Difference Between Desktop and Laptop (With Table)

The field of technology has been evolved over the past few decades. From no computers to computers, from trunk calls to smartphones, things have become easily accessible. Desktop and laptop indeed are the finest output of necessities. From multiple tasks handling abilities to the best analysis and heavy calculations, these both are very important device. Well, there’s a slight difference between them.

Desktop vs Laptop

The difference between desktop and laptop is that a desktop is a connected device that connects and functions through wires, while a laptop is a wireless device that doesn’t need any wires to function. Since a desktop is a stable device, it is not portable, while a laptop is made in a way that it meets portability purpose. Both have a special place in the field of technology either it’s a desktop or a laptop.

The desktop is a device that is connected through wires and facilitates users by electricity. It has a mouse, a monitor, a CPU, keyboard, and other important secondary devices like printers and pen. Majorly it’s a wired device whose every device is connected by a wire.

The laptop, on the other hand, is one of the finest inventions in the technical field. It’s like a book that opens when it’s kept from the base, and the bifurcates part is raised till 90°. Some even open till 360° too. It has a keyboard over the base with a screen attached to it.

Comparison Table Between Desktop and Laptop

Parameters of ComparisonDesktopLaptop
DefinitionA desktop is a wired device that is facilitated by wires.A laptop is a wireless device that works without electricity.
PortabilityA desktop isn’t portable since it’s connected to wires.A laptop is invented in such a way that it’s portal and easy to carry.
ComponentsA desktop has a mouse, keyboard, monitor, CPU separate.A laptop has everything attached with it in a model.
SizeA desktop is way bigger and heavier.A laptop is easy to carry and smaller lightweight.
ProcessorA desktop has a higher and powerful processor.A laptop has a less powerful processor except for some special gaming laptops.

What is Desktop?

Machines have always facilitated us for ages. Either it’s the first mobile or a camera. Things have evolved from small integrated system to very, very, very small integration. Desktop is one of the vital inventions that is used in most of the sector. Either it’s a heavy analysis or complex calculations, the desktop has solved lives.

Since it’s a wired connection, to fully function, a desktop needs every primary part, like the CPU that is the central processing unit of the computer. We have a mouse that’s connected by a wire. The front part is again differentiated into two halves. The right-click and the left click.

Then we have a keyboard separate as an input device that’s again connected by a wire. It works on the main power supply. It has a more powerful processor in comparison since it’s a larger device and stable. With this, heavy software, games, and other important things can be supported without any lack of overheating.

Its screen is wide, which gives a perfect view when you play your favourite video or cricket matches. Also, the maintenance and the repairing is very easy since the error is easy to identify. Also, the data ports are more on a desktop. A user can have multiple drives at a time without any storage problems to have a space for everything.

What is Laptop?

If we went back in 2000, we would see the companies are either under development or acquiring new employees to head start. Technology has boomed and brought a revolution indeed from keypad mobiles to smartphones and from kilograms of computers to desktop and now laptops. Devices are getting smaller since the integration is made possible.

The laptop has created a great vibe and an aura in the corporate field and other major sectors. The portability is the main advantage of laptops. From the attached keyboard to a mouse just below the keyboard, the minimisation has been made possible. It’s an all-in-one computer which you can carry to places and access easily.

It runs on battery and is charged by an AC adapter charger that takes some minutes to get ready. External devices can also be connected through the ports adjacent to the keyboard. Like an external keyboard if you are a gamer and a mouse if you find the Inbuilt mouse a troubling thing. The screen size is smaller in comparison.

The processor is also less since it’s a compact device. Also, the repairing is quite complex. Components aren’t easy to be detached. Also, the ports are less in comparison.

Main Differences Between Desktop and Laptop

  1. A desktop is a wired device that works on electricity, while a laptop works on battery and can be charged.
  2. A desktop has several components and needs some primary parts to function, while a laptop is an all-in-one computer that’s compact.
  3. A desktop has more data ports that make it more powerful and compatible, while a laptop has fewer because it is a smaller and compact device.
  4. The desktop cannot be carried to places while a laptop is modified for portability purpose.
  5. A desktop can easily be repaired, while a laptop is quite complex due to its compact nature.


Whether you have a desktop or a laptop, both play an important role in the technology field. A desktop, on the one hand, is more powerful and robust, while a laptop is lesser powerful and can be easily damaged if fallen from a height. They are compatible devices to perform several tasks and other important functions.

While we compare both, we can’t say that either one is efficient. Both have equal importance. The laptop is an accessible and portable item, while a desktop is used for heavy work and downloading important and heavy software.


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