Dell ProSupport vs Dell ProSupport Plus: Difference and Comparison

Dell is one of the largest computer manufacturers in the market. With a market capitalization of $72.60 Billion, it is a giant in the tech world.

Dell provides computer and software solutions to countries around the world and is known for its widespread presence. Consequently, it also has one of the largest technical support groups among tech companies.

Key Takeaways

  1. Dell ProSupport offers 24/7 technical support, fast response times, and onsite repair services.
  2. Dell ProSupport Plus includes all ProSupport features and adds proactive monitoring, dedicated technical account managers, and preventative maintenance.
  3. Businesses can choose between these support options based on their specific needs and budget.

Dell ProSupport vs Dell Prosupport Plus

Dell ProSupport is a basic support service and warranty package that is provided by Dell when a customer purchases a Dell product, including 24/7 support and hardware checks. Dell ProSupport Plus is an advanced support package from Dell with features like priority access, accidental damage repair and monitoring.

Dell ProSupport vs Dell Prosupport Plus

Dell ProSupport is the basic services and warranty package offered by Dell. It is the standard package of warranty and is offered with the purchase of a Dell product.

Services such as 24/7 technical support, hardware checks, and on-site technicians are included in this package. The delivery of services is quick, and support is dispatched within a single business day.

Dell ProSupport Plus is an upgrade over the standard ProSupport package. It is a more expensive package, and thus, the services provided are also better.

It includes the same set of services as the regular package, but other features, such as Accidental Damage, are also added to this warranty pack.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDell ProSupportDell ProSupport Plus
DefinitionDell ProSupport is the standard warranty pack provided by Dell. It is offered with the purchase of Dell products.Dell ProSupport Plus is an upgrade over the regular package. It provides more services over the regular package, along with better service quality.
Accidental DamageAccidental damage protection is not included in this packageAccidental damage protection is included in this package
Service ChargeDell Prosupport is charged at the standard warranty rateDell ProSupport Plus is slightly more expensive than ProSupport
Hardware ServicesFailed hardware is not returned to the customer and is collected during maintenance by the technicianCustomers have the option of collecting failed hardware after the maintenance or returning it to the company
BenefitsThis package is more suited to individual customers as it provides general service options to products purchased from DellThis package is more suited to companies and organizations that rely on large servers which require constant maintenance and service

What is Dell ProSupport?

ProSupport is the standard warranty package offered by Dell. It is the most basic service warranty package which is provided on the purchase of any Dell product.

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It includes all the service features that Dell provides to its customers. Some of the features included in the package are 24/7 technical support, maintenance services, and software and hardware assistance.

These services are also provided with quick delivery. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once the service request is placed, dispatch of the technicians is done within one business day.

This is one of the most remarkable features of the package. Another feature that is included in this package is software and hardware assistance. This feature provides technical help while installing new hardware or software to the existing Dell setup.

This is a great feature if you are upgrading your existing computer setup and you want to keep the warranty after the upgrade.

This also provides for different options while improving the performance and stability of the system, as there are numerous ways in which the computer system can be upgraded.

Maximizing workload availability with automated support while maintaining the security of the products and services is one of the main aspects of this warranty package.

What is Dell ProSupport Plus?

ProSupport Plus is an upgrade over the standard Prosupport warranty package offered by Dell. It includes more features than the regular warranty features offered by Dell, and it covers more damages than the regular warranty package.

The package is created keeping in mind the constantly changing environment in the business and technology world.

Hence, the features included in the ProSupport Plus are more suited to organizations and enterprises that rely on heavy computing solutions to counter their workload.

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Consequently, the package is offered with the purchase of high-end Dell products or higher quantity orders. One of the most important features included in the package is Accidental Damage Protection.

This feature provides a protection warranty to computers and other pieces of equipment against accidental damage. This is especially beneficial for laptops as it provides well-rounded coverage.

Thus, the package is more suited to bigger clients and corporations than individuals, as more technological support is needed in organizations and companies than in individual workstations.

Either way, the package allows the adoption of more complex technologies to improve the performance and stability of workstations and servers without hampering the system’s protection and security at a high delivery rate while maintaining a service warranty.

Main Differences Between Dell ProSupport and Dell ProSupport Plus

  1. Dell ProSupport is the standard warranty package provided by Dell. Dell ProSupport Plus is the upgraded warranty package that is offered with high-end products and high-quality services.
  2. Accidental Damage Protection is not included in the ProSupport package. Accidental Damage protection is one of the key aspects of ProSupport Plus.
  3. Dell ProSupport is charged at the standard warranty rate. ProSupport Plus is slightly more expensive than ProSupport.
  4. Failed hardware is not returned to customers in ProSupport and is collected by the company during maintenance. Customers have the liberty to keep failed hardware to themselves instead of returning to the company in ProSupport Plus.
  5. ProSupport is more suited to individual customers than large companies as the features included are more tailored towards individuals. ProSupport Plus is more suited to large corporations and companies than individual customers.

Last Updated : 23 August, 2023

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19 thoughts on “Dell ProSupport vs Dell ProSupport Plus: Difference and Comparison”

  1. Dell ProSupport is a solid choice for individuals and those who need general support. It’s great that these options are available based on specific needs.

    • Absolutely, the flexibility of these packages ensures that customers receive the right level of service for their unique requirements.

  2. Dell’s warranty packages are thorough and address the complex needs of both individual users and large organizations effectively.

  3. Dell ProSupport Plus seems to cater to more tech-heavy businesses, the accidental damage protection and proactive monitoring are key features.

    • Indeed, it is essential for businesses to have such comprehensive protection. The benefits are worth the extra investment.

  4. The business model of Dell is surely one to admire, with consistent expansion and innovation, they are a leader in the tech world.

  5. The ProSupport package offers great foundational support for Dell products, and the real differentiator with ProSupport Plus is the additional protection and service quality.

  6. This comprehensive breakdown helps customers make informed decisions about the level of support they require based on their specific circumstances.

  7. The competition in the tech industry is fierce, and Dell’s ProSupport Plus package stands out as a compelling offering for businesses in need of robust coverage.

  8. It’s quite impressive how Dell provides fast and efficient support, along with options for organizations with different levels of tech reliance.


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