Takeaways

  1. Dell Precision is a workstation-class laptop designed for professional use, while Inspiron is a consumer-grade laptop for personal use.
  2. Dell Precision offers higher performance and better graphics capabilities than Inspiron.
  3. Dell Precision is more expensive than Inspiron.

Dell Precision vs Inspiron

The difference between Dell Precision and Inspiron is that both laptops have different types of specifications. The graphics used in Dell Precision is NVidia Quadra, AMD Fire Pro, and AMD Radeon, and in Inspiron, the same type of graphics are used. Both types of laptops have upgraded their version up to date.


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Dell Precision vs Inspiron

 The Dell Precision is a type of laptop which the dell company developed. This type of laptop is a workstation laptop as it will be very useful for the users to work easily.

These laptops’ main marketing target is business people because it is user-friendly. Dell announced different types of model numbers in this Dell Precision series.

The Inspiron laptop was introduced before 1999 which was available to the public through the online and electronic store and dell website. There are different types of models in this series of laptops.

The early model went through a lot of changes. Step by step, the models of the laptops were developed, and all of the models have special specifications.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDell PrecisionInspiron
UsesIt is mostly used for business purposes.It is mostly used for home purposes.
CostDell Precision is so expensive which starts from 50,000 rupees.Inspiron is lesser in cost which, starts from 28,000 rupees.
GraphicsIt has higher graphics and resolution.It has lower graphics and resolution.
ProcessorDell Precision has Intel Xeon processorInspiron has Dual-core t4200 2.00 GHz processor.
Screen sizeThe screen size is about 17.3 inches.The screen size is about 15.60 inches.

What is Dell Precision?

Dell Precision is a model in dell laptops developed and created by dell company. The Dell precision is a costly model in dell creation.

Buying a Dell Precision on the dell website gives you seven days of replacement time. This model has different types of series with different specifications.

Dell Precision has a bigger screen which is about 17.3 inches. It is available in the windows 10 pro operating system.

The human interface input in Dell Precision has a touchpad in it. The CPU for this model is manufactured by Intel. It has a hard disk space of about 500 GB, which can occupy more space.

The Dell Precision has one processor count, and the first CPU model in Dell Precision is 8032. This Model laptop weighs about 7.3 pounds which can be carried easily from one place to another.

Dell Precision has different types of series, which were created one after another.

The Dell Precision M4800 and M6800 have the intel 4th generation processor and a vivid OLED display. This model is solid for workstations and is very using full for business purposes.

The Dell Precision model can be upgraded to two ram slots. This Dell Precision was first introduced in the year 1997.

dell precision

What is Inspiron?

 The Inspiron is a model created by Dell company, and it was invented in the same year as Dell Precision was invented. The Inspiron model is available for laptops and personal computers and is affordable for users to buy.

The marketing strategy mainly focused on consumers and for home use.

The screen size in Inspiron is about 15.60 inches, and the laptop’s height is about 23.75mm. The width of this model is about 260.40mm.

The Inspiron weighs about 2.32kg which is lightly weighted, and it can be carried from one place to another easily. The weight differs based on configuration and manufacturing.

The Inspiron 15-inch HD non-touchscreen has a resolution of about 1366 and a pixel of about 0.252mm. The Inspiron model’s battery life lasts for a day, and they are very comfortable for home use.

It has a refresh rate of about 60HZ. Dell Vostro and Dell XPS are two of the related articles of Inspiron.

The lineup Inspiron consists of laptops, desktops, and all-in-one. The Inspiron Mini-Series was launched in 2008 and later stopped in 2010.

Inspirons are budget-friendly laptops as everyone can afford them. Inspiron was founded in the year 1984 in the month of February.

dell inspiron

Main Differences Between Dell Precision and Inspiron

  1. Dell Precision has higher graphics and resolution, but compared to it, Inspiron has lower graphics and resolution.
  2. Most business people prefer to buy Dell Precision, and Inspiron is mostly bought for home purposes.
  3. The screen size of dell Precision is about 17.3 inches, and the Inspiron has a 15.60-inch screen size.
  4. Dell Precision is so costly, which starts from 50,000 rupees, and Inspiron is affordable for everyone, which starts from 28,000 rupees.
  5. The Dell Precision has an Intel Xeon processor in it, and Inspiron has a Dual-core t4200 2.00 GHz processor.
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