Difference Between Dell Vostro and XPS

The technology industry is always updating and new models keep on coming. Dell is a leading laptop brand. Dell manufactures innovative models of Personal computers, Mobile phones, Televisions, servers, etc.


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It was initially a hardware manufacturing company but then extended to make software and provide IT services. Dell Vostro and XPS are two models of Laptops manufactured by Dell.

Dell Vostro vs XPS

The difference between Dell Vostro and XPS is that Dell Vostro comes with a simple USB A port while Dell XPS has a USB type C port. XPS has a good battery life compared to the Dell Vostro, which is also good. Dell XPS is the best among these two for gaming. It gives a cool gaming experience. The storage capacity of XPS is also high compared to Vostro.

Dell Vostro vs XPS

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Dell Vostro range of laptops is manufactured by Dell for business purposes. They are the best options for medium-ranged businesses. The first laptop of this series was launched in 2013.

This series was discontinued in the markets of some countries. But, it is still available in Malaysia and India. They are normal ranged laptops designed for supporting small businesses.

Dell XPS is a series of the best Dell laptops. It is made for customers whose work needs high-end laptops. The first model of this series was released in the year 2008.

Though it is highly suitable for software employers it is also used for personal purposes. This is an award-winning laptop model of Dell.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDell VostroXPS
Purpose Personal and small businesses useGaming and high-end programming
Price range Affordable since it comes with minimal features Pricey as it involves high-end technology
Configuration services Not available Available
Fingerprint scannerA standard fingerprint scanner is availableNot available
Battery life LowHigh battery life makes it suitable for gaming

What is Dell Vostro?

Dell is best known for selling laptops for personal and small business purposes. Before launching the Vostro series Dell sold the Dimension and Inspiron line of computers for these purposes.

But, when Vostro was introduced the other two lines were abandoned. The production of Dimension was stopped and with Inspiron, some changes were made.

This line was launched in 2007 but it was discontinued in 2013 due to some issues Dell faced during that time. They stopped the production of Dell Vostro line computers.

But some models were manufactured only at some particular outlets. The major reason for this was the lack of demand for Dell Vostro in the technology industry.

However, Dell Vostro was brought back into the industry in 2015. At present, the Vostro line laptop that is in the market is Vostro 3000 series, Vostro 14 5000 series, and Vostro 15 5000.

The Vostro 15 3000 comes with a 15-inch display. It is one of the affordable types. It is good for personal and small types of business uses.

Vostro 14 has a 14-inch display with Ubuntu or Windows operating systems. The Vostro 15 laptops have the Kaby lake microprocessor of Intel. Though there are still some Vostro laptops being sold successfully in the industry.

Dell has completely stopped the manufacturing of many laptops of this line like the Vostro 1000, Vostro 1200, Vostro 1220, Vostro1320, etc. Though the initial Vostro models were made completely for basic uses.

The present-day Vostro models are advanced and are suitable for all kinds of activities. Vostro has also evolved along with technology.

What is XPS?

Dell XPS line of laptops is one of the earliest series. The name was framed in the 1990s. Dell wasn’t very famous at that time. Gateway dominated the high-end customer computer field.

Dell wanted to reach a prominent place in the market and decided to produce high-end desktops. This decision was made purely to compete with Gateway.

Vernon Weiss served as the project manager along with Brian Zucker who was the designing engineer. They together created the XPS line. The initial models were launched in 1993.

These new models made an impact and were far better than the competitors. This line got published in the PC/ Computing article cover.

Weiss and Zucker worked together to improve the features of the XPS line and to launch new models of this line. As a result, this line evolved and was appreciated by many magazines and reviews.

This XPS line served as the first PC with the latest technology and was also available to the customers in an affordable price range. Thus, it was preferred by many people.

By 2001 Dell has gained a good name and position in the industry. So, the XPS line was merely seen as a fast computer and lost its past fame. But in 2005 Dell again reviewed the XPS line to compete with Falcon Northwest and Alienware.

Though XPS is famous for providing an incredible gaming experience some models like the XPS 200 and XPS M140 were not suitable for gaming. XPS may be well known for being a gaming laptop but it also has basic use models.

Main Differences Between Dell Vostro and XPS

  1. Dell Vostro is made with an intent to serve as a personal computer and for small scale businesses but, XPS was created by Dell to act as a high-end desktop and to compete with other brands
  2. Dell Vostro is for simple uses but, XPS serves as an amazing option for gamers with attractive features
  3. The display of Dell Vostro is inferior to XPS. XPS provides a good display to provide the users great gaming experience
  4. The battery life of XPS is high compared to Dell Vostro. XPS models also offer greater storage space compared to Vostro models.
  5. Dell Vostro is affordable and available at a fair price whereas, the XPS line of laptops is pricey.
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