Difference Between DoorDash and Delivery Hero

With the help of technology, we are now partial towards ordering things online. Food to clothes, stationery to furniture, for everything we take help of home delivery services and for that the rise of delivery partners has seen a boost in the recent past.


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DoorDash vs Delivery Hero

The difference between DoorDash and Delivery Hero is that DoorDash came much after Delivery Hero. DoorDash was founded in 2013, and Delivery Hero came into business before that in 2011. Both are not rivals as both have different work objectives. DoorDash is meant to be partners with restaurants to help in their delivery, while Delivery Hero became a platform dedicated to businesses.

DoorDash vs Delivery Hero

DoorDash was founded in the United States with the purpose of partnering with restaurants to do their deliveries. This offer was intended for the restaurants that were looking forward to boosting their delivery sales.

It was launched in the year 2013 and also offers a free trial service to prove themselves first.

Delivery Hero was launched in 2011, before the birth of DoorDash. It was not spread in many software apps as it was available only in SaaS.

Also, its main intention was to partner up with businesses and offer them a platform for food delivery. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDoorDashDelivery Hero
Founded in It was founded in 2013.It was founded in 2011.
Founding placeIt was established in the United States.It was established in Germany.
Supported platformIt is supported in SaaS, Android, iPhone and iPad.Delivery Hero is only supported in SaaS.
PurposeIts objective is to be partners with restaurants that are interested in increasing their delivery sales. Its objective is to be a food delivery platform for businesses.
Free trialIt has the facility of a free trial.It does not have the facility of a free trial.

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash is the name of an online food ordering as well as food delivery program. It is based in America.

In the United States, it holds 56% market share and thus becomes the largest food delivery company present in the United States. While this is not the stop as it does not end here, it also captures a 60% market share in the field of convenience delivery. 

Its foundation can be seen in San Francisco and California. To give statistics, we can say that in 2020 the platform joined several partners.

It was utilized by 450,000 merchants, and the consumers are counted to 20,000,000. It had reported having completed 1 million deliveries.

DoorDash started its journey in 2013. With several milestones achieved, in October 2019, it inaugurated its first ghost kitchen and named it DoorDash Kitchen.

It was situated in the Redwood City of California. At that same location, four restaurants were operating.

DoorDash declared openly about the inauguration of its first physical restaurant in November 2020. It is a partnering project with Burma Bites.

DoorDash will offer them the delivery and pick-up of orders.

What is Delivery Hero?

Delivery Hero is the name of a German multinational food delivery service. It is available online, and it is based in Berlin, Germany.

Though established in Germany, it has spread its operations in more than 50 countries. It is available internationally, and we can find this in countries like Asia, Europe and Latin America.

We can track more than 500,000 restaurants as partners of Delivery Hero. It started with only food initially, but gradually it expanded its branches and went beyond food delivery.

In the present, it has become a member of today’s quick commerce. Currently, it delivers batch orders, and the delivery time prevails under an hour.

It was founded in 2011, and the same year it broadened to Australia and the United Kingdom. In 2012 it achieved a stake in Switzerland.

Later in 2014, the company earned a controlling stake in the Latin American market. 

We who are familiar with the name of another similar sort of food delivery service, Foodpanda, might have noticed the sudden disappearance of it. Well, this was due to the reason that in December 2016, Delivery Hero took Foodpanda under it.

In a similar way, it acquired other small delivery companies as well.

Main Differences Between DoorDash and Delivery Hero

  1. DoorDash was founded in 2013, while Delivery Hero came into business before it, as it was founded in 2011.
  2. The geographical locations of the two are different as well. DoorDash is based in the United States, but Delivery Hero is based in Germany.
  3. DoorDash is supported in SaaS, Android, iPhone and iPad, but Delivery Hero, on the other hand, is only supported in SaaS and no other software.
  4. DoorDash comes with the facility of a free trial, but Delivery Hero does not offer any free trial services for use.
  5. DoorDash is meant to be a partner with restaurants. It focuses on those restaurants only which are interested in expanding their delivery sales, but Delivery Hero does not deal with such restaurants as its focus is to be connected with businesses to offer them a food delivery platform.


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