Difference Between Dell Vostro And Optiplex (With Table)

Dell computers are used widely across the world. They are regarded to be the most prominent PC merchant battling with various other similar kinds of deals available in the market. Dell Vostro and Optiplex are different kinds of PC lines through which products offered by Dell are showcased for both business and individual use as well.

Dell Vostro Vs Optiplex

The difference between Dell Vostro and Optiplex is that Dell Vostro sells desktops in huge boxes over the web and they are over the edge in the business world. As in the case of Optiplex serves desktops that are in the form of a workstation and not much easy to carry when compared to the Dell Vostro.

Dell Vostro falls in between the Inspiron and Optiplex. They are known as a brand of business-oriented computers that are formed and launched by Dell computers to support small businesses. They have all the required necessary features for making the small businesses utilize the full potential of the Dell computers.

Optiplex is a Dell manufactured service for businesses that offer the utmost configurability. It has certain built-in features enabling the users to get benefited from it. They have a low overall cost of ownership and are easy to work with. They are available in three forms such as modern, space-saving, and all-in-one desktops.

Comparison Between Dell Vostro And Optiplex

Parameters Of ComparisonDell VostroOptiplex
PurposeDell Vostro is used for small businesses benefiting them with various built-in features and reliable support.Optiplex is also a venture of Dell supporting corporate enterprises, health care, education, and general governance.
CompatibilityDell Vostro is more compatible and very easy to carry.Optiplex is like workstation management and not easy to carry around.
Power consumptionDell Vostro consumes less power when compared to other services.Optiplex requires more power and it consumes more power when compared to Dell Vostro.
RAMDell Vostro comes with a dedicated 16GB of RAM.Optiplex can ensure the user sets up to 64GB of RAM.
Hard Disk capacityDell Vostro has 1TB of hard disk storage.Optiplex is upgraded with its hard disk capacity from 1Tb to 2TB of Hard disk storage.

What is Dell Vostro?

Dell Vostro was introduced in the market around the 20th century in 2013. It is focused on everyday use and small business purposes and has been ventured into the market as a private venture. It lies in between Dell Inspiron and Dell Optiplex as it has its compatible features and built-in configuration that enables the users to get what is in search for.

Dell Vostro offers less specialized features that can be increased but have not been dealt with it yet because the corporate world is turning into a specialized form and can deal with their requirements as well. It gets upgraded as per the requirements that arise in the modern-day technological world that is getting upgraded with the changes.

Dell Vostro has many significant spaces for storage and is compatible when compared to other such markets. They are portable and can be carried anywhere unlike the Optiplex. It has a dedicated 16Gb of Ram and around 1TB of hard disk storage space. They are the most preferred workstations to work with as they also consume less power.

Dell Vostro also has few drawbacks like lack of good speakers and HD show. They are not such huge disadvantages as they are intended for office use by many. They are ideally used for small businesses and have advanced processors. They also have security features and can be expanded with their expandability options available.

What is Optiplex?

Optiplex is a Dell venture that is intended for business-oriented workstation usage. It is widely used in health care, education, government, and corporate endeavors. Optiplex starts with Pentium, Celeron, and moving forward with the core microarchitecture such as i3, i5,i7, and i9 Intel CPUs that are incorporated in this system.

Optiplex has a professional edition of Microsoft Windows preinstalled and it also has Linux Dell series options available in the system. Optiplex was augmented in 1993 with its workstation line with a progression of 486 based machines. For Optiplex, the buyer focuses on the XPS brand cementing marketing plan.

Optiplex received its first Pentium with 66MHz in 1995 after its augmentation into the market. It looks like a workstation to work with and hence it is less compatible to carry around also it consumes more power when compared to the other such systems. It can upgrade itself and can be installed with 64GB of RAM.

Optiplex has hard disk storage of 1TB that has been upgraded to 2TB over time. Optiplex provides a business framework with US-based help that enhances the business with its advanced features. It is suitable for organizations that look for US-based help and business-basic applications with a slow-changing equipment requirement.

Main Differences Between Dell Vostro And Optiplex

  1. Dell Vostro is suitable for small businesses benefiting from their basic requirements and advanced requirements, whereas Optiplex is suitable for health care services, education, government, and businesses as well.
  2. Dell Vostro consumes less power when compared to Optiplex that consumes more power.
  3. Dell Vostro is more compatible than is available on the web in massive boxes, whereas Optiplex is less compatible as it is in the form of a workstation usage.
  4. Dell Vostro is more portable and easy to carry anywhere, whereas Optiplex is less portable and cannot be carried frequently.
  5. Dell Vostro has 16GB of RAM, whereas Optiplex has 64GB of RAM.
  6. Dell Vostro has 1TB of hard disk storage, whereas Optiplex has 1TB that has been upgraded to 2TB of hard disk storage.


Dell Vostro and Optiplex are Dell augmented ventures that are used for small businesses and in the case of Optiplex, it is used in health care, education, small businesses, and government. Dell Vostro is more compatible and portable when compared to the Optiplex that is less compatible and cannot be carried everywhere.

Dell Vostro has a storage capacity of 16GB RAM and 1TB of hard disk storage, whereas Optiplex has a storage capacity of 64GB RAM and 1TB of hard disk storage that can be upgraded to 2TB of hard disk storage. Dell Vostro has both advanced as well as basic features that help small businesses.


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