Difference Between Dog Clippers and Human Clippers

Grooming is one of the essential habits in life to stay healthy and clean. Both humans and animals (sheep, dogs, horses, etcetera) need grooming.


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There are different grooming equipment for humans and dogs because we cannot use human-specific tools for dogs. Dog clippers and human clippers are grooming tools for dogs and humans respectively.

Dog Clippers vs Human Clippers

The difference between dog clippers and human clippers is that dog clippers are designed especially for the grooming of dogs. On the other hand, human clippers are for human beings. Moreover, dog clippers are far more expensive than human clippers and are only available at dogs’ exclusive stores with other products.

Dog Clippers vs Human Clippers

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Dog Clippers are constructed specially for the trimming of the dogs to maintain their sanitation. These look-alike human clippers in designing but are less powerful and sharper.

With the help of a dog clipper, excessive hair can be trimmed easily in one go to make the dog look decent and attractive.

Human Clippers are for humans. Male and female clippers are designed differently to trim hair. These are for trimming hair that is very close to the skin and is shorter in size when compared to dog hair.

Furthermore, thinner blades are implanted under human clippers to prevent human skin from being cut while trimming.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDog ClippersHuman Clippers
PurposeDog’s Clippers are for trimming excessive fur of a dog’s body.Human Clippers are for trimming the hair of humans.
PriceDog’s Clippers are expensive to buy.Human Clippers can be both cheap as well as expensive.
Found inDog’s Clippers are found in dog parlors or dog stores.Human Clippers are found at human saloons or in ordinary stores.
Motor’s PowerThe dog’s clippers have a less powerful motor.The human clippers have a more powerful motor.
Blade SizeThe dog’s clippers have large and sharper blades comparatively.The human clippers have smaller blades.

What are Dog Clippers?

Since dogs mostly have a thick layer of hair known as fur, exclusive clippers are designed for dog grooming to give them a clean and attractive look.

Dog grooming has been in fashion since the 17th century when the first dog grooming salon was established in France.

We cannot trim a dog’s fur with ordinary human clippers as it could be extremely hard to get fruitful results. Different breeds of dogs have several thicknesses of fur (hair). Hence separate clippers are available on the market.

All clippers have different motor sizes depending on the requirement. These motors are constructed noiseless because dogs cannot bear loud noises.

Furthermore, the clippers have sharp blades that offer canines a great haircut, and the equipment is cordless.

The clippers have sharp blades that give dogs a great haircut, and the device is cordless. Moreover, the blades are of superior quality for a pet. So, the device is handy.

If one owns a pet, it is wise to buy the dog clipper instead of visiting the dog’s saloon as saloons are pricy than purchasing the equipment. Purchasing could be made from physical stores and online stores as per comfort.

Trimming a dog’s hair should be done with caution, and it is preferable to make your dog comfortable before beginning grooming. So that the dogs do not panic and can enjoy the process.

What are Human Clippers?

Human clippers, as the name implies, are made for people. We human requires time-to-time grooming for looking attractive, and it is also a hygienic habit among us. Some human clippers are universal (made for both genders).

There are a few clippers that are gender-specific (different clippers are for men and different for women). We cannot use pet clippers to groom ourselves. So, always go for human clippers. The human clippers are no longer work manually.

So, these can be operated on power or batteries and be cordless or corded accordingly. Humans can purchase this product from local stores or online stores depending on the discounts and comfort.

Since human hair is smaller and thinner than pets, blades are installed accordingly. Human clippers have short blades to avoid unrequired cuts on the skin. Moreover, as human skin is sensitive, so, the sharpness of the blade is also less.

The battery of human clippers is powerful to give an excellent trim in a shorter span. Because these devices are small and light, they may be taken with you wherever you go.

Another possibility for people is that they can find this in local saloons. This device is cheaper than dog clippers, so it is affordable.

Main Differences Between Dog Clippers and Human Clippers

  1. Dog clippers are manufactured for the pets’ grooming. On the other hand, human clippers are manufactured for people’s grooming.
  2. Dog clippers do not have powerful motors when compared to human clippers.
  3. Dog clippers do not make harsh noise when compared to human clippers because dogs get uneasy due to noise.
  4. Dog clippers have sharper and thicker blades to trim fur. On the contrary, human clippers have short and a bit blunt blades.
  5. People cannot use dog clippers, and vice versa, humans should not groom their dogs with human clippers.
  6. Dog clippers are usually cordless as compared to human clippers.
  7. Dog clippers are costlier than human clippers.
  8. Dog Clippers are unisex. However, human clippers are designed differently for each gender.
Difference Between Dog Clippers and Human Clippers
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