Dell Precision vs Lenovo ThinkPad: Difference and Comparison

At some point in our lives, every one of us needs a workstation laptop to get us through our daily business life. However with so many laptops to choose one can get lost in this huge world, hence why in this article we will discuss the difference between two laptops that are worth noticing.

Key Takeaways

  1. Dell Precision laptops are designed for professionals requiring high-performance hardware, such as engineers and graphic designers.
  2. Lenovo ThinkPad laptops focus on durability, reliability, and business-oriented features, catering to various professional needs.
  3. Both laptops offer multiple configurations, allowing users to customize their devices based on their specific requirements.
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Dell Precision vs Lenovo ThinkPad

However, these laptops both being workstations, slight changes in performance are not that big of a deal.

Although both of these laptops are fantastic, the main distinction is that the Dell Precision outperforms the Lenovo Thinkpad in terms of performance, while Lenovo excels in terms of build quality and design. In the end, everything boils down to taste and what you’re pursuing.

Lenovo Thinkpad has a chassis made of both carbon fibre and magnesium, providing a high-quality build without sacrificing a lighter weight. Comparing that to Dell’s plastic chassis I would say, Lenovo more than makes up for its lack in performance.


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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDell PrecisionLenovo Thinkpad
Display Size15.6 inch14.00 inch
Amazon Price (new)$2,492.77$811.00

What is Dell Precision?

A great mobile workstation is the Dell Precision. It is available with Intel 12th Gen CPUs and discrete NVIDIA GPUs, both of which are capable of handling taxing tasks like 3D modelling and video editing.

Fast transfer rates and support for multiple displays are provided. It is simple to upgrade later because the memory and storage are user-replaceable. Sadly, the keyboard grows warm when used, despite feeling pleasant to type on a long day.

The Dell Precision isn’t made for gaming, but buying a configuration with an NVIDIA discrete GPU can play games fairly effectively.

These professional GPUs, in contrast to the more popular NVIDIA GeForce GPUs, don’t always have the greatest game drivers, therefore performance can vary greatly between games.

Dell Precision also can be used for school, business, for media, but when it comes to playing games, it is not that sustainable. But for other things, you can use it easily.

About the battery, it affords a 56Wh battery which will only last for about 5 hours of movie playback, but there is an 86Wh battery alternative that will last longer.

Overall I would say this laptop is hard to beat at its price range when you’re looking at performance.

dell precision

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What is Lenovo ThinkPad?

Personally, one of my favourite builds that a laptop can have, Lenovo Thinkpad, is just flawless. It is lighter than many premium laptops, but it still keeps its top-quality feel, and that says a lot.

Perhaps Lenovo didn’t focus too much on the performance side however, with Lenovo, there are also many upgrade options to choose from.

Yes, it has an integrated GPU, but if you’d prefer something better, you could replace the CPU, which would then have a better-integrated GPU.

Lenovo ThinkPad places a stronger emphasis on the latter. It gives up narrow bezels and portability in favour of a practical design and a large feature set.

Several ports, a great keyboard, and a chassis have passed military-grade durability testing. But a ThinkPad is expected to do all of that.

Lenovo ThinkPad is thinner in view, and It can be more comfortable to carry on wherever you go.

With its price Lenovo Thinkpad is one of the most affordable laptops that you can ever buy, it is affordable for anyone, and you can use it for business, media school, and so on.

Its legendary battery life and charging capabilities are only one of the features that make this laptop one of the greatest ones available right now.

lenovo thinkpad

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Main Differences Between Dell Precision 3571 and Lenovo ThinkPad X1

  1. While you are looking for more performance, you will have to check out a Dells workstation laptop. However, with more performance comes more responsibility, and that means you will have to take better care of your Dell laptop. On the other hand, with Lenovo, you’re pretty much all set up when it comes to toughness, but you sacrifice power.
  2. Battery performance is good on both sides, but Dell Precision is way better with battery, it can afford more hours on the table than Lenovo ThinkPad, which you can carry wherever you go and do not care about the charging.
  3. The biggest difference is that Dell Precision is way more expensive than Lenovo ThinkPad, whereas Lenovo is more affordable for anyone and has everything you want.
  4. Finally, one of the biggest noticeable differences you will see immediately is the size. Dell has a 15.6” display, while Lenovo is a bit smaller, coming in at 14”.

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