Discord vs Skype: Difference and Comparison

Virtual events have become a part of their daily lives in the corporate world. With technology advancing at an elevating rate, the number of video conferencing apps has also increased in the market.

These apps offer tons of advantages, thereby enhancing the company’s productivity. Attending video conferences at home is also time-saving for the company and the employees.

Key Takeaways

  1. Discord targets gamers and offers server-based chat rooms, while Skype focuses on personal and professional communication with individual contacts.
  2. Discord provides advanced text formatting options and supports bots, while Skype has limited text formatting features.
  3. Skype offers higher-quality video calls and supports international calling, while Discord focuses on voice and text communication.

Discord vs Skype 

Discord is a voice, video, and text chat app mostly used for entertainment and gaming purposes that only sends audio data when a user speaks during a call. Skype is a software for videotelephony, videoconferencing and voice calls that transmits audio data continuously, like a phone call.

Discord vs Skype

Discord offers a strong community interacting feature, but “Discord” has no dedicated meaning. The discord community itself claims this fact.

The word is appealing, and the company dedicated it to name it “Discord .”Recently the platform provided its users with various notification controls.

The users can set notifications for unread message badges and taskbar flashing with a dedicated notification control panel. Due to the regular updates in features, the company touched the $2.5 billion valuation margin. 

Skype turned into multiple versions and was available on many platforms, and the telecommunications services offered by the brand spiked up after Microsoft owned it.

Skype faced many downfalls in the past couple of years, but regular improvisation brought the brand back to the top, and they achieved the milestone of 1 billion downloads in the Playstore. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDiscordSkype
DefinitionDiscord comes out to be a modern all-in-one text and chat option.Skype comes out to be an application for voice calls, video conferencing, and instant texting.
CPU UsageDiscord uses 15% CPU in an audio call.Skype uses much beyond 30% in an audio call.
SecurityDiscord comes along with excellent security features such as IP address protection, 100% client-to-server security, and DDoS protection.Skype’s security features aren’t relatively better except for the feature to hide the user’s IP address.
Sound QualityDiscord only transfers audio data throughout a call at 64 kbps.Skype’s functionality is much more like a normal phone connection wherein the audio data is transmitted continuously like a phone call at 100kbps.
Group CallsIn Discord, users can enjoy group calls (both audio & video) with a maximum of 10 people at one go.In Skype, users can enjoy group calls (both audio & video) with a maximum of 25 people at one go.

What is Discord? 

Discord is a digital distribution platform initiated as an application in 2015. From the initial days after the launching of this application, it started showing very promising growth.

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Texting, video calling, and various unique features offered by Discord spiked up this digital platform and reached a growth rate of 10 million monthly active users in a single year. 

The game community liked this application, and it started growing like a forest fire. The features of Discord are suitable for growing as a community.

The distribution of rooms and chat groups and chatbot support-like features draws the attention of multiple industries targeting growth as a community.

This process flowed breathlessly, and within two years, by the end of 2018, the brand touched the milestone 45 million active user base.

And if we consider the recent updates of Playstore, the records show that Discord has more than 100 million downloads. 

The technical team of Discord studied the information and conversation tactics of other platforms and came up with a much better solution for all.

They launched a perfect inbuilt channel categorization, @mention features, which help keep everything organized and accessible even in an insane community.

The voice chat meetings and conversations are improvised to one-on-one meeting tracks. With such a feature, Discord gains a healthy place in the heart and minds of a vast user. 


What is Skype? 

Skype as a telecommunications application is not new in the competition. Skype launched the application with loaded features in the year 2003.

It came much before some famous telecommunications groups and communication companies, but it took a little time to get famous. The brand took 11 years to achieve 36 percent of Skype-to-Skype international traffic.

The company initiated improvisation in their services, and in the next 6 years, Skype raised to 70% the number of their daily users. 

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If we highlight the best feature of Skype, then it will always be the video call services. The quality, connection, and perfection offered by the video call of Skype are so advanced that it is unbeatable by many video call service providing companies of recent time.

And interestingly, 40 percent of skype telecommunications services are video-to-video calls. The best thing about Skype is that the brand provides this video call service free for Skype-to-Skype. 

Among all, one feature of skype draws the attention of many users. It happened when the brand started providing live and real-time on-screen transcription.

Many other updates of Skype keep the services motivated among the users. Once the company started independently later, due to some complications, Microsoft owned the company. 


Main Differences Between Discord and Skype 

  1. Discord contains various screen sharing options which users can customize according to their convenience. For example, the fragmented sharing feature wherein users who don’t wish to have a full-screen share can only share a part of it. But, Skype contains many dependable and straightforward screen-sharing options for its users. They can even share screens during audio calls.
  2. Discord doesn’t offer any call recording features to its users. But, with Skype, users can easily record their calls (both audio & video). 
  3. With Discord, users can share files only up to 8 MB free of cost. On the other hand, with Skype, users can share files unrestricted up to 300MB free of cost.
  4. Discord goes much beyond being a simple VoIP app owing to which it has a complex layout liked mainly by gamers. On the contrary, Skype comes in a traditional business-oriented and minimalistic layout, proving its compatibility with other professional apps.
  5. Discord offers countless other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Steam, Skype, etc. It has no sync with professional apps such as Docs. But, Skype offers other professional platforms such as Office 365 Suite, Powerpoint, Docs, Facebook, and Excel.
Difference Between Discord and Skype
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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