Difference Between Dell XPS 13 and 15

A laptop is known as a notebook computer. It is short for – a Lightweight Analytical Platform with Total Optimized Power. They are portable and small.


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You can fold them while travelling, thus making them suitable for mobile use. Dell launches new series of laptops every year.

They bring new features and specifications to every new series. Two of their XPS series are Dell XPS 13 and 15. 

Dell XPS 13 vs 15

The difference between Dell XPS 13 and 15 is that they both are different sizes. Dell XPS 13 has a display size of 13.4 inches, while Dell XPS 15 is 15.6 inches. If you look at the hardware, then Dell XPS 13 stands behind. But, Dell XPS 15 has powerful hardware. 

Dell XPS 13 vs 15

Dell XPS 13 is a top ultrabook and an all-rounder. It is the perfect laptop anyone will ask for. The operating system is Windows 10.

The display size is 13.4 inches with a resolution of 3200*1800 pixels. It has three USB ports, and the SD card reader is the card slot. The SSD in it is 128GB. 

Dell XPS 15 is a powerful laptop with a display size of 15.6 inches. It has options for GTX 1650 Ti and excellent hardware.

The battery life is satisfying, and it has a gorgeous touch display. The resolution of the screen is 1920*1080 pixels. It comes with 256GB SSD storage with 4GB RAM. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDell XPS 13Dell XPS 15
Definition It is a Dell’s XPS series and is the perfect laptop for those who mobilize more often. It is a Dell’s XPS series with powerful hardware and excellent performance.
Processor11th Gen Intel Core processor.10th Gen H-series processor.
Size13.4 inches15.6 inches
Battery LifeSatisfying battery life.Not very satisfying.
Weight2.64 pounds4 pounds

What is Dell XPS 13?

Dell XPS 13 is the Dell’s XPS series and a 13.4-inch model. It has an 11th Gen Intel Core processor and thunderbolt four connectivity.

The OLED display is 3.5K, and it is a highly portable option for you. It weighs 2.64 pounds and is as thin as 0.58 inches. 

It has a platinum silver color and a black palm rest. The keyboard makes use of the space with huge keycaps that stretch from sides. A person can type comfortably with no problem.

The touchpad is large and, it promotes productivity. Dual 2.5W speakers are of supreme quality. 

Dell XPS 13 is available in four displays. The one that anyone can afford has a resolution of 1920*1200 and is non-touch. It also has an anti-glare layer with up to 500 nits of brightness.

The expensive one has a resolution of 3840*2400(UHD+). It provides you with AdobeRGB color reproduction and has anti-reflective skin. 

It is using ‘tiger lake’ that is Intel’s 11th Gen as its hardware. You can always upgrade the SSD after purchase if you want.

Also, you can expand connectivity through the thunderbolt four docking station. XPS 13 9305 models are there in the markets. It is best for professionals and those who stay mobile. 

What is Dell XPS 15?

Dell XPS 15 is the XPS series of Dell with 15.6-inch display size. It is broad, as compared to other models but light and thin on its own. It is 0.71 inches, and it weighs 4 pounds. This weight is for the non-touch models with a 56Wh battery. 

The CNC machine comes with a silver finish black carbon palm rest. You can make good use of space with a touchpad and keyboard and type firmly.

The large chassis has- space for speakers along with the keyboard. Their audio is excellent as they are together with the dual down-firing speakers. 

It is available in different types. The affordable one has FHD+ resolution and a brightness of 500 nits. It also has an anti-glare finish and is non-touch.

It is a great display that will save not suck up battery. Dell XPS 15 also has a 3.5K OLED display, and it is available with touch support. 

When it comes to performance hardware, Dell XPS 15 stands out from others. The Dell XPS 15 9500 has Intel 10th Gen H-series, while on the other hand, Dell XPS 15 9510 is one step ahead.

It has the 11th Gen H-series. It is more expensive than other models and perfect for those who want a powerful one. 

Main Differences Between Dell XPS 13 and 15 

  1. Dell XPS 13 is the head ultrabook and all-rounder. While, on the other hand, Dell XPS 15 is the portable powerhouse. 
  2. Dell XPS 13 has an 11th Gen processor. But, Dell XPS 15 has a 10th Gen H-series processor. 
  3. Dell XPS 13 has a size of 13.4 inches. On the other hand, Dell XPS 15 is 15.6 inches. 
  4. The weight of Dell XPS 13 is lighter than Dell XPS 15. Dell XPS 13 weighs 2.64 pounds, but Dell XPS 15 weighs 4 pounds. 
  5. Dell XPS 13 has a better battery life which lasts for long hours. On the other hand, Dell XPS 15 does not have satisfying battery life.


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