Difference Between Dependent Variables and Independent Variable

Variables are something that helps to find the answer by substituting itself in the place of searching. The variable is the head in mathematics, modellings, design. Every field has variables and has separate work to do. Priority changes according to its usage.


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Dependent Variables Versus Independent Variables

The difference between a dependent variable and an independent variable is their dependency on others. The dependent variable depends on another variable to go further process. Mostly it depends on independent variables. The independent variable never leans on any variables to process in the problems.
They are used in complex mathematical problems to find the answer calmly. Defining the experiment helps to differentiate the independent variables and dependent variables. The relationship between the dependent variable and the independent variables is affected by the confounding variables.

Dependent Variables Versus Independent Variables

The dependent variable depends on others for finding the answers. If variables react to some other changes in another inconsistent, then it comes under the dependent variable.

The dependent variable must be stable. That is a sign to find the dependent variables in the problems. Even a single change will affect big in the dependent variables.

Sometimes the values are also changed with independent variables. The complexity of the variable shows its type. The dependency on an independent variable makes change it.

The independent variables do not depend on others. The independent variables work solely in the problems and answer the dependent variables. The independent variable warned to test the rate at which the dependent variable is modifying.

The cause is the independent variable, and the effect is the dependent variable. It is called a cause-and-effect relationship. The independent variables have many levels to get different answers on various levels.

The different levels it undergoes will give distinct solutions. The independent variables are self-standing variables.

Comparison Table

Parameters on comparisonDependent variablesIndependent variables
DefinitionThe dependent variable depends on another variable.The independent variable does not depend on another variable.
Other namesResponse variable.Explanatory variable
UsesInform the conclusion directlyDetermine the values.
ManipulationDependent variables are needed complex procedures.Independent variables are obtainable.
GraphPositioned verticallyPositioned horizontally
DependencyIt depends on an independent variableIt depends on external factors.

What is a Dependent Variables?

The dependent variable depends on the independent variables to process in the problems. The dependent variable is the changes in the process.
The dependent variables depend on the Independent variable to called it depends on others.

It is a measure and effect in the experiment. Independent variable is vital in research to work dependent variable. In graphs, the dependent variable plot as y in the vertical axis.

The y axis in the graph shows the dependent variable. It depends on X to plot the trace. The cause in X will affect y in the plot.

For example, consider the formula F=ma,
F-force, m-mass, a-accelaration

F is directly proportional to mass and acceleration. The mass and acceleration are independent variables. The F is the dependent variable. It depends on m and a to gives the force. The independent variables a and m is self-standing variables.

In real life, symptoms are an example of dependent variables. Depression is due to stress and symptoms from disease to indicate the presence is a dependent variable. The response variable, outcome variable, and left-hand side are other names of the dependent variable.

The dependency shows the dependent variable as unique. Life is always dependable. It depends for something on someone. Taking the example from life will be unforgettable.

dependent variables

What is an Independent Variables?

Independent variables are not dependent on any other variables. They depend only on external factors. The independent variables are applied at various levels to get a different outcome.

The self-standing variable plot is x shows the dependency against the y axis. The x is undependable, and y is dependable on x.

For example, The area of the triangle (a=1/2bh).
a-arear of triangle

An area of a triangle is a dependent variable. The b(base) and h(height) are the independent variables. Finding the locale, ground, and peak is essential. The area of a triangle is directly proportional to the base and the height.

Without a hinge and zenith, it is impossible to find the locale of a triangle. An area of a triangle depends on the hinge and zenith to get the solution called the dependent variable. The variation in x will affect y and results in a change in the trace.

Explanatory variable, Predictor variable, and right-hand side variable are other names of the independent variable. Since it is self-standing, it plots as x on the horizontal axis. Depending on other things will affect in dependable also. The independent variables are not only self-standing also are unique.

independent variables

Main Differences Between Dependent variables and Independent variables

  1. The dependent variable depends on the independent variable,
    and The independent variable does not depend on any factor.
  2. The Response variable and explanatory variables are the other names of the dependent variable and independent variable discreetly.
  3. The dependent variable informs the conclusion directly, and the independent variable determines the values.
  4. The dependent variable never manipulates in research, and the independent variable is obtainable.
  5. The dependent variable plots vertically, and the independent variable concoct horizontally in the graph.
  6. The dependent variables depend on independent variables, and the independent variables depend on external factors.


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