Discord vs Reddit: Difference and Comparison

When it comes to the online community, it can be defined as a community whose members interact with one another chiefly through the Internet. The member generally shares a common interest.


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Several applications are based on an online community, like Crowdstack, Centercode, Eleyo, Hiverbrite, NING, Quip, and many more.  

Discord and Reddit are secretly moving out of the way of other social platforms to become the number one available online community.

On both platforms, a more positive experience can be seen compared to other platforms. In this article, the chief focus is on differentiating DDiscord and Reddit. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Discord is a real-time chat and voice communication platform, while Reddit is a forum-style website.
  2. Discord is designed for group communication and gaming, while Reddit is a platform for sharing and discussing various topics.
  3. Discord has more interactive features like voice chat and video calls than Reddit.

Discord vs Reddit 

Discord is a chat and voice communication platform for gamers. It allows users to create online communities where users can chat, share files, and voice or video call. Reddit is a social news and discussion platform. Users submit links, text posts, and images to different subreddits.

Discord vs Reddit

Discord is a free video, text chat, and voice app generally used by people ages 13+ with users approx—Tens of millions. The chief focus is to hang out and talk with their communities and friends.

Discord is used a daily to talk about things ranging from mental health support and homework to family trips and art projects. 

Reddit is the forum and website of social news where content is socially promoted and curated by site members with the help of voting.

“The member registration of Reddit is free, and is needed to use the website’s basic features. Its name is a play on words like”“I read it.” “The member registration of Reddit is free, and is needed to use the website’s basic features. Its name is a play on words like “I read it.” 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDiscordReddit
Founded In 2015In 2005
FoundersJason Citron and Stan VishnevskiySteve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian, and Aaron Swartz
Written inElixir, Rust, Python, C++, and JavaScriptPython and JavaScript
Available in30 languagesEnglish and multilingual

What is Discord? 

Discord is a platform for digital distribution, instant messaging, and VOIP. Users communicate with text messaging, video calls, voice calls, files, and media in private chats or as a communities’ part known as servers.

According to 2021, it had registered users of over 350 million and monthly active users of 150 million.   

Discord is a persistent group chat software based on a consistent database architecture.

It uses the metaphors of channels and servers similar to Internet Relay Chat, even though these servers fail to map to virtual servers or traditional hardware. In Discord’s servers, they are instead database entities. 

Discord is built to manage and create public and private communities.

It offers user tools access focused mainly on communication services such as video and voice calls, persistent chat rooms, and other gamer-focused services integration.

In recent years, Discord’s new update made it worthwhile also for the general population.   

Discord also had a problem with abuse and hostile behaviour within chats, with several chat community servers being raided by other communities.

This consists of flooding with controversial topics about politics, race, religion, and pornography. 


What is Reddit? 

Reddit is an American web content rating, discussion website, and social news aggregation. Only registered members submit site content like text posts, videos, links, and images which are further voted down or up by other members.  

“The posts are generally organized by subject into boards of user-created known” subreddit” or” communities”. “The posts are generally organized by subject into boards of user-created known “subreddits” or “communities”.

It covers topics like movies, news, religion, music, science, video games, cooking, sports, pets, image sharing, fitness, and many more.  

Towards the top of the subreddit, the submission with more upvotes appears, and if enough upvotes are received, then ultimately on the front page of Reddit.

There are strict rules mainly for prohibiting harassment while it still occurs, and administrators moderate the communities and restrict them occasionally.  

Reddit is known for its diverse user and open nature community that leads its content. The demographics allow for areas of the wide-ranging subject and the ability to serve more niche purposes for smaller subreddit.

Subreddits’ possibilities for fostering discussion and raising attention create new opportunities across various areas. 


Main Differences between Discord and Reddit 

  1. When it comes to an alternative, Rocket, chat, Slack, Element, and Wickr are some of the alternatives of Discord. On the other hand, the alternatives of Reddit are Zingr, Quora, Imgur, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.  
  2. Platforms supported by Discord are Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, Linux, iPad, and SaaS. In contrast, just like Discord, Reddit also supports SaaS, iPad, Android, and iPhone but fails to support other platforms.  
  3. The target audience of Discord is mainly companies, small teams, and businesses. For any organization, whether small or large, that wants live chat as well as an alternative to Slack then Discord is perfect. Conversely, in specific communities, anyone who wants to upvote, post, or read a post on one of the largest websites in the world then Reddit is preferred.  
  4. In terms of integration, the integration of Discord is AppFollow, CloudShow, Shift, Torus, Desktop.com, and several others. On the flip side, the alternative source of Reddit is Integromat, StatusTicker, Wufoo, AUDIENCES, Zapier, etc.  
  5. The categories consist of Discord eSports management, live chat, collaboration, internal communications, screen sharing, messaging, team communication, learn chat, and then and many more. On contrary, there are only two categories included in Reddit are social networking and social media. 
Difference Between Discord and Reddit


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